Friday, June 12, 2015

Logan--16 Months

Ok. so I keep getting harassed about writing a new blog.  We still haven't gotten a new computer, so I'm using the ancient busted up one. This is my view.
Nice, huh?  Plus, Michael had to take the whole thing apart twice back in the day. The second time he didn't quite put the keyboard back with all the screws, so it's all wonky.

But I do have lots of pictures to share, so I guess I should get back on the blogging train.

To start I figured I'd do a little post about Logan.  Poor second kid. I haven't been as good about posting about him.  He didn't even get one year pictures done because it was right around when we were moving (mommy fail!).  He hasn't had a 15 month check up because of the move and waiting on insurance to kick in.  When it finally did kick in and I called to set up an appointment, they were booking well visits 12 weeks out.  So... he won't be going to get an actual check up until after he turns 18 months.

Unofficially, he is still right around 23 pounds (give or take a half a pound), which was what he was at his first birthday.  I'm not sure on his height, but it feels like he is not growing at all! ;)

He still wears 12 to 18 month clothes, but has a few 6 to 12 month Gymboree onesies that still fit!  He is also still in a size 4 shoe.

We just moved him to size 5 diapers recently.  He had a week where he was having some serious bathroom issues (like multiple loads of laundry a day kind of thing), so we moved up in size to maybe help with some of the blow outs.

The first year of his life was almost identical to his sister's.  They had the same sleep schedule, the same eating schedule, the same facial expressions, and so much more.  That pretty much came to a screeching halt around his first birthday when he started walking.

Now they are pretty opposite.  He excels in motor skills.  He climbs everything he can.  And if he can't climb it, he tries to figure out a way in which he can.  He has absolutely no attention span. By this time Olivia would sit and watch a half hour show, or play with her little people for an hour, or sit and flip through books for a long time.  He rarely stops and plays. He is always on the go.  TV doesn't hold his interest at all.  He just wants to go, go, go!  Funny enough, he can't say 'Logan' but he calls himself "Go Go". Super cute, and appropriate!

In fact, he is a bad example to his sister! Things like this... she has had this table since she was around the same age he is now.  She NEVER climbed it. The thought just didn't cross her mind.  He climbs in multiple times a day. And now since he gets attention for it, she has decided this is a good idea as well. Lord, help me with these two!

He has just transitioned from two naps a day down to one.  So I only get a "break" during the afternoon.  I'm going to have to change our game plan up a bit, because having to play at the house from 7 AM until 1 is just not proving to work out for us.  It's time to start filling our calendar.  No morning nap is both freedom to do stuff, and more work. Good and bad.

Olivia is an observer of people (like me) and Logan is an observer of things (like Michael).  He likes to inspect things, watch moving parts, see how things work, and challenge himself to get items to work the way he thinks they should.

We were walking around the mall one weekend and checked out the Lego store.  He immediately found a car, took it down, got down on the floor, and started driving it around making "vroom  vroom" sounds.  It's amazing to me that these kind of things are innate in a 15 month old boy.  No one showed him how to do that.  He just did it!

Along those lines, the things he does like are balls, banging things (anything!), and vehicles with wheels.

He's so funny.  He walks around with his hands behind his back like he owns the place.  He does this all of the time and it just cracks us up.  I told Michael we should just call him "the general".

His facial expressions are still amazing!  Even strangers comment on them.  I can't seem to capture it on camera, but he just knows how to use his eyes/eyebrows for humor.

He has just recently been into reading books. Admittedly we don't read to him nearly as much as we use to (still do) read to Olivia.  But we are trying to make an effort and he is finally started to actually sit and listen and enjoy.

He has also started dancing.  It. is. HILARIOUS. We have to get it on video!  Although, every time we try he stops.  But he will say "dance, dance, dance".

He only has a few words, and most of what he does say is not helpful when it comes to all the whining.  I mean it's adorable that he says "dance" and "sissy" and "ball" and whatever else he says.  But I am looking forward to the day where he can say, "Can I please have ______". For the love, the whining!!!

Did I mention that he climbs on everything?  He figured out how to use Olivia's step stool (which she likes to use as her doll's house--everything is a playscape!) to get up on her bed.  So I move it away from the bed when he is in there, because he doesn't know how to get off the bed. But he figured out how to push it back over to the bed and get up.  He also used a box in our room to climb up on the bench at the foot of our bed and get up on our bed.  Our bed is very high up, so not safe at all.  It's a constant watch with this one! 

He has also learned how to climb up on the couch.  Is that normal for a 16 month old?  I feel like Olivia was so much older.  But I'm not sure she was the normal in this area.

He still loves brooms.  You probably can't tell, but he actually has the real broom and the play broom in his hand.  If I open the laundry door he comes running and tries to grab the broom.  Hopefully he'll be a little cleaner! :)

He also loves shoes.  He doesn't care whose shoes or what they look like.  He carries them all around the house.  He brings me his shoes often and asks (whines) for me to put them on.  He will would probably wear them all day every day if I let him.

His current favorite song is "Wheels on the bus".  He especially likes the babies crying part and the mommy going "shh" part.  Hmm...

He loves to be tickled and he tickles everyone else all the time.  It is adorable.  But again, the word "tickle, tickle, tickle" is not exactly useful in our day to to day... Ha ha! :)

He loves Olivia.  He watches her and sometimes copies what she does.  He tries to play with her.  He tickles her and tackles her.  He doesn't always appreciate her hugs.  He also doesn't love to share mommies lap. But overall they do pretty well.  He's learning to be "nice".  He gives hugs and kisses, but he still pulls her hair (out of spite) quite regularly.

For the most part he is shockingly obedient.  If we tell him no, he stops.  Right away.  If we tell him to come, he comes.  But he is starting to show his will and test the limits more and more each day.  He has started throwing tantrums too.  More so than Olivia ever did.  I sent Michael a text last week asking how our BOY was more emotional than our GIRL ever was.  He said he was wondering the same thing! ;)

He's starting to learn some of his body parts.  He doesn't really say them, but he points to them if you say them. Speaking of body parts, he's obsessed with his belly button.  His hand is on it and playing with it often!

He's a pretty good eater. Although, I like to say he's like his Boppa.  He prefers meat and could totally do without the carbs.

It looks like we may need to go back to being dairy free.  He never did switch his milk, but it looks like the cheese and yogurt and that sort of thing is bothering him.  Which is harder now that it was with Olivia.  She didn't know what she was missing, so going two years without it was no big deal.  He's had it for 3 months and when he sees a string cheese--he wants it!

Overall he is a super fun, loving, and hilarious little boy.  He keeps us on our toes, but he brings a lot of fun with it too!  We love this little bundle of energy to pieces!

And even though I don't know that I believe the whole "boys are harder at first, but then get easier" thing... I'm claiming it.  I have to. This tired mama needs some hope! ;)