Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday--Mum Mums

He won't eat baby food, but he will slam a mum mum.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things....

Olivia is constantly saying things that either make us stop and laugh out loud, or take us back with how old/mature she sounds.  I'm trying to be better about keeping notes of the things she says...

A friend of mine was at our house and said, "She's so verbal!" and Olivia said, "I am not so purple!"

She has super girl pajamas that she got from Miss Laurie for her birthday.  When I put them on her she was running around saying how she was super girl and she was going to save the day.  The next morning we needed to get her dressed so we could go somewhere.  She said, "Wait! I won't be able to save the day without my jammies on!"

She was running around in our family room.  Her toy broom was on the floor and she was kind of running around it.  Instead of saying she was running around in circles, she just kept singing, "I'm running around in ovals! I'm running around in ovals". Which was the shape she was making when running around the long broom. :)

I started mixing almond milk with cows milk.  She was doing well having half and half.  One day I gave her a glass of all cows milk. She said, "What kind of milk is this?  Is this white milk?  Because white is not my favorite color!"  We are back to half and half....

"I am so excited about ballet class. I'm going to wear a pink tutu.  I'm so excited to meet new friends.  There are going to be so many fun girls there.  And my teacher is going to show me how to shake my booty."  Ummm... ???  I don't think so little girl.

After months of having a table that sits six, I finally got matching place mats.  At lunch one day Olivia said, "Mommy, look at these mats! They are amazing! I justlove them."

Olivia is into carrying around random piece of paper and pretending she is reading them.  One of the papers got ripped one day.  She holds it up to me and says, "Look, mommy!"  I asked her what happened to my paper and she said, "I think somebody damaged it!"  Hmm. Wonder who could have done that?

No matter how many times I tell her that Logan watches Praise Baby, she insists on calling it Craze Baby.  I think she does it to spite me. ;)

"Can I use colored pencils?" Me: Sure "Thanks. That would be lovely."

"Mommy, are these two crayons similar?" Trying to quiz me on if I know what similar means--the day after Michael taught her. :) "How aboooooout these two crayons?  Are they similar?"

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sidewalk Paint

The weather was beautiful towards the end of last week.  We took the opportunity to play outside after naps, and since Olivia has really been into all things drawing/coloring/painting I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use some sidewalk paint for the first time.
We have tons of sidewalk chalk, but I thought painting would be a fun little twist.  I saw a few moms mention it in one of my mom groups, and it is all over pinterest.  So we gave it a try.  There are two different ways to do it (that I've seen).  One way that is suppose to be brighter and bolder is to crush up some sidewalk chalk and add water.  I was looking for ease, though.  So I went with the traditional method of mixing 1 part water to 1 part cornstarch and adding drops of food coloring.

The driveway was too hot for Olivia.  She decided she wanted to be able to sit in the grass, so she painted on our front sidewalk.

I laid Logan down while I was getting everything organized for Olivia..

and within minutes he had rolled off of his blanket onto the grass and was not happy about it!

Since "favorite colors" is a hot topic around our house (and I had some neon food coloring that happened to be all 4 of our favorite colors), those are the colors she got--blue, green, pink and purple.

She had a great time choosing what color to use for each drawing

 Logan ended up hanging out on my lap for a bit.  He was just chewing away at his keys and enjoying the breeze in his face.

Olivia wanted to paint a huge rock that is in our neighbors yard. I told her it wasn't ours, but that she could paint the rocks in our yard.  (Excuse the tall grass and weeds!  I was gone every single night this week,so Michael didn't have a chance to get to the yard work!)

Trying to stay in the shade

 She went around the circle until she had painted 4 different rocks the 4 different colors

Painting is intense ;)

She eventually moved to the front sidewalk

and not  long after that the neighbor girls joined in

Michael got home and I had to head to work, but I'm told the painting continued for quite some time--until most of it was gone or had started to dry up from being out in the sun for so long.  Success!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Olivia has been able to sort by color for quite a while now, and I was pretty confident that she could sort by shape and by size but wanted to make sure.

I dumped out the buttons and told her to sort them by shapes.  She really wanted to sort them by color.  She loves sorting by color and does it for fun with lots of items around the house and toys that she plays with. (What can I say? She may have a mom who color codes the closets...)

After explaining that I already knew she knew how to sort by color and I wanted to see if she could sort by shapes, she complied.

I told her to just make piles with the different shapes.  Nope.  She couldn't.  She had to make "towers".

So what was suppose to be a 5 minute activity before napped turned into a tedious 20 minute activity.  Had I anticipated this (and I should have!) I wouldn't have dumped out the entire bag!

Eventually she finished the task and had no problems with the sorting.

We did it another day with beads.  This time I got smart and only gave her a handful!

She started sorting by shape, but she would still pick up two of the same shape and say, "Do these match?"  I would say yes and she would say, "No.  They don't match!"  Meaning they weren't the same color, even though she knew they were the same shape.

