Monday, February 9, 2015

Logan's First Birthday Party

Of course I started planning Logan's birthday party a few months ago.  The theme actually came from Olivia.  Shortly after her first birthday she fell in love with all things animal.  She could name a ton of them at 14 months, she knew sounds they made, and she played with her little people animals all the time.  I started thinking of doing a farm theme for her second birthday.  It didn't happen, but I had already collected ideas.  Logan isn't really "into" anything yet, so based off of Olivia's interest at his age, I thought the farm theme would be fun.  I didn't want to do something now (like trains or dinosaurs) that he will love and ask for later.

The other part of my planning was that I didn't want to have it at our house.  One, because it wouldn't have been big enough and two, because there are just things about it that I don't like.  I looked into renting out a room at the church where Olivia goes to preschool. It is super close and it was super cheap, so that was the plan.  I also ran out of time setting up for Olivia's first party, so I enlisted help for this party and had already been discussing ways to have Michael be there to set up too.

All that to say..... the only thing that actually happened as planned was that it was a farm theme.  And I KNOW that some people don't think I should have had a party at all. But I had already put a lot of work into some of the projects, items were bought that were not going to be easily returnable, and I just wanted to do it for ME (first birthday's are for the mom, anyway) and for Logan.  So I did.  We had a party at our house that I set up for 100% by myself. :)

I made this sign for the front of the church to show which way to go.  Obviously we didn't need it, but I had already made it, so I put it on the door.

Despite the fact that it is going to look like I did a lot, there are actually quite a few projects I cut out and items I didn't buy after we found out the party would just be a small family affair.

Most of what I did do was just with paper and a little crafting, which is very cheap and relatively easy.

My friend Stacy hooked us up with another fabulous Gigi's cake and cute little cupcakes!

Olivia did a lot of "helping"  when it came time to open gifts.

Ahh.  He's just so stinking cute!

We really do not need any more toys.  Especially since I have to pack everything up.  So I tried to ask for practical things.  But I did figure that at least one fun gift was necessary.  He loves the water and baths, so I went with a bath toy. It was a hit!

He loved all of the cards just as much as the gifts!

Michael's grandma hand made Logan a blanket.  What a treasure!  Now both of the kids have their own blanket from her.

My mom got him clothes (which is what I asked for), but she wanted to get him one little fun thing.  Michael found these Go Go Wheels at Target once and decided that Logan needed the big track.  We haven't gotten it yet, but this car will go with it.

Michael's mom got him a towel from Pottery Barn with his name on it.  He has grown out of his baby towels, so this is perfect.  (We got him a cheap one that I found on clearance.  It will just be a back up, though.  The quality of the PBK one is just so much better!)

The beauty of being 1, is that shoes and pajamas are exciting too!

He got all of the things he actually needed--new shoes, big boy towels, warm weather clothes for spring and summer in Texas, a keepsake blanket, a thermos sippy cup, and a few fun items thrown in to keep his attention!  Plus, he has all of big sister's old toys, so he is good.

The sing and blow out the candle pictures didn't turn out so great because I was holding the cake AND taking the pictures. :)

The frosting was a little hard, so he just sort of picked at it and patted it for a bit.

We were getting nowhere fast, so I ended up just cutting a little piece out of the back for him.

A Logan look :)

We had 4 grandma's there!  Two grandma's and two great grandma's!

We tried to get one with the kids....  At least Logan looks cute. ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

We made it a year!  You came into this world fast and furious and you are still bulldozing your way through it!

You have a lot of determination.  You know what you want, and you are going to do what it takes to get it.  This quality can be a little difficult to deal with when young, but it will get you far in life.

Despite being a little impatient (you did arrive in an hour and fifteen minutes!) and persistent with your wants, you are a pretty laid back little guy.  You have a sweet and go with the flow spirit about you that reminds me of your daddy.  I'm anticipating you two being personality twins!

You love to climb, explore, tumble, and inspect.  Life through the eyes of a little boy is so fun.  You turned our lives upside down when you joined our family on that snowy night, and I have a feeling you have so many more fun adventures to take our family on.

You are definitely a mama's boy!  I told your sister before your arrival that I needed a boy so that at least one of my children will cuddle with me.  You aren't really into cuddling so much (we are 0 for 2 in that department?!), but you do love to be held.  You want to know where I am at all times. If you even think that I am headed toward the stairs or out of your line of sight then you let it be known that you do not like that one bit!

Even though I hold your heart, your face always lights up at the first sight of Boppa.  You even get excited just by hearing his voice on the phone.  You are going to be best buddies for sure.  You also have a fondness for your sister.  You two are still trying to figure things out.  You both have an awe and appreciation for the other, but there is also that little bit of sibling rivalry that pops in now in then with hair pulls or snatched toys.  I know you will always have her back, though.  You are going to be the best brother ever.

You have the best smile. EVER.  And you are already so funny.  You know it too.  Your smile can brighten anyone's day, and your giggles are the best.  They way you use your facial expressions as a form of humor both impresses me and makes me proud. :)

Logan, you are the perfect little caboose to our family.  You bring fun and adventure and keep us on our toes.  You shower us with love and affection and keep our spirits high.  You are just such a fun little boy, and I can't imagine our life without you.  I'm so blessed to be called your mom.  Son, you have my heart.  I hope you have a great new year learning and exploring.  I look forward to tagging along.