Friday, January 31, 2014

Sensory Tub--Homemade Cloud Dough

Someone in my June 2011 mom's group shared a recipe for homemade cloud dough.  I guess it is essentially the same or similar to moon sand, although we have never played with that.  Her kid loved it, and then all of the other moms that gave it a try said their kids loved it as well.  We gave it a try yesterday.

The original recipe calls for 8 cups of flour (you can use any kind) and 1 cup of baby oil.  Some people said that you can use any oil--olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil.  This is especially helpful if you have a kiddo that likes to put things in their mouth.

Olivia is past that stage, so I went with baby oil.  Originally I was planning on doing half the recipe, but got carried away and poured a whole cup of baby oil in.  That left me committed.  I ended up using all of the flour I had in the house!  It wasn't quite 8 cups, but it was close. :)

There were all sorts of ideas on Pinterest about adding color and scents.  Most of what you needed to do this, I did not have on hand (checking Pinterest was an after thought).  So this time we just did the plain old recipe and used some tools and cookie cutters.

Our whole house has carpet except our kitchen.  But the kitchen is right above the unfinished part of the basement.  On days when it is 5 degrees outside, the tile is really cold.  I thought that I could just throw a beach towel down and we'd be good.

Yeah.... so this was THE MESSIEST thing we have ever done!
Generally Olivia tries to be neat.  She doesn't like to be dirty.  However, this time she didn't seem to have any comprehension when it came to "leave it in the bucket!"

She mostly played with the tools until I told her she could use her hands.  She actually liked how it felt.
(Don't mind the hair--she is in desperate need of a haircut!)

This is her saying "I didn't mean to (fling the spoonful of cloud dough)" when in reality she had ever intention of doing just that.

So she had fun.  It lasted about 20 minutes.  I'm glad I was able to give her the experience, but I was also glad that it was over.  I'm not sure my 38 week pregnant patience could have taken much more.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekly Doctor's Appointment-38 weeks

*My blood pressure was 118/72

*I gained 2 1/2 pounds--basically the same as what my at home scale said

*Logan's heart beat was in the 150's

*I measured at 39 weeks.  I measured exactly at 37 weeks last week, so this is a little extra.  Once again it has my doctor worrying about a big baby.

*I am still at 3 cm.  She said I might be a smidge more.  My cervix is still thick, but she said that isn't abnormal for a second birth.

*He is still high up, but he did drop a little and she was able to feel his head.  She reiterated that I could try to do some things to try to help gravity move him down.  I have been doing it some, but should do more.

*She said that if I am still pregnant next week, we can start to discuss inductions.  We don't have to do an induction, but we have to discuss the size of the baby.  Of course, that would require a ($350!) ultrasound and even those aren't always accurate for weight measurement.

*I asked about sweeping my membranes instead as a way of trying to get things moving.  She said the thought crossed her mind, but she is a little nervous to do that based on the amount of bleeding I had at the last appointment.

*I have to up my iron intake.  It is still borderline, so she wants me to take 2 doses a day from now until delivery.

*She asked if I felt tired (lack of iron) and I said, "Well, I'm not really sleeping, so I'm always tired."  She said that I should get a back rub or foot massage every night before bed.  I told her that I would pass along the doctor's orders to Michael. :)  Then she said, "Some people think foot massages can put you into pre-term labor, but we don't really need to worry about that at this point."  I told her I would tell Michael that a pedicure needed to be added to the budget ASAP. :)

*I told her that I would like to go ahead and have him this weekend and she said that sounded good to her.  Ha!  If it were only that easy.

I really am hoping that I go into labor on my own.  Preferably sooner rather than later.  I don't want to have to make the induction decision.  I am conflicted and see both sides.  I was fine with an induction for Olivia, because it was a medical necessity. It was a REALLY easy labor and delivery, so I wouldn't be opposed to doing that again.  However, I know that each delivery is different and I'm not guaranteed another easy induction.  But... if we wait and he is big, then we have to worry about him fitting, shoulder dystocia, and possibly ending up in a C-section anyway.  Hopefully it doesn't come to those kind of decisions.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pee Pee in the Potty!

You all know that I was not about to force my child to potty train before she was ready.  I know her.  I know myself.  I know how much of a disaster that would be!  I was fine to wait it out until 3, or to start any time before that if she showed signs of readiness.  Well, over the last two weeks she decided that she was ready.

