Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pie Time!

We finally got around to using some of the apples that we picked.

I don't think Olivia even knew what an apple pie was, but she was excited to make one!


First up, she washed the apples off for us.

And poured all of the dry ingredients into the bowl...  We didn't do anything fancy.  I bought a crust from the store and we used the recipe on the back.

It was a family affair!  Michael figured out how to use the peeler for us.  I love how he always jumps in and joins my crazy adventures.  He's such a good daddy!

watching daddy

I love this picture because of Logan's little photo bomb in the corner. :)

Olivia did two apples, and then Michael did the rest to speed up the process.

She was perfectly happy to help put the apples in the bowl

and stir

Our finished product

I was at work when it was time to partake, but not surprisingly she only ate a few bites of crust.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Johnny Appleseed Day

We had a little Johnny Appleseed fun yesterday.  I had the babysitting kids over and I had to work last night, so we kept it sort of simple.

First, we made apple turnovers.
I made this with my first graders every year.  It's pretty simple.  First she (they) pressed out a biscuit.

Then she placed apples on top

She diligently put one piece on at a time.  No piles for her!

She added the cinnamon and sugar and I put some butter on top.  I also closed it up for her.

She wasn't sure about the taste.  She ate about half of it.

Then it was finger painting time

The finished product

After nap we did some number recognition/fine motor skill work

She thought it was great.  I'm glad that a felt tree and some tweezers is a "treat". :)

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Swimming Lessons

NOTE:  It is apparent between these pictures and the ballet pictures that my camera just sucks.  Please excuse the poor quality.  One day I'll own a DSLR. :/

Logan and I finally accompanied Boppa and Olivia to swimming lessons to see how she's doing.

We got there a few minutes early and they got right in.

Olivia was eager to show me that she knew how to climb out of the pool by herself!

And then she had fun jumping back in!

Then it was time for class to begin

blowing bubbles

 As you can tell by her face, she's still a little unsure of floating on her back

and covered her ear(s) for most of the time

Then they went on a little "field trip" to the shallow end of the pool where they would take lessons without mom or dad.

They took two laps around the lazy river, but my pictures were just a big blur.  Then they got to stay and play.