Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


I am thankful for so many things.  This year, I am mostly thankful for my sweet little family.

I am beyond blessed and thankful to be walking through this journey with my husband, Michael.  He loves me, respects me, balances me, and understands me.  While we don't agree on everything, we tend to be on the same page with a lot of things.  It's such a blessing to have that unity.  He makes me laugh, listens, encourages me, and works hard to give our family what it needs.  He is my best friend and I am honored to be his wife.

I am also so blessed to be Olivia's mommy.  She is my pride and joy.  She makes me laugh daily!  She is smart, compassionate, energetic, enthusiastic, sweet, and sometimes a handful.  She challenges me to be a better person just by being her.  She is simply amazing and I am honored to be her mom.

I am blessed to be carrying this little bundle in my belly.  I can't wait to meet him, to see what he looks like, and to watch him grow into the little guy he will be.  He will complete our family, and I know he will bring so much more to the table than is already there.  I have been blessed to be able to get pregnant easily, which I don't take for granted.  I have also been blessed with relatively easy pregnancies.  While I marvel at every kick, punch, and flip in my belly, I am looking forward to holding my little boy.  I am honored to carry, birth, and love him.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let it Snow!

Olivia got her first chance to play in snow yesterday.  She saw snow last year on Christmas day, but we weren't really able to get out and play in it.  We had a dusting last week too, which got her excited, but it wasn't enough to play in.  So when the snow started to fall on Monday night, Michael and I made plans to take Olivia out to play in it.  She woke up to a white wonderland and she was SO excited!

She wasn't sure about walking in it until Michael went out and started rolling the snow.  It was great packing snow!

Once she saw that it was alright, she was off!

Michael showed her how to make a snowball.  Don't mind his gloves!  Of course neither of us could find our gloves, so he just grabbed a pair of gardening gloves out the garage. :)

This is another benefit of having Michael work from home!  He got to experience the fun with us.  It was dark by the time he got off work, so this wouldn't have been able to happen with him otherwise.

She got hit with a snowball. ;)

She tried throwing one back... only half of it stuck to her mitten.

This is fun!

Rolling a big ball

She kept talking about the beautiful trees...

So of course she had to hug one.  Don't ask.  I have no idea why she likes to hug trees.

She kept shaking the snow off of the trees and then laughing this huge (fake) belly laugh.  Apparently she cracks herself up!

Ha ha!

Leaving peanuts for the squirrels

She kept having Michael shake the snow off the branches onto her as well.

We love the snow!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

29 Weeks, Baby #2

How far along: 29 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 29 to 32 (month 7) the baby is the size of a squash
Average size is 15.2-16.7 inches and between 2.5 to 3.8 pounds

Total weight gain/loss: +9 (the same as the last 2 weeks)
I actually weighed myself again after eating breakfast and lunch just to make sure my scale wasn't broken.  Nope.  It works.  I had gained 20.6 pounds with Olivia at this point!

Maternity clothes: I'm feeling like my options are a little limited, but I'm doing my best to layer and make do with what I have.

Gender: It's a boy!  Logan Michael is on his way!

Movement: He seemed to have slowed down for a bit this week, but he picked up where he left on on Sunday.  At one point it felt like he kicked me on one side and punched me on the other side at the same time.  I was trying to nap, but I wish I would have been able to see what my stomach looked like for that one!

Sleep: I get about 6 hours of sleep a night.  Sometimes I get a nap, sometimes I don't.

What I miss: sleep, ease of movement, etc.

Cravings: apples (good ones, not red delicious)

Symptoms: I don't know what it was about this week, but I suddenly feel pregnant.  VERY pregnant.  It seems to have started on Thursday.  I told my friend that I felt like I was carrying around 40 extra pounds instead of 9. My body also felt like I ran a marathon, only I wasn't getting a medal, cookies, or a silver cape.  I thought I was short of breath before, but I am getting so winded and out of breath now.  I know that is a side effect of low iron, but still.  Little tasks seem to be taking a lot out of me.  I guess this could go under "surprises" too, but I told Michael that I was fully expecting to have gained a minimum of 2 pounds this week.  Mostly because I felt like I gained 10.  Needless to say, I was shocked that my weight stayed the same.  Maybe Logan just shifted into a different position that is making me feel this way?
Fun Purchases:  I bought a few supplies for baby crafts, but have yet to start any projects.  I'm feeling a little intimidated by them, but I know I can do it.

Surprises: Michael's best friend has two little boys.  He was over having a guys night this weekend and they told him that we are welcome to any of their baby clothes.  One of the little guys was born at the end of November and one was born in January, so the seasons should match up well.  I guess I am suppose to go over and go through their stuff.  This will be a HUGE blessing for us (especially since the consignment sales aren't great around here).

