Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Jail

Olivia loves to get into anything and everything she's not suppose to.  It's human nature right?!  Why else does a newly crawling baby head right to the outlets?  or the cords? or anything else they are not suppose to touch?

For a while we were pushing our oversided ottoman around to use as a shield--in front of the TV, to block off the kitchen, etc.  It was sorting of working, but it was getting old and she was figuring out ways around things.

We decided it was time for a baby jail.  Almost all of her toys are in what is suppose to be the dining room.  We spend a lot of time in there playing.  We wanted to keep her in there.  It's nice too, because now if I need to run to the bathroom or grab a bag of groceries from the car, I have somewhere to put her instead of giving her free reign.

Also, Michael and I were sick of always having to sit on the floor.  We switched out the table (which we rarely use and was causing issues with Olivia) with our chair.
We ended up getting the gate from Wal-mart.  We priced it out and that is the best we could find.  It can be made into a octagon, but we just use it to block off one room.  It works for us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Migraines and daddy lunches

"I don't know what a migraine feels like, but if this is how they feel...then I have one." 
-LB, Walther 2nd South RA 1999

I went to a friends house on Saturday morning to have a Mary Kay make over.  She's starting her business, and as a fellow new business starter, I wanted to help her out.  Unfortunately, I came home with a migraine.  I think it was triggered by the peach smelling hand cream.  Anyway, I am not one prone to migraines, but over the last few years I have had a few that I would call "mild migraines".  I know some people get them much, much worse.

Anyway, by the time I got home all I could do was take some medication and plop on the couch.

Time rolled around for Olivia to have lunch.  I mentioned this to Michael and he got right on it.  We keep most of her food in the same place in the fridge and cabinets, so I figured he could round something up.

I got up to go to the bathroom (thought I might have to puke, but didn't!) and saw he was making her some leftover oatmeal.  Being someone who is a fan of breakfast for dinner, I was perfectly fine with his choice of cuisine.  I plopped back down on the couch and prayed the aching would go away.

A few minutes later Michael says, "what's this yellowish stuff in this dish?".  Having just made some food for Olivia the day before, I replied, "probably peaches".  To which he responded, "it doesn't smell like peaches".  Knowing that there was no other "yellowish" food that I made for her, I had to pull my throbbing head off the pillow to look.  He was feeding her hummus.  Straight up hummus off the spoon.  I don't know about you, but this made me laugh.  A) he didn 't even know what he was feeding her.  He was just scooping spoonfuls of food into her mouth hoping for the best. B) who eats spoonfuls of hummus? and C) he had just fed her oatmeal--raw, uber healthy oatmeal that he did not mix any fruit in, and then he gave her hummus.  Mmmm... oatmeal and hummus.  Exactly what I want to eat for lunch. :)  The whole thing just made me laugh.  That's such a "dad" lunch if I ever saw one.

On a side note, I was talking to my friend about my migraine and she told me she knew exactly what it was.  She said she had some similar a few years ago and thought she was losing her vision, so she went to the doctor.  Turns out it is called an optical migraine.  Basically it felt like someone had taken a bunch of pictures of me right in a row with a really bright flash.  I could still see, but there were all these spots and circles and I couldn't get them to go away.  That coupled with the headache and I was down and out until about 1:30.  Thankfully the medication kicked in and I was at least able to manage the rest of the day.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project 366: Week 20 + 21

134. She likes to play peek-a-boo behind furniture and objects.  I was sitting in the chair, leaned over and got this crazy face! :)

135. She's really been into Violet lately--giving her a hug.

136. Her last day as a "Bug" at The Little Gym.  We will be moving to the "Birds" class in the fall.  We are taking a break in the summer with because of Little Man being out of school.

137. Blowing me a kiss

138. Peek-a-boo

139. Because who doesn't love baby feet

140. Her go to face

141. Kissing her new baby

142. "Helping" me with the laundry again

143. She just randomly put herself in this position and just sat there.  I ran to grab the camera and she just looked at me like I was crazy.  It took about 5 pictures to get a smile.

144. One of her many faces

145.  This picture cracks me up!  What really happened is she heard the shutter sound on my phone camera and started to look over right as I was taking a picture.  What it looks like is that she wants to kill me. :)

146. She was super sick of being in her gated area, so while I was prepping dinner I let her have a little freedom.  She took out all of her bibs and burp clothes.  This entertained her for quite some time.

147. It's not all sunshine and rainbows over here!  She got made that I took her away from the end table that had all sorts of drawers she was playing in.  She threw quite the fit and would not stop crying.  Meany mommy took her picture! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

11 Month Loves

Here are some of the things we are loving this month.

