Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holy Cow!

At 29 weeks I was measuring only a half a week ahead--completely normal

At 31 weeks I mentioned that I didn't feel like I looked as big as some of the other pregnant women around me.  Really, I still didn't feel like my bump was that huge.  I went to the doctor a few days later and found out I was measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead.  It still doesn't look huge to me.

Then we go to 32 weeks.  I guess I shouldn't have said anything about not feeling big!!!

One week...
I think I jinxed myself!?!?

Just a few days before this picture I was told I am measuring 4 1/2 weeks ahead
How much bigger will I get in the next 4 weeks?

Week 24                                           Week 34

Monday, May 30, 2011

34 Weeks

 How far along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 33 to 36 (month 8) the baby is the size of a honeydew
Average size is 17.2-18.7 inches and between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds!!
We'll find out tomorrow how much she really weighs (estimated, of course)

Total weight gain/loss: +27
I have been consistently gaining about a pound and a half a week for the last few weeks.  This is not good, as rapid weight gain can also mean issues or be a sign of preeclampsia.  I'm not eating any worse.  If anything I'm eating better/healthier.  Ugh. 

Maternity clothes: bed rest means maternity pajamas and comfy clothes!

Gender: It's a girl!  Olivia Grace is on her way!

Movement: Yep.  It's about the same.  She doesn't seem to be doing her midnight dance parties anymore though.

Sleep: I had some insomnia at the beginning of the week, but did pretty good toward the end

What I miss: SODA!

Cravings: sweets, fruit, McDonald's (which I've been avoiding because of the sodium)

Symptoms: swelling, restless leg syndrome, back and neck pain, some cramping and sharp pains which my doctor said was normal

Fun Purchases: I purchased the last of my hospital bag needs--yoga pants, nursing tank, travel size face wash

Surprises: being put on partial bed rest!

Best Moment this week: Hanging out with new friends (who are also pregnant) who are a lot like us.  It's a good match.  They are having a little girl too.  How perfect!

May 26-June 5-VACATION (and bed rest :( )
May 31-ultra sound
June 4-Breastfeeding class
June 8-doctors appointment
 June 11-Baby care class


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not Much

There's not much to write about when you are on partial bed rest. I'm already bored with it!

Thursday I did absolutely nothing.  I laid on the couch the entire day.  Michael and I started reading On Becoming Baby Wise.  I also caught up on all of my shows on DVR. 

I cheated just a little bit on Friday.  I laid around for the morning and the evening.  In the early afternoon we made a quick run to the mall.  I needed to pick up the last few items for my hospital bag (yoga pants, nursing tank).  We also made a quick stop to return something to Target.  After that I was back home and on the couch.  I didn't figure one hour out and about was that terrible.  After all, I'm allowed to return to work when my vacation is up.

Ok, so I actually cheated on Saturday too.  I laid around most of the morning and afternoon.  We had made plans with new friends for the evening and I wanted to keep them.  We have been looking forward to it for weeks.  We met them for dinner and then they came back to our house for dessert and to just hang out.  The girl is pregnant too, so we actually laid on the bed in the nursery talking about all things baby.  My feet were up! :)

Today is church and then back to my couch.  Oh joy.  I really hope I don't get put on strict bed rest.  I haven't heard any results of my blood work.  I am trying to do my best to lay and rest.  I guess I figure that if I am allowed to go back to work, then I don't have to be so strict about laying around.  I haven't been up and about more than a total of two hours a day.  I think that's fair.  I have no plans for the rest of this week, so I will be laying around even more.

There you have it.... my exciting vacation. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

More Random Things about Texas

Back at the end of January I did a post about our thoughts on Texas so far.  It was full of observations that we had made in the month since we had been here.  Well, I've got a few more things for you.

**There are water towers everywhere.  You never have to wonder where you are.  Just turn your head and look for a water tower!  The other day we saw four or five just from where we were on the freeway.

