Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Workbooks for Kiddos

These workbooks were bought through the Hooked on Phonics website.  I saw on one of the blogs I follow (months ago) that they were drastically marked down, so I snatched some up.  The 4 above are for Little Man.  I even bought a few for our future kids! :)  I've also bought a few of the kits because they were marked down so much.  (I think I bought the preschool one and Kindergarten one.  Both for something like $25 and they are originally in the hundreds!)

So far Little Man and I have completed the "Letter Sounds" one.  It was great.  The pages are colored, the pictures are easy for kids to understand, and it comes with stickers and a chart.  Little Man really liked it.  I liked that the pages were fun and inviting and not boring black and white.  The chart was also great because Little Man could see each time how many pages we had to go.  We've done a little bit with the Rhyming book and a little bit from the ABC book.  Like I said, we don't do workbook pages daily, or even every other day, but I try to do it at least once a week.  They are good reinforcement for what he's learning in school.

These books are normally $12.95.  I'm not sure I would pay that.  They are good, but there is other stuff out there cheaper.  However, if you can get them on a clearance sale, then absolutely.  Some of these are on sale now for $3.75.  That's a great price!  If you are looking for a supplement to your child's learning, check them out.  There are things from toddlers all the way up to 3rd grade.

(Sorry I didn't take pictures of the inside of the book.  I've been meaning to...)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Fall, Please Come Soon!

It is going to be in the 90's AGAIN this week.  I mean, seriously?  Haven't we had enough?  I live in the north for crying out loud!  We have had 16 days of temps over 90 degrees... and now we are going to have at least 4 more.  What?  Oh... and we've had 21 days of temps either 88 or 89 degrees!!  I mean, let's face it, 88 or 89 degrees is basically over 90 with the heat index and humidity.  Ugh!  That is 37 freaking days of sweltering heat and now we have to have 4 more.  Yep.  I'm whining!
Don't get me wrong.  I love summer.  I love all four seasons.  (Yes, even winter).  It's one of the reasons I like living in the north.  Each season brings change.  Each season has beauty in it's own right.  I love them all.  Really, I do.  It's just that when it gets to the end of a season, I am ready for the next.  Especially after melting for months and sweating in places that I didn't even know could sweat! :)

I'm ready for fall.  Now. 

I'm ready for some Ohio State football.

I'm ready for preschool to start.

I'm ready for leaves of many colors.

I'm ready to trade in the shorts and tank tops for jeans and sweaters.

I'm ready for pumpkin decorations, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin and spice candles.  
I'm ready to go pumpkin picking and take a hay ride.

I'm just ready for fall.  How about you?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Funny Commercial

Recently, I was watching some clip or video on the internet and had to watch one of those pesky commercials that they make you endure before actually getting to the thing you really want to see.  However, this one was actually worth watching.  It caught my attention and literally made me laugh out loud.  Watch for yourself.

I don't actually have one of those backup cameras in any of the cars I drive, but if I did... I would totally do this. Genius!  I actually sort of wish I had one now.  Not for backing up, but for spying!! :)

I made Michael watch it.  He laughed throughout and then when it was over said, "That reminds me of you!".  I smiled and said, "I know!"  ha ha ha ha!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Bloggy Birthday!!!!!!!

That's right.  My blog is one year old!  Can you even believe it?  I can't!  It's been fun, challenging, stretching, exciting, and rewarding.  I didn't start blogging every day until a few weeks into it, but even with that and two different vacations (one to Vegas, one last minute break that sent people into a frenzy) I blogged 338 out of 365 days.  Not bad huh? :)  I hope you've loved every single minute of it.

When I started, I wasn't quite sure how this whole blogging thing was going to work.  You may remember from my very first post that I said you may read about cooking, crafts, bragging about my husband, funny stories, pet peeves, decorating, books I've read, ways to save money, refurbishing items and all things related to kids.  I said "you may read", because quite frankly, I had no idea how things were going to go.  However, I'm pretty sure I covered almost all of those things and some.  My goal was to be a little bit fun and a little bit informative.  Hopefully you have experienced both of those things.

So as a way to celebrate my one year, I thought we'd take a brief look back at what we've done here.

Lunch made fun with Muffin Tin Mondays

A heart to heart post about teaching, and "Do I miss it?"

Fun fall tree art

THE best banana bread recipe EVER!

Funny open letter to those concerned about if and when I'll have a baby. :)

My many changing centerpieces

(That's for you Erica! :)

All that and so much more!!!  It was fun to look back.  Going through my blog and looking at all the old posts was still fun to me and a little inspiring as well.  Hopefully I can keep on keeping on.  Happy Birthday The Many Layers...,  Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Decisions.  I feel like I am swimming in a pool of decisions.  Should I go Route A or should I go Route B?  I (we) have no clue!  This is a strange feeling for me.  Big decisions have always come relatively easy for me.  They didn't always come right away, but they were always made clear to me and with a peace.  Decisions like...
  • Becoming a teacher
  • Knowing after a weekend visit that the college I thought I was going to attend (all through high school) was NOT where I was suppose to be
  • Knowing Evangel University was where I was suppose to go
  • Moving to Ohio--even though I didn't know a soul!
  • Knowing almost right away that Michael was the person I was going to marry
  • Making the decision to quit my teaching job (at the right time)
  • Choosing to be a nanny instead
There are many other smaller decisions along the way that have also been pretty easy for me.  Part of the reason why I think things have been easier for me (aside from my relationship with God and trusting Him), is that I think things through.  I can weight the consequences, see all my options, learn from the mistakes of others, etc.  However, I sort of feel stumped lately.  The exact thing that helped me make decisions in the past (thinking things through), is what's making it so hard this time around.

Here are some words to a Sara Groves song that I can relate to right now.  It's called Hello Lord.

