Monday, September 1, 2014

Franklin Park Conservatory

We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory over the weekend!
It was raining, so it was a good day to do an inside activity.

We started out in the butterfly exhibit.

We left the house around Logan's first nap.  The hope was that he would nap in the car and then stay napping.  Yeah, nope.  Neither of my children seem to be able to transfer for car napping into normal napping.  So he got about twenty minutes.  Look at those tired eyes!  He loved looking up at all the trees and plants though.  We eventually took him out after it was apparent that he was just not going back to sleep.

Some of the areas had stairs, so one of us went with Olivia and one of us stayed down with Logan and the stroller.

The brown butterfly opens out into the pretty blue ones.

There was beautiful Chihuly glass all over.

There was a "tower" to climb up and I told Olivia it was Rapunzel's tower.

She really enjoyed the Koi fish.  I was sad, because you use to be able to buy some food and feed them but the machine was gone. She would have enjoyed that.

Do you see the butterfly?

They love landing on this glass.  See that blue blurry thing in the corner?  It's a butterfly!

Olivia and I climbed up another tower and looked down for Boppa!

Yep.  She's mine! :)

We left the butterfly exhibit and checked out the rest of the place.

This fun little fairy tale village was set up with a train going through it.

Checking out Rapunzel's castle

The macaw said "hello" to us!  Olivia said, "It's from Rio!"

Still tired!  We stopped for lunch.  Luckily, he fell asleep in his stroller soon after that.

Every weekend the Conservatory has a kids activity from 11 to 2.  This week's activity was making a butterfly mask.  Michael and Olivia are both on a huge coloring kick.  They spent a long time coloring while Logan was sleeping.

They ran out of time, but their finished products... Ha ha! They make me laugh.  Love them!

The rain had stopped and we headed outside. There was a giant maze that was the life cycle of a butterfly.  Olivia went through once with Michael and once with me.

We also watched a glassblowing demonstration.

It was a good time!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Olivia's First Homework

Olivia's first homework assignment was sent home with us at the meet the teacher night.
It was a flower.  She was suppose to either draw or paste a picture of herself in the middle.  Then on each petal she was suppose to draw or write something that she likes.

Seeing as she won't even draw a circle (or can't?), we went for pasting the picture and writing what it is she loves. (I'm still trying to figure out if my child is that far behind, or if this was a little much to expect from a newly turned 3 year old.  Can they really draw themselves and all the things they love?)

She told me the things she loved, and I wrote them down. Then she colored away.

The things she loved: Mommy and Boppa, Logan, Princesses, coloring, reading, and flowers.

She had fun doing her little homework project. She couldn't wait to show it to Boppa and take it to school.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

House Tour--Family Room

I've mentioned that we are slowly but surely getting our house decorated.  I shared the kitchen already, so I thought I'd share our family room for those interested.
Our house is a split level.  You walk in on the main floor (living/kitchen/dining room), and then you can go up to the bedrooms or down to the family room.  This is looking down into the family room.

This room is definitely the most used in our house and leans more towards function than beauty.

That door is to the half bath

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but when we left Texas we sold a lot of our furniture to save on moving costs.  We didn't plan on moving into a house in December.  As it turns out, my friend Laurie's bosses were getting new couches and were getting rid of their (three year old custom made) couches.  They let us have them for free.  Blue is not likely a color I would ever pick out for a couch, but free is free.

So I tried to work around it and we went with a turquoise and yellow color scheme.
(Don't mind the slide.  It will eventually go outside!)

Starting from left to right--Door number one is the fourth bedroom.  We currently use it for our guest room/office and the closet is used for all of my educational games/kid craft supplies, etc.  Door number two is our laundry room.  It is unfinished, but pretty good sized.  Door number 3 is the bathroom.  Door number four opens to a set of about 6 stairs and they go down into our unfinished basement, which is just a huge storage area for us right now.

My sort of Pinterest inspired gallery wall.  Some of the items are new, some are old, and some we made. :)

I know it sort of looks cluttered in places, but that is just life.  We use Olivia's little chair and that baby swing most days.  We never use the fireplace.  And it is our toy room, so the shelves filled with books and toys are inevitable.

The mantle was another one of those things where I bought a few things and the revamped items that I had and just kind of threw it all up there.  For now it works.

So there you have it.  It works.  It may not be the most elegant or orderly, but it is cozy and functional.  With two small children, that is exactly what we need!