 **If you happen to be by a strip mall (which are everywhere!), you are likely to find a Pediatricians office or a dentist office.  I just find this bizarre.  My doctor's offices were always in buildings with other  doctor's offices.  It didn't have a store front view.  Plus, who knew there were so many pediatricians out there?  Our pediatrician's office is a few doors down from the Kroger. :)

**I got my license 15 years ago.  I learned to drive in Milwaukee... not a small city.  Since then I have driven in and through many small and large cities alike.  I've driven through Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and St. Louis multiple times (just to name a few).  I have never, and I do mean never, encountered worse drivers than here in the suburbs of Dallas.  I thought Springfield, Missouri was the worst.   The town was literally filled with drivers from all 50 states (because of all the private colleges) and then those people were mixed in with the locals, most of whom were old.  Nope.  Texas takes the cake.  It takes defensive driving to a whole new level.

**There are restaurants that actually advertise "B.Y.O.B".  I have no idea why they just don't sell their own alcohol and make a profit.  It seems very strange to me.  "Hey honey, we're eating at Joe's.  Can you grab that case of beer to take along?"   Weird.

**The storms here are way more intense than any other place I've lived.  The thunder is louder.  The lightening is brighter.  The storms are just crazy, and they always seem to take place in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep.

**There is a red light camera at almost every intersection and light.  Someone in our household (who will remain nameless) doesn't really find it necessary to make a full stop when turning right on a red.  Shockingly, we've only got one $75 ticket so far.  Hopefully that's enough to kick the Ohio bad habit right out of him said person.

**In some (smaller) school districts you can still get spanked in school!  I had no idea this still existed.  It's called "getting a lick" and it can happen all the way up through high school.  This one girl said she "got a lick" her senior year.  Holy cow!  Who knew?

**The police in our town drive around in SUV's.  (No wonder the taxes are so high--can you imagine their fuel bill?).  The "constable" drives around in a police looking car.  What's a constable?

**In Ohio U-turns are illegal--always.  Here they are expected and necessary.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update from Doctor's Appointment

Well, it's official... I will NOT be having a JULY baby, but rather a JUNE baby.

When I got to the doctor's office, I was weighed and gave a urine sample as always.  Then the nurse came in and took my blood pressure.  It was 144/80!  Not good.  Last time it was 130/80 and that was considered "border line".  She had me lay down and said she'd be back.  Turns out she forgot about me while eating her snack (I swear my doctor's office is a mess!).  It was probably 10 or 15 minutes later when she came back.  That time my blood pressure was 100/72.  Much better!  She said that there was no protein in my urine, which is a sign of preeclampsia.  That was a good thing.  She said I might have to do some 24 pee test.  You put some cup thing on your toilet and catch your pee every time and save it in a jug.  Then you bring the jug in the next day.  Yeah, that didn't sound like fun.

Luckily when my doctor came in she said I would not have to do that.  She decided to have a preeclampsia blood draw done instead.  She asked how much I could lay around and rest while doing my job.  I told her that I have my feet up a lot since Little Man is at school for 3 hours and naps for 2.  Plus I put them up when he is playing.  I told her that I would be on vacation this next week and she said I had to lay around the whole time.  She apologized for ruining any plans but said that I basically could not do anything.  Great.  I'm so glad I got most of my shopping done!  The one thing I really wanted to do was cook meals to freeze.  Michael offered to do it (with my supervising from the couch), so that may end up being our plan b.  I am not officially on full blown bed rest, but she said it could come to that.  I'm hoping not just because of my job.  I know bed rest is boring, but I wouldn't care as much except I would be putting another family out.  We'll see.

Then she measured me and I measured 38 cm.  I said, "38?!?!?!"  She didn't seem too concerned at first.  I don't think she realized that I am only 33 1/2 weeks!!  She looked at the calendar and said, "Oh".  I am now going in on Tuesday for an ultrasound to check the size of the baby and also to make sure all of my fluid levels are still ok.

So just to recap--2 appointments ago I was measuring a half a week ahead.  1 appointment ago I was measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead and this time I was measuring 4 1/2 weeks.  I am gaining 2 extra weeks every appointment!!  What the heck?  I haven't gained that much weight, so it must be all baby.  I don't feel huge.  I don't even feel like I look 38 weeks.  Nana and Papa arrived the other day and the first thing Nana said was "You still don't look that big".  I'm taking that statement to the bank! :)

My doctor looked at the calendar again and said we are scheduling an induction for June 28th.  She said they don't normally do elective inductions (for size, just because it could be wrong-and big baby doesn't mean fully developed baby), but she doesn't think my blood pressure issues are going anywhere.  She is labeling it a hypertension induction.  Of course, there is still a chance that I could go even before then if there was some blood pressure emergency.  By the way, my starting blood pressure was 108/70 something.