She literally went from running/hiding/crying over diaper changes to telling us that she was peeing and then immediately requesting a diaper change.  She also started wanting to come in the bathroom each time I went.  She took an interest in flushing the toilet as well.  I knew that if she was telling me when she was going and then requesting diaper changes, that I needed to act on those signs and not put it off.

There have been multiple people in my "June" mom's group that have used the 3 day method by Lora Jensen with great success.  I potty trained Little Man in 3 days, but there was really no certain method I used.  I figured I should read up and see what this method was all about.  She's a little over the top, so I took the info that I wanted to use and disregarded the things I didn't care for (like throwing out all of our diapers... say what?! Um, no!)

My problem was coming up with 3 consecutive days to do it.  I gathered all of my supplies and we started on Saturday.   We had been talking about it a lot ahead of time.  She was excited about her new Minnie and Rapunzel underwear.

Basically the method is all about positive reinforcement and putting the responsibility on the child instead of making it a power struggle.  So you load them up with fluid, more so than normal and even use juice if necessary, so that they are forced to go often to get the feeling of needing to pee.  You tell them that they need to tell you when they need to go instead of asking "do you need to?".  You also do random checks when you know they are dry and then praise them for staying dry.  If they start to have an accident, you run them to the potty.  Little fuss is made about the accident.  You just make a comment about that being yucky and that we need to stay dry and tell mommy or daddy when it is time to go.

On Saturday she had quite a few accidents, but she was definitely learning and aware of the feeling of needing to go.  She'd recognize what was going on, but it was always just a little bit too late.

She had some accidents on Sunday as well, but they were definitely less.  Then by mid afternoon she went three times in a row without having an accident!  Each time SHE told US she had to go.  I can't tell you how nice it was to not have to ask over and over if she had to go or to take her every half hour and just make her sit.  I did that with Little Man and it really did turn into a power struggle.  This way was so much nicer!

Monday was day 3.  She did pretty good.  She only had one accident.  The only bad thing is that she sometimes tells us she has to go when she doesn't.  Even so, that is better than accidents every where.  She gets 2 skittles every time she pees! :)

Yesterday (day 4) she didn't have any pee accidents.  I did take a shower and when I came down the stairs she was standing in front of her potty and yelled "I have to poop!"  She had started to go, but only a little.  She finished in the potty.  That was our first poop in the potty and she was so proud!  Plus, she got 5 skittles!

Knock on wood, I think we got this!  The only thing is, I need her to be able to pull her own pants down.  Unfortunately, strength in her arms is literally her biggest "weakness", so this isn't going well.  We are going to keep working on it.

She wears a diaper at night.  She is in bed over 12 hours and NEVER wakes up dry.  EVER.  I am not even going to attempt to try to night train her weeks (days?) before I have a baby.

She also wears a pull up for nap.  I did this because this is the time she usually poops.  She doesn't even know how to open her door yet (thankfully!).  If I put her in there in underwear, I am pretty sure I would be setting myself up for a lot of messy work.  No thank you!  I tried to call them her special "Dora rest time underwear".  On the second day she turned to me and said, "Mommy.  They are Dora diapers."  No fooling her!

She prefers to use her little duck potty.  We haven't tried to go in public yet. Even though she sits on the big potty with a smaller seat (pictured), she has yet to go on that potty.  So we still have work to do.  But after reading that other people were having 17 to 25 accidents A DAY, I am feeling pretty stinking good!  Hopefully bringing Logan home won't ruin all of our work.  We told her that he needs her diapers. I think she'll do alright.  It's the getting the pants down that I am worried about.  Oh well.  We'll face that challenge when we get there.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

38 Weeks, Baby #2

It currently feels like -13 outside right now.  I may be hibernating in my comfy pants!  This week's picture will come with the doctor's appointment update! :)

I am officially the most pregnant I have ever been.

How far along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 37 to delivery (month 9) the baby is the size of a watermelon
Average size is 18.9 to 20.9 inches and 6.2 to 9.2 pounds.

Total weight gain/loss: +15.6  Hello, weight gain!

Gender: It's a boy! 

Movement: His movement has actually picked up some this week.  Of course, after we did a non stress test!

Sleep: It's been going pretty well this week.  I had a rough night on Sunday night, but hopefully I'm past that!

What I miss: being comfortable

Cravings: nothing in particular this week, but I feel like I've been more hungry than normal.