Even though her inner self desperately wanted them to "match", she did the activity with ease. ;)

We've also practiced sorting items by size, and she does well with that too.  I think we can check sorting off our list!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Drinking her soup with a straw

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I confess...

I confess...
Both of my children are napping at the same time.  My house sort of looks like a bomb went off, yet I am sitting here blogging. :)

I confess...
The only baby food that I did not make from scratch for Olivia was prunes.  It was just too complicated, so I bought the Gerber ones.  She is 3 and still eats baby food prunes.  Not because she needs them, but because she loves them.  I've tried to get her to eat a real prune with no such luck.  I guess there could be worse things...

I confess...
(Speaking of baby food) Logan is just not interested in baby food at all.  He takes one bite and then pretty much puts the whole thing on lock down.  I think we are just going to try again in a few weeks.  There is no point in pushing the issue.

I confess...
I've had multiple people make comments to me lately about how I "find fun and free (or cheap) things for my family to do" and they are impressed.  I'm actually pretty pleased with myself.  There are a lot of things that Michael and I wish we could do for or with our kids that we just can't at this time.  So I sort of pride myself on the fact that I can find budget friendly fun for our family.

I confess...
Logan has taken a real liking to Michael, and I'm wondering what the heck is up.  I thought I had at least 6 more months before he turned on me... ;)

I confess...
Some of the women at our freezer meal thing weren't the brightest, and after several comments where I was left shaking my head I eventually just lost it.  To the point where I was crying from laughter.  I could not contain myself.  How does one accidently use the entire 20 ounces of sour cream in a recipe that calls for 1/3 cup... and then not realize it until you get to another recipe where you need sour  cream??  I laughed just as hard retelling the story to Michael.

I confess...
I keep checking out books from the library... all excited about my find... and then not reading them at all.  What is wrong with me?  I need to work on this.

I confess...
As much as I love being a stay at home mom and doing educational stuff with Olivia, I am really excited (and ready!) for her to start preschool.  I think it will be so good for all of us!

I confess...
M&M's were the motivator that got Olivia to start pulling up her pants after going potty.  Now if only she could reach the water to turn it on, so that she could do the whole process on her own, I'd be grateful.

I confess...
I cannot believe that schools started yesterday around here.  That is absolutely insane to me.  Since when did we start going to school in the second week of August!?!

I confess...
I don't miss the classroom.  I miss aspects of it sometimes, but overall I am not sad that I didn't spend the last 2 weeks giving enormous amounts of time and money to set up a classroom, etc.  My choice to stay at home is a huge sacrifice for our family, but one that both Michael and I believe in.

I confess...
I had nothing else to share, so you got this boring blog today.  Sorry. Sort of. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Freezer Meal Fun

A friend I went to high school with keeps posting on Facebook about these Pampered Chef freezer parties she does.  It sounded like a great idea to me.  The only problem was that she lives in Iowa.  So when I saw a lady on some local boards posting about a Tastefully Simple freezer workshop, I paid a little extra attention and checked it out.  I ran some numbers, talked to Michael, and then eventually invited some friends and signed up!

How it works, is that you pay a set amount of money to participate in the class.  The amount varies depending on the menu you make.  For this particular class, I paid $60.  My friend's Pampered Chef ones ranged from $80 to $90. But it seems the Tastefully Simple ones are on the lower end and run from about $45 to $75.  It all depends on the product they need to provide you.  The consultant orders you the product, you use some of it for your meal preps, and then you get to keep the rest and take it home.

Then you are given a grocery list.  The estimated budget was around $115... but again, it is up to you.  If you want to shop at Aldi or hit the sales for weeks, that is going to decrease your budget verses if you choose to shop at Whole Foods or whatever.  I was right around the estimated budget.

You have to do some meal prep at home.  I should have taken some pictures but I didn't.  Basically it took me about an hour and a half the day of to brown some hamburger, label some bags, crush some chips, etc.  Then you load it all up and meet at your location.  We did ours at a church, but if someone chooses to host another one it would be at their house.  This was just an introduction, so there really wasn't a host.

Then you just use the instruction sheet and got to assembling!
(Which was apparently easier for some rather than others...)

I have made some freezer recipes off of Pinterest and haven't really loved any of them.  I think the help of the TS (or PC) product is going to help add some needed flavor.

It is meant to make 10 meals that serve 4 to 6 people.  Obviously if you don't need that big of servings, you can cut it in half and make 20 meals.  I cut some of mine in half and then just made the big portion for others and we will eat it as leftovers when I make it.  Either way, it will be at least 20 meals for my family.

The whole workshop is suppose to last 2 hours.  We were there little longer, but that included snacking on some of the yummy tastefully simple treats that were provided.

The only part I didn't really like was having to haul everything from one place to the next.  But if you want to work with friends, there is just no way around that.  The grocery shopping and food prep are going to happen for any meal I provide my family, so those things didn't really bother me.

Overall it was a fun experience, and I can't wait to eat some of that yummy food!