So I go in on Tuesday for the ultrasound.  Then I go back to the doctor on June 8th for my next appointment.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hospital Bag List?!?

Like I mentioned, I have been collecting an extensive "hospital bag" list for months now.  I realize every person is different, every birthing experience is different, and every hospital is different.  I'm trying to decide from this list what I really need to take, and what isn't really necessary.  I'm guessing that even those of you who read this will have differing opinions.  I'm just trying to come up with the best plan I can.

I've also read that it's best to have two bags--one for the actual labor and delivery room and then another for when you are moved to the patient room where you stay for a few days.  That way you can leave the second bag in the car and send your husband out to get it after you've been moved.  The thought process is that if something happens in labor and delivery (you have to have a c-section and get moved to the surgery room), your bag and other things aren't left unwatched, etc.  Some say to have a third bag-one for the baby.  I will bring the stuff for Olivia, but it will probably just end up in my bag.

Here is the list.  The pink is my commentary, the purple is where I have a question for you.

Labor and Delivery Room
  • lotion--for massage?  You are suppose to bring things that relax you.  Music doesn't relax me.  I like silence.  You can't bring candles, even though everything talks about aromatherapy.  The only thing I could think of was a hand or foot massage, and I don't even know if I'll want that.
  • my own pillow--some people said this makes it more comfortable.  necessary?
  • insurance card
  • ID
  • change for vending machine/cash--From the moment we check into Labor and Delivery, Michael gets 3 meals a day.  There are also rooms available for guests (and the spouse) that are stocked with free snacks.  Either way, bringing the extra change is easy and a good back up plan. 
  • snacks-- Like I just said, there will be snacks available. I'm just not sure what they are going to be.  This way, Michael can eat if he wants.  I've also heard that after birth you are starving, so having something immediately handy sounds good to me.  I'm not going to go overboard though.
  • gum-- because you can't eat, helps keep your mouth moist
  • hard candy-- did you guys use these?  I heard they aren't even allowed at some hospitals.  I'm not a huge hard candy person, so I'm not convinced I'll want these.  Thoughts?
  • water--because Frisco city water tastes like dirt!
  • slippers
  • socks
  • camera/charger
  • video camera--no, we are not video taping the birth... just for (maybe) before and definitely after
  • paper for baby book-- to make footprints... I heard it's better to get it done on scrapbook paper then to do it directly in the baby book.  Babies can be squirmy, so if it gets messed up they can just do it again.
  • notepad/pen-- I don't know--someone mentioned you may want this.  Mostly because it's hard to remember things, so you can write yourself notes if necessary.  Since I am a list kind of girl, I figured I might like having this on hand.
  • contacts/solution/glasses
  • magazine/book/other entertainment--Did you use these?  Some people use them because labor can be long and boring at first.  Then I heard others say they brought them but never used them.  I'm thinking skip it, but want to know what you think.
  • cell phone charger
Patient room after birth bag
  • towel--Yes, the hospital is suppose to supply towels, but word is they are small and scratchy and having your own towel is just an added luxury for that first after birth shower.
  • toiletries (deodorant, body spray, etc)
  • shower supplies
  • make up-- Yes, I am bringing my make up.  I will be in pictures.  I'm not going to look like a crazy in all of my first documented days with my baby. :)  You can think I'm loony if you want.
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • hair supplies--brush, blow dryer, curling iron--See make up answer! :)
  • nursing bra
  • sleep bra
  • nursing tank
  • yoga pants--My friend said this is a good idea because it keeps everything in place... if you know what I mean. (no shifting pads)
  • hoodie--hospitals can be cold?
  • nursing pajamas
  • granny panties--in case I don't love the mesh underwear as much as people say I will
  • going home outfit
  • robe
  • flip flops--for the shower?  not sure about this one... it's a hospital, shouldn't it be sanitary?
  • breast pads--some said hospital supplied it... some said they didn't, or didn't like the ones that were supplied to them.
  • nipple cream--same as breast pads.  I'm thinking of leaving this and the breast pads home.  I'll show Michael where they are, and if I find I need them, he can run home and get them.
  • laptop
  • clothes and shower supplies for Michael
  • extra bag (like the reusable grocery store ones) to bring home hospital supplies (all the extra after birth things they let you take) and gifts--I don't suppose we'll get many gifts in the hospital.  I don't think we'll have many visitors.  However, I've read that you should take everything they let you (you are paying for it anyway)--pads, mesh underwear, baby supplies, etc.
  • boppy/my breast friend
 For Baby
  • outfits for hospital
  • going home outfit (a couple in various sizes, just in case)
  • hair bows :)
  • blanket/swaddler
  • diapers--some people said that their hospital only had size 1 diapers and their baby needed newborn.  Have you heard of this?  This seems bizarre to me.  Shouldn't they have multiple sizes?!
  • other--other people took rash ointments, wipes, etc.  I'm just going to assume my hospital has it all
 Luckily, we live about five minutes from our hospital.  If Michael needs to run home for something, it won't be a problem.  Anything I'm missing?  Anything you think I should remove?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ft. Worth Stockyards