Milestones: I'm in my 7th month!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

28 Weeks, Baby #2

 Please excuse the squinty eyes and crazy shadow.  It was very sunny! :)

How far along: 28 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 25 to 28 the baby is the size of an eggplant

Total weight gain/loss:+9 (same as last week)

Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity clothes. Although, I did unpack some of my regular sweater and I have been wearing them open or just with one button done over some of my maternity shirts and tanks.
 Gender: It's a boy!  Logan Michael is on his way!

Movement: He moves and kicks multiple times daily.  It was on a schedule there for a bit, but he just recently changed things up on me. :)

Sleep: So far the same--I have trouble getting to sleep, but then I do pretty good.

What I miss: sleeping, bending over with ease

Cravings: nothing

Symptoms: some back pain, trouble getting comfortable-even when just sitting, emotional, heartburn

Surprises:  I PASSED my glucose test!!!  WOO HOO!!!!! 

Fun Purchases: I bought a few fun things for his nursery--more on that another time!

What I'm looking forward to: The idea of his nursery has evolved greatly over the last few months. A theme was decided on a whim yesterday, a purchase was made, and now all sorts of projects are lining up for me to do.  I'm excited to start working on some things again.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Results

The nurse called me yesterday with my 3 hour glucose test results.  I PASSED!!!  She said that my sugar levels were "perfect" and I "passed with flying colors".  YAY!!  Hopefully things keep moving along as planned with no further complications.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Highbanks Puppet Theater

We finally made it to another preschool class at the local Metro Parks.  They do one once a month, but we had a scheduling conflict with October's class so it has been 2 months since we've been to one.

This class was called a puppet theater.
When we got there, Olivia was allowed to choose an animal to color.  She chose a turtle.
She promptly got to work coloring.

Then they were suppose to cut it out.  Technically this class is for kids ages 3 to 5, but even half of them can't really cut at this point.  I let Olivia hold the scissors and make a few snips, but her hand muscles weren't really strong enough so she lost interest quickly.  I then finished cutting it out for her.

She put the glue on the stick

Then she stuck the turtle onto the stick. (I was a little slow in my picture taking and she had already moved her hand down.)

The finished product!  There is color on there--I promise.  It's just really light and didn't show up with the flash and focus of the picture.

Once you finished your puppet, and while you waited for others to finish, there were two choices.  Read some related books, or color on a big mural on the wall.  Olivia chose the mural.

Finally it was time for the Puppet Theater to begin.  The naturalist played the part of a turkey puppet that didn't like Thanksgiving.  Then each animal came along and explained why they liked Thanksgiving and what they were thankful for.  When the animal puppet matched the puppet that you made, you got to go up front and tell what your puppet was thankful for.

The naturalist also included little facts about the animals along the way.  For example, for the skunk she explained that he had a big bushy tail to help keep him warm during the winter months.

I'm not sure what Olivia said when she was up there.  She whispered it, so the naturalist just sort of made something up for her on the fly.  She was more interested in "petting" the puppets.

The naturalist concluded with some real animal furs to touch and explore, but Olivia had reached her attention span limit so we headed home for lunch.  Hopefully there will be some more fun classes for us to do before baby Logan arrives.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Doctor Update

Well, I heard back from the nurse about my blood work results from Monday.

*As we expected, I am definitely anemic.  I have to start taking iron supplements just as I did with Olivia's pregnancy.  No big surprise there, I guess.  The nurse said, "So if you've been feeling tired, there is a real (insert big nurse word that I can't remember because I was still half asleep) reason for it."  I thought to myself--Yeah, because I'm not sleeping!!  Oh well.  Maybe the iron will help.

*I failed my glucose test.  The cutoff for this doctor is 135.  (Each doctor is a little different.  It was 139 for me in Texas.)  My number was 169.  Of course, she reassured me that it doesn't necessarily mean that I have gestational diabetes.  "It's just a screening" and now I have to do the 3 hour test to see.

*I've been asked multiple times now what that means, so for those of you who don't know--I have to fast starting at midnight the night before.  That includes no drinking, chewing gum, etc.  Then I go in first thing in the morning and they take my blood.  After getting my "fasting" numbers, I have to drink some of the special juice.  It's similar to the stuff you drink for the 1 hour test, but more concentrated.  Then I have to have my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours.  Depending on what my numbers are based on those drawings will determine if I have GD or not.

They don't let you wait too long to take the test, because if you DO have it then they want to get the ball rolling in the right direction.  So... I am actually sitting at the doctor's office as you read this. (This was typed ahead of time.)  I'm not sure if I will know my results immediately or if they will be sent to a lab, but I'll keep you all posted.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

27 Weeks, Baby #2

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 25 to 28 the baby is the size of an eggplant

Total weight gain/loss: +9
Maternity clothes: maternity clothes all the way

Gender: It's a boy! 
Movement: Yes.  Every day!  Sometimes it feels like he's doing gymnastics in there and sometimes it is all out kicks.

