Monday, July 28, 2014

Making Progress

Olivia has really been into coloring the past week or so.  I got out all of our coloring books and coloring supplies and they are taking up residence in our dining room.  Olivia will just sit and color for hours while I do things around the house.  Just a few short weeks ago her coloring consisted of scribbling one color all over the entire page.

Now, she still scribbles, but she uses multiple different colors and stays within the lines of the pictures.  I'm not sure if you can even tell, because the coloring is pretty light on this one, but even Rainbow fishes scales are multiple different colors.  The leaves are green, the rocks are black, the shell is red, and all of the other fish are blue.

Dory even got colored two different colors!

Her painting is getting better too.
My mom bought her a painting pack from the dollar section at Target.  This is how she painted it shortly after her birthday (so a month ago).

She liked it so much that a few weeks ago we bought her the princess pack.  This time, each princess was painted the proper color.

It didn't come with purple paint, so Rapunzel got a pink dress.  But her face is peach, her hair is yellow, the trees are green, and the buildings are brown.

Even her drawings are changing.  We are moving past scribbling the same spot over and over.

Drawing circles is coming soon... I just know it! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Indoor Water Fun

Through our many cooking/baking/helping activities, we have learned that Olivia can just lean over and wash her hands in the kitchen sink pretty easily.  This has come in handy when she gets egg or something else on her.
The last time we made popsicles, Olivia figured out that she could also play in the water.  She decided to give Ariel a bath.  I plugged up the smaller portion of the sink and she stood there and played for a good twenty minutes before it was time to eat lunch.
Fast forward a week and I saw this cute dish set at the toy store we were checking out.  I didn't want to pay $20 for it, but I definitely stole the idea!

So one morning last week I set up a little station at the sink for Olivia to play with.
I bought a 4 pack of sponges from Target for $1.50.  I gave her 2 of the sponges, a plate, two of her bowls, two of her cups, and her set of dollar store measuring cups from our learning closet.  (Yep.  I have a "learning closet".  Ha!)  I also gave her a little caddy to put the clean dishes.

She started out by just playing in the water while the sink filled up.

This was her first time playing with sponges, so she had a little lesson on how they work.  She got to pick the 2 colors she wanted to use.  She couldn't wait to use them from the moment we bought them!

Ariel joined us for the fun as well.

She got a bath just like Olivia does. ;)

After playing with Ariel for a good bit, she moved on to the cups.

She had a few math lessons along the way without even knowing it.  Like what happens when you put an object in a cup full of water... the object takes up space, so the water is going to overflow.

She practiced her pouring

She also had a lesson/learned about what happens when you pour something from a bigger cup into a smaller cup.

Having so much fun!  She played for over an hour.

 She ended up using everything I gave her to play with except for the plate.

After I drained the water she insisted on stacking everything back up.  She put it all as pictured and then said, "There.  Now it's perfect."  Gah!  I love my little perfectionist and her orderly stacking ways!!! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Creekside Fun and National Ice Cream Day

With me working some evenings and Michael leaving in the morning before the kids even get up, our family time is pretty limited.  We try to make a  conscious effort to do something fun (in Olivia's eyes) and family related at least one day over the weekend.  This past weekend we headed to Creekside in Gahanna, which is about ten minutes from our house.

The first thing Olivia noticed when we walked out of the parking garage were the fountains.  She wanted to jump right in.  Of course, there is no swimming or wading in the fountains.

But she did get to play in the water on the wall features.

Which was perfect for her.

Then we headed to the paddle boat ride!  Poor Logan.  Doesn't he look thrilled? :)  He had just finished eating and had fallen asleep.  We thought for sure that he wasn't going to be able to go, so just Michael and Olivia were going to do it.  But then the lady said they had infant life jackets, so we went for it.

Ha ha!  Between his cheeks and my boobs and two life jackets, we were a mess for about the first five minutes of the ride! :)

Michael had to do all the work because there was no way I could hold a baby on my lap and peddle.

It costs $5 for the boat rental (not per person) and you can be out for a half hour.

Of course Olivia loved it.  She loved that Logan was on the ride with her as well.

She kept going on and on about it was such a special treat and she couldn't believe she was on a boat ride and it was so fun....  Totally worth the $5!!

Once I sat Logan up, I think he enjoyed the ride as well.

After our ride we walked down to the waterfall area and fed the ducks.

This was Olivia's first time feeding ducks, and she thought it was neat.

Then we went for a walk along the path.

Or a run for some. ;)

After our walk we had a few pieces of bread left, so we found a little clearing where a lot of ducks were sitting on the bank and fed them.

 We spent a little time back at the fountains getting wet before it was time for us to leave.

It was National Ice Cream Day, and Graeter's (a local favorite) was having single scoop ice cream for $1.44 since they have been open 144 years.  We took advantage and ended our day out with a special treat.  Even after sampling a few flavors, our girl chose vanilla.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Park Play

We have had cooler temps this week, so we decided to take advantage and have a picnic at a park.  Instead of going to the park a few minutes down the road, we met Michael at a metro park.

We ate our dinner and then checked out playground number one.
I put Logan in the Baby K'tan and wore him for a while.

We started out at the playground closest to where we parked and ate. Then we walked a little ways to another playground.

This picture made me laugh.  We were trying to explain to Olivia that she needed to stay on the paths/on the mowed part only.  Michael was showing her his arm and telling her that he had some poison ivy and it was itchy and she wouldn't like it.  Logan was apparently taken back by the information!

Since Michael was holding Logan, Olivia decided to go ahead and attempt a slide on her own.

She was pretty proud when she got to the bottom.

Putting those gross motor skills to work!

Logan started getting cranky, so I put him in the stroller and we headed to the next playground.

Olivia did a lot of running.  She kept wanting to smell all of the wild flowers, but we made her stay on the path.

That was when my phone died.... and the camera didn't have the memory card in it.  But we spent some time at another playground.  Logan ended up falling asleep.  Olivia wanted to run down a hill with Michael.  They ended up doing that over and over while I pushed the stroller back and got the car.

It wasn't really the metro park "hike" that I had in mind, so I'm not marking it off of my bucket list.  But we did do a pretty good amount of walking.  Olivia had a great time.  It was so nice to take advantage of the beautiful weather.