The countdown is on.  As of this last weekend we had 8 Saturdays left to enjoy being just "us"... and that's if Miss Olivia shows up on her due date.  We figured we better get out and enjoy ourselves and maybe even see a little bit of Texas while we were at it.

I've wanted to go to a rodeo since we got here.  I've never been and it's something I've been wanting to do (even before we moved to the grand old state of Texas).  Lucky for me, there is one going on every weekend of the year in Fort Worth!  Fort Worth has a couple of different "districts" (I guess you would say), and one is called the Stockyards.  It has everything you think of when you think of stereotypical Texas.  We have seen very little of the stereotypes, so it was time to really experience Texas.

Fort Worth is about an hour drive from where we live in the northern suburbs of Dallas.  Every day at 11:30 and 4:00 there is a cattle drive down the streets in the Stockyard area.  We thought that would be cool, so we arrived to the area around 3:30 to find a place to watch.

Here's what we saw on our short walk to the place where we would watch
The General Store and Trading Post... of course! :)

The streets are full of shopping (all Texas style things for sale) and restaurants

These type of statues are all over
The Coliseum is in the background.  That's where the rodeo takes place every Friday and Saturday night.

You could take stagecoach or carriage rides

Some dude riding a longhorn...how odd

The cattle drive--I'll admit, we thought there were going to be a little more, but it was still pretty cool.
Yeah, he was a little closer than I would have liked.  Do you see him eyeing me!?!

After the cattle drive we had an early dinner.  It was a rustic type place.  I wasn't fond of my food, but Michael liked his.  Next time we'll definitely try somewhere different.

From there we headed out to the shops.  It's just one long street filled with all sorts of shops.  They all carrying pretty much the same thing--cowboy boots, cowboy hats, cowboy type decorations.  You get the idea.

I tried on a hat at the first store we went to.  I wasn't really planning on buying one.  I was more doing it to be silly.  Michael really liked it.  He thought I should get one.  Hats aren't normally my thing because of my oh-so-round face, but cowboy hats are a little different because of how they sit on your head (and you can still see my hair).  I didn't buy one there, but figured I'd keep my eye out for a cute one.  I live in Texas now.  I'm sure there will be a time when a cowboy hat will come in handy! :)  I want a pair of boots too, but I'm not buying them while pregnant.

I found a hat and Michael insisted that I wear it the rest of the day.

You know why I love it?  Because it has bling!!!!!!! :)
even along the sides!!

Photo ops through the streets and stores...
"Abe Lincoln"... he was used in some movie that had Sarah in the title.  I never heard of it, which is why I can't remember the name.

I couldn't reach the little window Michael looked out, so I had to look out the bars.

After we hit almost every store it was time to give my feet a rest.  I drank more water that day than I can even count, and my feet still swelled up.  I had 80 oz before we even got there at 3:30.  The waiter refilled my glass at dinner more times than I can even remember--4 or 5?  Later I bought a 24 oz bottle of water and then even later in the evening another 20 oz bottle.  It put my feet up at dinner and then again for almost an hour in between shopping and the rodeo.  It didn't matter.  A few hours of walking, 90 degree weather, and then sitting for a two hour rodeo had both my feet and ankles swollen nice and big.