Symptoms:I am sore, achy, and sometimes just in flat out pain.  I'm pretty much ready to be done.  I have no motivation to do anything.  I don't even want to cook any more.  I am just over it all at this point.

Fun Purchases: We ordered all of the last minute things we needed.  I ended up ordering my nursing tanks because they were considerably cheaper online than in the store.  They are suppose to arrive on Thursday.  I told Michael that I would be happy to go into labor Friday. :)  I would like to have them in my hospital bag.  Other than that, I am good to go!

Surprises: One of my old teacher friends took Olivia and I out to lunch. Then we headed to Target, where she gave me a budget and told me to shop!  She got Olivia a toy too.  So blessed!

I feel like he might have dropped. I'm terrible at those type of things, but his kicks don't feel all up in my ribs anymore.  Plus, when I look down, my belly looks so much lower.  We shall see.  My next appointment is tomorrow.

Monday, January 27, 2014

More Pinterest Recipes

I've stated before that I think it's kind of funny (as in a big fat waste of time) to just pin all sorts of stuff, especially recipes, and then never use it.  I don't tend to pin a lot, but when I do, I actually want to use that information.  When I sit down to meal plan or write out my grocery list, I like to take a look at my food board.  I have tried a few new recipes over the past few weeks.

I actually saw this recipe for loaded baked potato soup on a link up party that Kelly's Korner hosted.  I read lots of comments that people liked it.  I didn't pay too much attention to it.  I just pinned it, added the ingredients to my shopping list, and added it to my plan.
Wow!  This is about as simple as you can get.  You don't even use potatoes!  It uses frozen hashbrowns.  Needless to say, this isn't some earth shattering recipe.  But, I think I would make it again.  Olivia refuses to eat most of what I make, so she didn't even try this.  Michael and I liked it well enough.

 If you are on Pinterest at all, then surely you have seen the pin for baked ravioli.  It seemed like everyone on my list pinned the same thing!
 The popular pin that shows the whole process was actually a "broken" pin.  I hate that.  So I went to one and found the actual recipe.  That blogger found the original post, which came from Pioneer Women's Tasty Kitchen.  We liked this.  Our store had about 6 varieties of ravioli to choose from.  I let Michael choose and he picked the meat one.  Surprisingly, Olivia even ate it.  She LOVES pasta and red sauce, so that part isn't surprising.  She picked off the cheese, but actually ate the meat filled ravioli.

Next up is a slow cooker chicken parmesan soup recipe.  Michael loves chicken parmesan, so I thought I'd go ahead and try the soup version.  Plus, I am all about finding a good crock pot recipe.
I'm not actually sure it tasted like chicken parmesan, but it was still good.  Olivia was all excited to see pasta in the bowl, but then was disturbed when she realized it was in a soup. :)  I think I would make it again.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Snow!

Our weekend plans got thwarted by a snow storm.  We woke up to snow yesterday and everyone who was out the roads were reporting that they were bad.  It continued to snow most of the day.  We decided to stay in and keep warm. Being 9 months pregnant and having a toddler didn't make me want to venture out at all.

We woke up this morning with more snow coming down!  I thought I had originally heard it was suppose to be 1 to 3 inches total.  We definitely got more than that!  We are at least 6 inches and it is still going.

Michael decided he wanted to take Olivia out to play in it.  They had grand plans to make a snowman, but it is not packing snow at all!

I bought Olivia some snow pants at Once Upon a Child soon after we moved back.  I never did get her a puffy coat though.  Since it can't be worn in the car seat, I generally forget that I could use one.  Her coats aren't really big enough to go over the snow pants, so we just put layer upon layer upon layer on her and then put a sweatshirt on over.  I told her that she looked like a pink marshmellow.  She thought that was hilarious and kept saying it.

She didn't know what to do!

She just wanted Boppa to help her walk in it.

Michael got the shovel and cleared a little area so she could at least move around.
She took a broom and was sweeping it around.

Michael showed her how to make a snow angel.

She gave it a try.  Only she didn't move her arms or her legs.  She just laid there and laughed.

I went in after that, but I did put some colored water in some bottles for them to play with.

I could hear her from inside talking about "blue is Boppa's favorite color and pink is mommy's favorite color".  I think she enjoyed the colored snow.

She started "throwing" snow in Michael's face and then laughed hysterically.

That pretty much summed up their snow play.  Her cheeks were bright red and it didn't take long to get cold, so they were back in within a half hour.