Munchkin Corner Bath Organizer
We started using a few bath toys here and then when Olivia was 5 and 6 months.  Around 7 months when she was sitting up in the tub, we broke out some of the other toys that had been given to us.  Then she got another toy in her Easter basket.  The sides of our tub were quickly lined with baby bath toys.  We did get the frog pod thing, but I was hesitant to put it up.  I had heard and read from MANY people that the suctions didn't work.  One friend said it scared the crap out of them in the middle of the night when it fell off the wall.  I decided to return it and go with this holder from Target.  It was $10, so I figured if it didn't work then I wouldn't be out much.  It's been up for about two months.  It hasn't fallen once and it holds ALL of her bath toys.  Perfect!

Safety 1st Essientials Child Proofing Kit
We waited on the baby proofing until it was absolutely necessary.  Not too long after Olivia learned to crawl, she headed straight for the outlets.  We got this kit as a gift, so we busted it out and have the outlets covered.

Safety 1st Exchangeable Tip 3 in 1 Thermometer
You may remember that I spent days researching and reading reviews online before I registered.  I made a detailed list of what I was registering for and where I was registering for it at.  I didn't just want to show up at the store and scan the one I thought was the prettiest.  I wanted to make sure I was getting the best item for my money (or gift).  We got a little Vick's rectal thermometer as well as this 3 in 1 one.  You may also remember that I had to use a thermometer to "stimulate the bowels".  Since the Vick's rectal only, that is the one I had handy.  I used it in the beginning when we were having her issues.  I used it here and there when she felt hot, but wasn't.  This time however, I knew she had a fever and I wanted to get the most accurate reading.  We got this one out and I really liked it.  It was quick and user friendly.  I don't think I'll be using the Vick's one anymore.  It's small.  Maybe I'll throw it in the diaper bag for one of those "just in case" moments.

North State Superyard
I have a post coming on this... but we have one and we use it!  I'm thinking of possibly getting another one for at work since we will be there during the day this summer!

Playskool Poppin' Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper
She got this for a Christmas gift.  She wasn't too sure about it at first, but now she loves it.  It sits on the bottom shelf of a built in book case and she goes over to it and tries to pull it off.  The rest of the day it sits out and she knows how to turn it out.  She isn't as interested in the balls popping out as she is the sounds, music, and air.  She does like the suck on the balls though.

Ten Little Ladybugs
Olivia spends a good part of her day with books.  She loves to pull them off the shelf.  She loves to flip through the pages.  She enjoys being read to.  She will play with/read her books, go play with something else, and then go back to her books.  This book is HANDS DOWN her favorite book.  I actually take it with me to gymnastics and TKD to help keep her entertained.  If I pull it out she gets all excited and starts bouncing up and down.  It's not just the little 3D ladybugs she likes either.  We have 3 other books with 3D images and she isn't nearly as fond of them.  It has something to do with the illustrations and the bright colors.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eleven Months!

OLIVIA GRACE, you are ELEVEN months old!

What have you been up to?

*Well, for starters, you were NOT interested in taking pictures this time around.  Thankfully I was still able to get a few good ones, but it was a battle of the wills for sure!

*You weigh somewhere around 24 pounds.  I'm not sure on your height.  We'll find out in a month at your ONE YEAR OLD appointment, but it seems you have stopped sprouting so much.

*You are still mostly in size 12 month clothes.  Every once in a while you wear an 18 month item, but it depends on the brand.  Some are still quite a bit too big for you.

*You are still in size 4 diapers, but I think we will be moving up to 5's as soon as we run out with what we have (and we have a lot!).  We especially need to move up for the nighttime diapers.

*Your schedule has remained the same.  You sleep from roughly 7 to 6:30/7.  You go back down for your first nap around 9.  Then you go down for your second nap at 1.  Some days I have to wake you at 2:30 when it's time to go get Little Man.  Sometimes your morning nap is the long one, but usually your afternoon nap is the long one.  Either way, you nap between 2 and 3 hours total.  Unfortunately, your schedule will be all messed up soon because of Little Man being out of school.

*Speaking of... you make me so proud that you can just go with the flow.  You are in and out of the car way too often on a daily basis.  You are woken up from your nap more afternoons than I like, and that's not really fair.  But you still have a smile on your face.  Sometimes you have to be part of Little Man's schedule instead of being able to do what you would like.  You do it all with a smile on your face and I feel so blessed.

*One thing you are not so "go with the flow" on is diaper changes.  They are like an Olympic event lately.  Mommy's got the gold--let's chill out!

*You are still eating 3 meals a day and having 3 bottles. You've started drinking a little less at your nighttime one.  The doctor said to give 8, but it was ok to go down to 6 if you wanted.  You take about 7 now.