The rodeo was great.  I wish I had all sorts of fun pictures for you, but they all move so fast that everything was coming out blurry.  Here are just a few of what I got.
 The "flag girl" riding to the National Anthem.
(I don't know what her title was, but she came out with a different flag in between every event.)

They actually prayed!! (which is why her head is bowed)

Bull riders getting ready
No bull rider made it the 8 seconds :(

It's a bit of a blur, but you can see the bull rider being thrown off.

There were lots of other events besides bull riding, but they were all too fast too.  I decided to put the camera away and enjoy the show.  I look forward to going again!

Monday, May 23, 2011

33 Weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 33 to 36 (month 8) the baby is the size of a honeydew
Average size is 17.2-18.7 inches and between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds!!

Total weight gain/loss: +25.6

Maternity clothes: Yep, every day!  I even have maternity pajamas now.

Gender: It's a girl!  Olivia Grace is on her way!

Movement: It goes in phases.  Some days I worry that I haven't felt her enough, but then the next day she will be on the move nonstop.  There probably isn't much room left, which I am guessing is why the movements have slowed down some.  Plus, some days I am busier than others and I don't feel her when I am on the move.

Sleep: Surprisingly, it hasn't been terrible.  Sleeping at Little Man's house for half the week actually allowed me to get more sleep than I usually do.  Unfortunately, I am waking up every hour and a half to pee.  It's a little insane.  I know.  Part of it is probably being in the third trimester, but the other part is that I am having to drink so much water in order to keep the swelling down.  Thankfully I can always go back to sleep quickly.  The worst part is every time I lay down (day or night), I have some sort of restless leg syndrome.

What I miss: SODA!

Cravings: sweets, fruit, McDonald's (which I've been avoiding because of the sodium)

Symptoms: swelling, restless leg syndrome, some fatigue, stretch marks :(, having to pee all the time--or feeling like I have to even when I don't.  She must be right on my bladder.  Oh, and heartburn/acid reflux has returned in full force.  It use to be just certain foods would trigger it.  Now it's basically every afternoon and every night in the middle of the night.  It doesn't matter what I eat, when I eat it, how fast or slow I eat it.  It just comes.  The book says it's common to get worse now because my stomach has no room.

Fun Purchases: I was able to buy almost everything off of my "lists".  There are just a few things left for me to get.

Surprises: hmm... not too many this week

Best Moment this week: checking items off my list, date night/day with Michael

Milestones: I am starting my 8th month!!!

Things I am looking forward to: Honestly, I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  I want to know if things have changed any.  Since the last measurement was taken by the nurse practitioner, and it's not an exact science, I'm wondering if I will still be measuring as big... or bigger... or more back to normal once my doctor measures.

I'm also looking forward to a week and a half off of work!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I had to show up for work on Monday morning at 6:15 AM.  Since then, I have been on duty 24 hours a day.  G flew back to Ohio on Monday morning and K has been at a conference out of town since Sunday night.  She gets home today, but goes straight from the airport to work.  I will work a normal day, and get off sometime tonight around 6 or 6:30.  As you can imagine, I'm a little drained.  (Yes, I realize this is what parenting will be like, but what you must realize is that dealing with someone else's kid is always different than dealing with your own.  You have to play by their rules.)

Pregnancy brain is in full effect. I've done all sorts of stupid things this week, including backing my car into the garage instead of pulling in like I've done for the last 5 months.  I feel like I am getting more than my normal amount of sleep (because I have to go to bed when LM does--long story), but I am still always tired.  The swelling comes and goes.  I've been chugging water like a crazy, and am actually quite sick of it.  I have been asked five bajillion questions by a five year old and have seriously reached my limit.

All that to say....... no fun post today.  Who knows, there may not be one tomorrow either.  On the bright side, I just realized last night that in one week I will be on VACATION!!!!  Oh how I am looking forward to that.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Onesie Stickers

Look what I got...