Hello Lord, it's me your child
I have a few things on my mind
Right now I'm faced with big decisions
And I'm wondering if you have a minute, cause
Right now I don't hear so well
And I was wondering if you could speak up

I know that you tore the veil
So I could sit with you in person
And hear what you're saying but
Right now, I just can't hear you.

I don't doubt your sovereignty
I doubt my own ability to
Hear what you're saying
And to do the right thing
And I desperately want to do the right thing
But right now I don't hear so well
And I was wondering if you could speak up

I know that you tore the veil
So I could sit with you in person
And hear what you're saying but
Right now, I just can't hear you.

And somewhere in the back of my mind
I think you are telling me to wait
And though patience has never been mine
Lord, I will wait to hear from you
Oh Lord, I'm waiting on you

Right now I don't hear so well
And I was wondering if you could speak up

I know that you tore the veil
So I could sit with you in person
And hear what you're saying but
Right now, I think you're whispering

Thursday, August 26, 2010

List o' fun--Creekside

Creekside is a fun local attraction located in old town Gahanna.  It use to be just a creek, a few restaurants, and a fun path to walk on.   However, the city of Gahanna renovated it a few years ago and now it is a trendy place to hang out and have a coffee date, or a fun place to play in the water with the kids.

There are also expensive condos too.  I would love to know what they look like on the inside!

This wall of fountains is actually something the kids can play in.  (Mine didn't want to, even though I begged in order to get a "blog" picture.  He has in the past though.)

There are paddle boats that can be rented for a $5 ride.  However, the ride isn't too long.  
It's fun for the kiddos though.

So pretty!

There are a couple  different walking paths.  One time we brought the big wheels and let the boys ride their bikes on the path.  Although, truly they just like the water the best.

The waterfall... we did play in it later in the day, but I didn't get any pictures. :(

Searching for fish and crawdads

This was my view for a little bit (while laying on my back)
aaahhhh! :)

Looking at their finds (2 large crawdads, 1 small crawdad, and a few small "fish")

My other view...

If you haven't checked out Creekside (with kids, or without), I highly recommend going.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Sweet It Is

 Here is another book that I picked up from the library simply because it had the little pink "Inspirational" sticker on it.  I had it for months.  I kept renewing it while I tried to wade through Prarie Tale.  When I finally gave up on that, I started on How Sweet It Is.  I'll admit... I have my favorite authors, and while they are sometimes predictable, I don't necessarily mind.  I'm invested in the characters now and want to know what happens next.  So when I picked up this book, I started it sort of with the mentality of "I want to like you, but I'm just not sure I will".  It took me a little while to get into it, but finally I did.  Once I got going with it, I actually really enjoyed it and finished it quite quickly.  Here's how the back describes it.

When Deena Livingston moves into her grandfather's cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, she plans to keep to herself, start a cake-decorating business, and recover from the heartbreak she left behind in Atlanta.  But a special request from Grandpa Ernest compels her to interact with the Bryson City locals, who have some surprising stories to share with the new girl in town.

Can a Dr. Seuss-quoting plumber who shows up at the most unexpected times, a handsome social worker who seems to know exactly what Deena is thinking, and a classroom full of mischievous middle-school students teach Deena to once again embrace the sweet things in life. 

It was a story of healing... working through issues... restoration... I liked that the author "kept it real" and went through all the real life issues people have and didn't sugar coat it for fictions sake or make it unbelievable.  Each person has struggles/hurts/issues.  We all have deal with them, heal, and move on.  It was an enjoyable book for me and I plan on checking out the other book the author has written. (As far as I know she's a new author and has only written two.)  If you aren't put off by an "Inspirational" book, check this one out!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bethany Meets Bethenny

Well, as promised... I went to the Columbus Health Expo and stalked Bethenny! :)  I love her on The Real Housewives and I love her show Bethenny Getting Married.  I realize she's a little vulgar sometimes and a little scandalous.  That's not necessarily who I am or my personality, but I find it refreshing how she just tells it how it is and keeps it real.

She was talking on the main stage at noon.  The stage area was much smaller than I was expecting.  What were the organizers thinking?  She's a freaking rock star!?!  Anyway, we got there a few minutes before she came out on stage.  We had to stand and watch and were a little ways back, but I still had a good view.  I might... just might... have taken 44 pictures of her! :D  Don't worry, I won't share them all.  Some of them were blurry anyway.

I would like to point at that my very loving husband went with me because he knew how much I wanted it.... AND he even thought she was pretty funny!
Since it was a Health Expo, she first talked about her books--her theories on not dieting and eating right.  She briefly covered The Housewives and BGM, and then opened it up to a Q&A session.

Bethany and Bethenny... (and two very excited gay guys!)

Check out her shoes!

She did say that she probably won't be returning to The Housewives.  She said it's not really public knowledge yet--but now it is.  She said she feels like she has to go forward and that would be sort of going backwards from where she was.  However, there will be a second season of Bethenny Getting Married.
 She also said Kelly is still the craziest person she has ever met (even worse than Martha Stewart).  She doesn't think Kelly is returning to The Housewives either.
She said she never did make up with Jill.  She doesn't want to either.  
She said Jill is iffy on a return to the show.
Julie was there.  Bethenny said she doesn't think Max will be returning for the second season.  She said, "He's no Julie.  He's not really a good assistant."
After she was on stage (about an hour), she had a book signing.  Of course I had to have one.
Then we waited in the VERY long line to have it signed.  Luckily, it moved quickly.
Almost my turn...
Someone gave her a Buckeye necklace. :)
My turn... She said I was the second Bethany of the day.  I told her that I love her show and said said, "Awww... thank you, and thank you so much for coming out today!"
I'll let you know when I make one of the recipes!