*We are still working on the whole sippy cup thing.  I've found a few that you will tolerate, however you just HATE water.  You won't even drink it out of a bottle.  I've even tried adding juice, when I really really didn't want to, and it didn't work either.  Hopefully you'll get over this real soon.  Your days of 19/20 ounces of formula are quickly coming to an end!

*It's hard to pick your favorite foods because you really do eat almost anything we give you.  You LOVE broccoli, homemade sweet potato fries, pancakes, hummus, turkey meatloaf/meatballs, spaghetti and mandarin orange segments.

*There have been a few things you didn't really like (pesto on your pasta), but you will still tolerate it.  The one food you absolutely refuse to eat--I'm talking purse your lips closed, turn your head, and swat your hand at me--is avocado.  You will eat hummus (yuck!), straight up unseasoned black beans (yuck!), lima beans (yuck!), but not yummy avocado.  The avocado lover in me is saddened by this.

*This has been a month of many milestones.  You started clapping literally the day after you turned 10 months (April 24).  You were so proud of yourself too.  Anytime you clapped you wanted us to acknowledge you with a "yay!" or a clap of our own.  Now you just clap at appropriate times and don't really expect us to do something in return.

*The very next day (April 25) you started waving. I always throw your paci back in the crib after getting you up from a nap.  I always say, "Bye Bye Paci" and on that day you waved bye bye to your pacis.  You've been waving ever since.

*You crawled up some stairs this month as well. There are a few sets to choose from at work and you head straight to them.  You have climbed up 10 right in a row.  I usually let you do this about once and then I get tired of spotting you and we try to move on.

*You blow kisses.  One day my boss was saying bye to you and blew you a kiss and you just blew her one right back!!  It was so cute.  You are picky and choosey about when you want to do this though.

*You also give kisses.  Of course they are wet, slobbery, mouth fully open baby kisses, but we love them nonetheless.  We do not love when you decide you want to stick your tongue out during the kiss.

*You are still rocking the same 4 teeth you've had for a while now, but I know there are some on their way.  I can see them--when you let me have a peek!  I tell daddy that I think you are just going to wake up with a mouthful of teeth one day.

*You give high fives too, but you aren't as consistent with that one yet.

*You crawl, cruise, pull yourself up and stand all day long.  You are on the go! go! go!

*You like us to be in the same room as you, but you don't necessarily want to be held or sit with us.  You want to do your own thing...just knowing we are available if and when you want.

*You say all sorts of words and I'm pretty sure you associate some. It's hard to tell when you went from just mimicking us to knowing what you were saying.  I'm pretty sure your first real word(s) was "Uh oh!" and daddy and I are a little worried what this may mean for our future. ;)  You also "say" bye bye, da da, ma ma, wow, hi and a few others.  I'm trying to get you to say "love you".

*You have also started dancing.  Your dance moves come in all varieties--the typical baby booty bounce, swinging your arms, bobbing your head, or swaying your whole body. Adorable.

*Along with all your fun, new, great firsts this month, we had a few not so great ones.  You got your first fever ever.  It wasn't bad--101.5, but enough to make you a little grouchy for a weekend.  I think you may have had a mild ear infection.  It was gone before Monday when I was going to take you to the doctor though.

*Not two days later and you woke up with your first cold. (This could have something to do with daddy taking you to the McDonald's play area and let you crawl on the dirty, nasty, germy floor... but we will never know.)  The cold lasted about a week, but wasn't bad enough to go to the doctor.  You were pretty manageable actually.  You just didn't enjoy your nose wiped--a normal kid thing.  I'm actually pretty proud of the fact that we made it 10 and half months without a single fever or sickness!!!

*You got your first boo boo too.  I wasn't there, but apparently you slipped on a book and bonked your head on the shelf.  You've bonked your head many times since learning to stand/cruise, but this one left a little mark on your head.
*While daddy and I sometimes wish you were more cuddly, we can appreciate your adventurous, independent spirit.  You come by it honestly.

*You love to scream.  We've heard more than once that you have a "good set of lungs" on you. Again, I'm pretty sure you come by it honestly.  It's not the upset kind of scream.  It's just you telling us what is up... or hearing yourself "talk"... or telling me to hurry up with your food.  You especially love to do this in hallways and spaces where the sound echoes or is amplified.
*One time you were screaming at our friends house and her baby was sleeping.  I put my finger over my mouth and shh'ed you and you put your finger to your mouth and shh'ed me right back.

*You stand by yourself often and for good lengths of time, but you haven't yet taken your first unassisted steps.
 Apparently she thought she was getting some of mine! :)

Things you love right now: books, stuffed animals, your Elefun, playing with your water table, being outside!, pull stuff off or out of something, climbing and cruising, and music.