Closer up

They are a little smaller than some of the other onesie stickers I've seen, but I love them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lists, Lists, Lists

 There are lists running through my head.  I was already starting to feel slightly anxious about my "to do" list, but now it's getting even more real.  My due date is 8 weeks from now, but there is potential that she could be here in 6!  Not only that, but if my blood pressure doesn't get in check (which I'm believing it will!), then there is potential for bed rest.  We are reaching the end!!!  AGH! :)

First, is my list of books that I want to read.  I have been given a ridiculous amount of books.  I don't plan on reading them all, but there are some I'd like to get to.  I've also bought some books.  I have prioritized and realize that I really only need to read the breastfeeding and sleeping books before Olivia comes.  I started reading earlier on in the pregnancy, but I felt like I wasn't retaining the knowledge and that when she got here I'd have forgotten it all anyway.  Plus, everyone tells you how you should be reading for fun and going to the movies and sleeping--enjoying your time.  Well now I feel like I need to get on with the reading, but it still feels overwhelming to me.

Second, is my hospital bag.  I have been collecting information and making a list from very early on.  Any time someone posts a "hospital bag" question on the message boards I pay attention.  I still need to collect some things for it.  I wasn't planning on packing it until around week 35, but now I feel like I have to have to have things collected and ready to pack before hand.... just in case I am put on bed rest.  (My shopping is already limited because of my swelling feet.)  I plan on posting a list soon and all you veteran moms can tell me what I really need and what I don't.  There seems to be varying views out there.  Some people are minimalists and some pack everything but the kitchen sink.  I would like to be somewhere in the middle.  I tend to lean toward the side of being over prepared than under.

Third, is my "stock piling" list.  Someone asked on the message boards once "what types of things are you stock piling".  Most people said things like diapers or formula.  A couple people said they were stock piling household items.  I would have never thought of this, but it makes sense.  Not that I am going to have a baby and come out handicapped.  I know that I can run to the store or send Michael.  The idea was that in the first month (or longer) it is nice to not have to worry about running out of toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc.  I think I especially like this idea because we are in a new place.  It will all be up to Michael, and at this point he's only planning on taking off a week or so.  Sure, we'll have visitors, but they aren't from here.  They don't know the area.  It will just be easier to have things on hand.  So far we have plenty of toothpaste, deodorant, and hand soap. :)  We plan to go to Costco to stock up on things like kleenex, Clorox wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels.  Anything else we should stock up on?  We have paper plates too.  I'm considering using these at first so no one has to deal with dishes.

Fourth, is a list of things I will need for after the birth.  You know--all the unpleasant things like pads and stool softeners and witch hazel.  Oooh, fun!  This list also includes items like nursing bras and nursing tanks, lots of bottled water and easy snacks (for breastfeeding), and tylenol.  Missing anything?

Fifth, finish up any last minute nursery things and purchase any baby items still needed (not much).

Lastly, is a list of meals that can be frozen.  Since we are new to the area, I'm not exactly sure how many people will be showing up at my door with home cooked meals.  I know in Ohio people would do that, but I am not going to count on it here.  We've made friends, but it's all still so new.  I wouldn't expect anyone who has only known me for a few months to cook me a meal.  I thought of going to one of those places that you can make meals ahead of time (Dream Dinners, Super Suppers), but the only one in our area didn't thrill me.  There was still a lot of prep work that needed to be done at home at the time of cooking the meal.  I want to be able to pull something out of the freezer and heat it up.  I have off a week at the end of the month, so I plan to do a lot of cooking and freezing then.  Anyone have any good recipes they'd like to share?  I have a few in mind.  I'd like to get a fair amount of meals done and with some variety too.

I love lists.  I enjoy checking things off my list.  For whatever reason, it feels different this time.  I have these lists.  I keep reviewing my lists.  I look at them often.  Yet nothing is getting checked off.  I'm not usually the procrastinating type.  Hopefully I'll be able to tackle most of this on the week and a half that I am off from work.  Did you all go through the same thing?

Monday, May 16, 2011

32 Weeks

How far along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 29 to 32 the baby is the size of a squash
Average size is 15.2-16.7 inches and between 2.5 to 3.8 pounds
Finally, the last week as a squash!!! 

Total weight gain/loss: +24

Maternity clothes: yep... every day

Gender: It's a girl!  Olivia Grace is on her way!

Movement: She still has her dance parties.  She doesn't move as much throughout the day, but her movements are bigger and stronger.  Just when I think "I haven't felt her in a while", she'll kick.  It's funny too, because there will be nothing for a really long time and then Michael will text me from work and she will inevitably start kicking.  I told him she knows and she's trying to say hi.  She's already a daddy's girl.