Sleep: Oh, you all know my answer to this one by now...

What I miss: bending over to put my socks on without issue, sleep

Cravings: nothing really

Symptoms: becoming slightly uncomfortable when sleeping or sitting, sleep issues, some heartburn--but not nearly as bad as it was with Olivia

Surprises: none this week

Fun Purchases: again, nothing this week

Milestones: Some sources say that the third trimester starts at 27 weeks.  Others say it starts at 28 weeks.  The majority says 27, so that's what I'm going with.  Yay for third trimester! :) 
I had my doctor's appointment yesterday.  It was probably the quickest visit so far.
*I had to do my glucose test.  The results will be back in the next 24 to 48 hours.
*They test for anemia at the same time.  My doctor said that since I had to take iron supplements last time, that it is pretty much a given that I will have to take them again this time.  She said don't be surprised if the nurse calls and tells me to get some iron.
*My blood pressure was good at 112 over 64.
*Baby Logan's heart rate was 160.
*My fundal height measurement was at exactly 27 weeks.

*She said she couldn't tell if he was head down or not, but that it was nothing to worry about at this point.

*She also said that I don't have to worry about kick counts until 30 weeks, but just to be aware that he is moving a couple of times a day.
*I go back in 4 weeks and then after that I start my every other week visits.  It's getting closer!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

26 Weeks, Baby #2

How far along: 26 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 25 to 28 the baby is the size of an eggplant

Total weight gain/loss:  +8.8

Maternity clothes: I am loving the pants that I got a month or so ago.  I am also appreciating having a coat!

Gender: It's a boy! 

Movement: LOTS! 
 Sleep: still awful :(

What I miss: SLEEP!!!!

Cravings: fruit, apples particularly

Symptoms: Really the predominate symptom at this point is my issues with falling asleep at night.  Other than that (and I hope I'm not about to jinx myself), things have been moving along nicely.  I have had some minor back pain here and there, and sometimes it's hard for me to get in a comfortable position (sitting or laying), but otherwise I've been good.

Surprises: I am actually surprised at how awful my sleep has been.  With Olivia, I'd have a rough night here or there, but not weeks in a row.  I'm also surprised at how some of the other symptoms haven't showed up yet.  Not that I'm complaining. :)
Fun Purchases: nothing this week

That's about it.  There isn't much to report.  I feel like I was so far ahead of the game at this point with Olivia.  But at this point I'm just not motivated.  I have looked into bedding and other items I may need, but since he doesn't have a room at this point there is little desire to get things ready.

My next doctor's appointment is Monday.  It's also my glucose test.  I'm curious to see what the results will be after all the emphasis my doctor has put on it.

Also, after looking back at old pictures and then looking at myself now, I do think that I was carrying Olivia high and Logan low.  Not that it matters, but I guess it goes with the old wives tale.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

There are absolutely no kids in our neighborhood.  Most of the people have been here for decades and their kids have come and gone.  So we drove over about two blocks and went trick or treating there.

Rain was in the forecast, so they moved trick or treat times from 6 to 8 up to 5:30 to 7.  We had dinner and then headed out around 6.

There was no picture with mommy this year.  I looked like a drowned rat about two seconds after getting out of the car. :(

I was so bummed about her bucket.  I spent a lot of time and some money last year making her an adorable personalized bucket that she could use year after year.  We looked through all of our boxes at least 3 times each.  We cannot find it anywhere. :(  So we bought a bag from Meijer over the weekend.  I'm sure we will find the long lost bucket next week...

Olivia didn't mind the rain one bit.  She kept commenting on the fact that Boppa and Mommy both had umbrellas and she stepped in all of the puddles she could.

I was sort of missing how all the houses in Texas were right on top of each other.  We had quite a bit to walk between each house.  Michael carried her some, but carrying her and the big umbrella proved to be quite the workout!

She got comments from almost every house and even some passerbyers on how cute/adorable/beautiful she was.  One lady even started caressing her cheeks and having a one on one conversation with her while 8 kids waited behind us (in the rain!).  She gave Olivia 3 handfuls of laffy taffy!

We heard a minimum of 3 times that she had the best costume of the night and was by far the cutest. :)

She said "trick or treat" at a few houses, and we tried to get her to at least say "thank you".

She wasn't too interested in collecting candy at boo at the zoo, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go but she got really into it!  She liked the houses that let her pick her own candy out.  The first house told her to take 2, so she thought she should get multiple pieces at each house.  Most people didn't care since she was so cute.

We walked up one side of the street and back down the other.  We hit about 15 houses.  She didn't want to quit, but it was coming to the 7 o'clock end time and we were back to our car.

 We headed home.  She ran right in and dumped her bag!

We let her have the one pack of M&M's that she got.  She has never had them before.  She's actually had very limited candy, so this was special treat.  She loved them.  She also ate a kit kat bar!  I think she might have a sweet tooth like her Boppa!