Your least favorite things right now: getting something taken away from you or being removed from a place you should not be, being left in your play area alone


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project 366: Weeks 18 and 19

Trying to catch up...
120. We ran into Buy Buy Baby to check on something and as we were leaving we saw the Cozy Coupes (and other riding toys) by the door.  We are thinking of getting her one, so we put her in it to see what she thought.  She's still a little too small for the concept, but I think she liked it. :)

121. I love this picture!

122. Just doing a little reading

123. Getting into the cabinets at of her favorite things to do.

124. Crawling around

125. I love this face

126.  Sleepy head waking up from a nap

127.  Because who doesn't love to see a sleeping baby?  Especially one with crazy hair! :)

128. This is one of my attempts to entertain her while we sit at Tae Kwon Do on Mondays.  Sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't.

129. "This is fun!"

130. "Here mom!  You can have the bow."

131. Apparently I have a problem with taking pictures of her in her crib! :)

132.  Shrugging her shoulders!!  She sits in this crazy position often too.  I can't imagine it's comfortable.

133. We hadn't watched Praise Baby in a while.  I put it on and she was mesmerized.  She kept getting really excited.  She'd look at me and laugh, then turn back to the TV.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day craft... and something for dad too

After 4 years of working with Little Man, I feel like I have completely exhausted all crafty gift ideas.  Between Grandparents day, Mother's day, Father's day, Christmas (for all 4), and (4) birthday EACH YEAR... I have either been there/done that or did some variation.

Apparently I set the bar too high for myself when I started working with him, because now it is pretty much expected and sometimes (grandparent's birthdays) even requested.

This year, Little Man made his mom a card/book that was inspired by something I saw on pinterest.  (And let me tell you... even that wasn't much help.  Practically everything I saw on there we have already done!)

For Mother's Day 3 years ago, I had Little Man answer some questions about his mom.  Then I typed it up, put it on nice scrapbook paper, and covered it with contact paper.  This year we recreated that.  I thought it would be fun to see how his answers had changed over time.
(I know you can't read it... that was sort of the point.  I am just showing what it looked like.)

It turns out that both K and G have a birthday in May.  G's was the day before Mother's Day, so we went ahead and made him a gift too.

I bought a cheap frame at Jo Ann's and Little Man painted it green.  Then he (sort of) covered it in washers.  I saw something like this a long time ago--I'm not even sure where--and it stuck in my head as an idea to use.  I think the original piece that I saw was completely covered in washers, but I thought our rendition turned out pretty cute.

Sorry about the photo quality.  I decided that I should take pictures for my blog literally as I was wrapping them and walking out the door to pick Little Man up from school.  You can still get the idea though.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

 (Not interested in taking pictures!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I celebrated my first official mother's day yesterday, and it was a great day.

It started off by me sleeping in!  Unfortunately, my body doesn't always let me sleep in as late as I would like these days, but Michael got up with Olivia so I didn't have to.  

They left the house shortly after getting up and returned with my favorite Starbucks coffee drink, a yummy pastry, a birthday cake pop (because who doesn't love those?), a dozen roses, and a sweet card.

Michael fed Olivia her breakfast while I sipped on my coffee and enjoyed doing nothing!  We didn't make it to church (gasp).  We can't do first service because of Olivia's nap schedule and Michael had something planned for me at noon, so that eliminated second service.  I think God will let it slide though.

We had some time to just play and enjoy the morning. I got ready while Olivia napped.  Then I headed to my appointment--an hour long massage.  Ah, how glorious it was!  I really liked the girl I had. Sometimes a massage can be not as relaxing as you had hoped based on the person giving it to you, but she was a good fit for me and I was truly able to just relax.

Afterwards I picked Michael and Olivia up and we headed out to a late lunch.  The place we went to was serving brunch and one of the days specials was red velvet pancakes.  Um... YES please.  They were really good too!

(She wouldn't smile, so I had to resort to tickling!)

Next we headed home.  It was another nap for Olivia, while Michael and I watched a movie from Red Box.

Our late afternoon was filled with playing, skyping with Michael's mom, feeding Olivia dinner and daddy giving her a bath.

Michael asked what I wanted to do for my last meal of "my" day.  I said I didn't care.  As long as it meant I didn't have to think about it, come up with a plan, fix it, etc. Since I desperately need to go grocery shopping, he suggested pizza. That worked for me.  The rest of our evening was spent watching another movie from Red Box.

All in all it was a perfect day.  I didn't have to prepare a meal.  I got to be pampered.  I got to relax.  I had many people sending me emails, texts, messages on facebook and calls wishing me a happy day.  But best of all, I got to spend it with my two favorite people.
I'm so blessed to be her mom!