Sleep: It hasn't been too bad this week.  I've been really tired during the day, so I've been sleeping during preschool time and nap time.  I'm not sure if it's thyroid/iron thing, a third trimester thing, or just me not getting enough sleep because of Michael's schedule.  My blood was not drawn at my doctor's appointment like it should have been.  I called to mention it and ask if I should come in.  The nurse said no, that waiting two weeks will be fine.  At this point, I trust little that my doctor's office says.  I decided to go ahead and split up when I take the thyroid and iron medications.  I've only done it for a few days, but I'm hoping it will help.

What I miss: bending over, not having shortness of breath

Cravings: sweets, fruit--I'm glad the good stuff is coming into season

Symptoms: At this point the big one is swelling.  I am constantly having to put my feet up.  I am chugging water like nobodies business, hoping that will help.  Plus, for the past few weeks I have been having bouts of restless leg syndrome, which seems to be getting worse/more frequent.  I could do without that.

Fun Purchases: Nothing that I can think of.  I've been searching for a new bra for the past two weeks with little success (the problem being my size).  They say not to buy a nursing bra until week 36 and then after your milk comes in you'll have to buy another one anyway.  I'm going to try to make it a few more weeks and then just buy a nursing one for the hospital/first few days.  I might as well try to kill two birds with one stone at this point.

Surprises: my doctor's visit was a bit of a surprise

First meal:  I see on the bump all the time people asking what will be your first meal after birth.  Common answers are things that have not been allowed--like champagne and sushi.  I always kind of laughed it off and figured I'd eat whatever the hospital was going to bring me.  I've heard they are really accommodating for the mom.  Then, this week, after soda was taken away I changed my mind.  I didn't drink soda every day, but it was a nice treat every once in a while.  Plus, I haven't had any Diet Coke this whole pregnancy because of the artificial sweeteners.  I told Michael I do have a "first meal" request.  I want a large Diet Coke from McDonald's (because it's the best, and if you are a diet coke drinker you will agree) and a big juicy hot dog (probably from Sonic since it is the most convenient.)  Mmmmm... I can't wait! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

This song takes me back to my Baptist school days. Our high school choir sang it for the Academic Meet (which was something all the Baptist schools participated in.)  It's an old hymn that has recently been recorded and has been playing on the Christian radio station.  I thought I'd share.  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Gift for Daddy--Painted Hammer

I have no idea what is happening with blogger.  It went down sometime Thursday afternoon, and I wasn't able to access it until yesterday afternoon.  Some blogs are missing completely.  I usually have some scheduled to post up to a week in advance.  I had moved some around the other night and now they are back to their original dates.  If and when they get this fixed, this blog could end up with all sorts of crazy (possibly empty) posts.  Hopefully they'll get it together soon!

Anyway, G's birthday was this week, so Little Man and I set out to make him a present.  When I started working with Little Man almost 3 years ago, I sort of set myself up for this.  We made crafts for everything and everybody--grandparent's day, mommy's birthday, daddy's birthday, nana's birthday, papa's birthday, mother's day, father's day, Christmas...  So now I feel obligated to do something sort of handmade every time one of these events rolls around.

To me, it's harder to do for a dad than a mom.  Maybe it's just how I perceive G.  I know K is going to love anything--scribbles included.  I try to make the gifts for G something that he would appreciate.  Since you can't really google daddy birthday crafts, I just looked up Father's Day gift ideas.  I came across our idea here.

I picked Little Man up from school and we headed of to Lowe's to buy a hammer.  It was $5.  I've read that you can get them at a dollar store, but I wasn't trying to go that cheap. :)  Little Man was so excited.

I skipped the part in the directions where it said to sand it.  I figured it would work out alright.  So while Little Man ate his lunch, I primed with with (sorta) white paint to help speed up the process.
The directions also said you had to do one side at a time.  Wrong.  Who has time for that?  I just stood it on it's end and it dried just fine.

I showed LM the example of what we were doing, thinking a visual would help.  I'm not sure if it did or not, but it was his project and he was proud.
We had to let the paint dry while he napped.

Then we added a few more layers and used a paint pen.

I found this saying online and we made a card

I got an email saying Thank You and that G loved it.  Little Man has already informed me that mommy's birthday is in two weeks and we need to make sure we have something for her! :)  He loves this kind of stuff.