Friday, July 29, 2016

VBS, Take 2

Olivia finally had her last week of VBS. This is the one that we attended last year, and have been registered for since March!
It was the same Submerged theme that has been popular with so many this summer.

For anything that was lacking in decorations at the last VBS was made up for here!

They actually do 2 sessions.  The day time is just for preschool age kids with stay at home parents (because others are in day care).  Then they do an evening session for school age kids and any preschoolers that couldn't make it to the morning sessions.  They had 1150 students between the two!!!

Logan couldn't go this year, but he will be old enough next year.  He loved all of the decorations, and when we entered and excited they had bubbles falling from the sky.  Of course, that was a hit!

It was only for 4 mornings. They did Bible lessons, crafts, snacks, and learned songs.

Then on the last day, we picked her up at the same time, but went into the sanctuary for songs.

Singing and dancing

That wraps up our "camp" weeks.  We have one more week of summer fun next week--packed with play dates--and then we are going to start this Kindergarten business!  Olivia has been begging to start for weeks!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Odds and Ends

Magnatiles are still a big hit around here.
Olivia built a present.  She was too quick for me, but the thing in her had was on top and it was the bow.

Then she carefully unwrapped it.

All opened up.  Then she pulled out the "gift" and gave me some great explanation about the gift that was inside.  I love it when they play with open ended toys and use their imagination!

While Olivia was at one of her camps, Logan just sat and played with blocks and trucks quietly for a good amount of time while I got a few things done on the computer.

Olivia wants to help with any and everything she can.  So I let her help bread some pork chops.  Some days I am sad at how big she is getting, but then on the other hand she is becoming more fun to engage and teach and do things with.

He loves his Mama! :)
I recently told Michael that I kind of like that he's on the smaller/shorter side, because it keeps him my baby for a little longer.  He's so cute and kissable and cuddly, and I can still pick him up and squeeze him or carry him around with ease.


He's my favorite little boy EVER. :)

We are loving Paw Patrol over here.  I know we are a little late to the party.  We don't have cable, and it isn't on any of our streaming devices, but we own a few DVDs and we just checked another one out from the library.

They sure do make the cutest little Rubble and Marshall. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Making Popsicles

Our first set of popsicles were a simple recipe I found on Pinterest.  We always seem to have too much watermelon, so I was looking for a way to use some of it up.


Squeezing a lime

Putting them in the mold

We tried them out the next day.  And I didn't feel a bit bad about letting them eat them since they were just 3 fruits mixed together.  A win in my book!

Our second set were a pineapple whip

Just some pineapple and cream.  Although Olivia wasn't as much of a fan of them as I was.

She's already requested we make some with blueberries.  So that may be in our near future.  As long as we are using simple ingredients, I am all about combating these 100 degree temps with some coolness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Super Logan

I'm not sure if Logan had a choice whether or not to like superheros, but he seems to have picked up on it on his own.  A few people have insinuated that Michael made him choose Superman as his favorite, but he has done that all on his own.
 He took Olivia's Wonder Woman cape and made me put it on him backwards so that it would be a "superman" cape.  Pretty smart.

Superman wearing a Captain America shirt.

He's fierce

Showing his muscles

The kids kept fighting over the cape, so grandma actually bought him a set of capes from Amazon.  Now he has multiple capes to choose from, and they came with masks!  He is partial to superman, but both he and Olivia take turns playing with all of them.

I sure do love my little super hero.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bug Week... er, Day

Back in May when I was planning our summer, multiple weeks of themed fun sounded like a good idea.  And then the actual week came, and we had chores and play dates and quite honestly I didn't feel like pulling out all of the stuff for a half a dozen crafts.  So our "bug week" turned into a "bug day", but the kids still LOVED it.

We started out by playing with some new bug counters that we got.

These were a big hit!

First we started by just exploring.  Then Olivia sorted. She sorted first by type, then we counted them (12 each), and then sorted by color.

Logan hadn't played much with the tweezers or magnifying glass, so he was enthralled.

Bugs are serious business

Then Olivia started making up stories about who was the mom and who was the dad and I had to act out some story line with her for a little while.

ABB pattern

Then we moved on to a bug puzzle.  I got a phone call, and Olivia did the whole puzzle by herself.

Then we moved on to make a special buggy snack.  Logan is crushing oreos.  This kid and his faces.

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?!  He's so yummy!

Can you guess what we're making?

He thought whisking was the coolest.  I should have taken a video.  He was shaking his whole body.  It was hilarious.

Y'all. This kid. Ha ha! 

Our finished product (I'm not sure why, but I couldn't get a picture without her looking half asleep.)  She was very proud of them.  We waited to eat them at dinner with Boppa, and she could not wait.

Bug week day was a success!