We are currently on a level 2 snow emergency, so we have no plans to go anywhere today either.

Tomorrow's temps are going to get down into the negative numbers and I've heard that the windchill could get as low as -22 degrees tomorrow night.  Honestly, I'm not planning on leaving the house until my doctor's appoint on Wednesday if I don't have to.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heart Sun Catcher

It's time to make it look like Valentine's Day around here!  Olivia made a simple sun catcher earlier this week.  This is by no means a new concept.  In fact, I posted about two different ones that I made with Little Man four years ago (wow!).

I cut out a heart from construction paper.  Then I stuck it to some contact paper.  Thankfully I had some "Valentine's" colored tissue paper.  I cut that into squares and she got to work!

She looks thrilled, huh?!  She actually did enjoy making it.  She couldn't wait for Boppa to come up for lunch so she could show him.  She just couldn't figure out how to hold it so I could get a picture of her face and the heart, so she was less than impressed with me  and my picture taking skills. :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Typical Olivia.

We were watching a Veggie Tales movie one Friday afternoon and Michael came out and joined us.  Olivia fell asleep half way through.  This never happens!  Or I should say, she never use to fall asleep anywhere but her bed.  But now that she's not napping as she should, she falls asleep in random places.  Michael was pleased, because she's not a cuddler.

It appears that I do not need to teach color sorting.

Catching some air

Pretty girl

It drives me crazy that she won't nap, because I know she's not getting enough sleep.
Sometimes if I nap with her in our bed, she will actually fall asleep.  She enjoys sleeping with my snoogle (pregnancy pillow).  Sleepy head!


 I don't need a nap anymore.  I'm not tired!  MmHmm...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yesterday's Doctor's Appointment (37w1d)

My appointment started off as usual.

*I lost a pound according to their scale.

*My blood pressure was 126/84.  
This is much higher than it was last visit, but still within my range of normal.

Then I went into my room to wait for my doctor.  She came in and said, "You lost a pound at 37 weeks.  How did you manage that?"  I told her that I had no idea!

She listened to Logan's heart beat, but we were talking so I never did hear what it was. While she was looking she made a comment that it was way over on my left side.  I told her that is where he is hanging out.  If I lay down on my left side, I can feel him move and kick.  If I roll over to my right side, I NEVER feel him.  With Olivia (and yes, I am comparing because that is the only other pregnancy I know) when I rolled over, so did her kicks and punches.

We discussed that he doesn't move nearly as much as Olivia does and that I actually have to pay attention to his movements.  I never did kick counts with Olivia, because she was a wild child and on the move a lot.  She said that we should probably do a non stress test (NST) to check it out and make sure all is well.

I measured exactly at 37 weeks.

She checked me and I am at a 3 cm.  I went into the hospital to be induced with Olivia at 2 cm, so this is new territory for me.  Although, I do know that I can walk around at a 3 for weeks....

Even though I am a 3, he is still VERY high up there.  So high that she couldn't tell if he was head down or not.  She said that if I would go into labor now, she would be a little concerned about his positioning.  She gave me some suggestions for how to position myself to try to let gravity make him move into the right place.

She asked me how I felt compared to last time.  I said that I looked bigger, I felt bigger, and that I was way more uncomfortable this time around.  Then she dropped a bomb on me that "usually the mom knows" and he could be a really large baby, but that she has no reason at this point to induce me.  I am so naive.  This whole time I have thought that by gaining half the weight, measuring on track, and having no other health issues would mean that I would likely have a "normal" size baby.  (Olivia's weight was normal, but it wouldn't have been had I gone full term.)  So now I am worried that I am going to have a huge baby with torticollis because he is only hanging out on the left side of my belly.

That wrapped up our appointment.  I was suppose to get dressed and head over to the NST room.

Then things took a turn.  I got off the table and it was pretty much covered in blood.  It didn't appear to be stopping either, so I had to open the door a crack and call out for some help.  I couldn't even see anyone, but since I wasn't dressed from the bottom half down I just called out.  A nurse came and got me a pad.  Meanwhile, my doctor is talking to me down the hall about my iron levels.  Really?  Finally I tell her that I have no idea what she is saying to me because I am bleeding all over the place.  She says, "Let me see."  She comes in and says, "Oh my.  Yes.  That is more than normal.  Well, I guess it's a good thing we are doing a NST on you."

So a whole lot of trips to the bathroom later (one with a nurse to check my pad and wiping--very glamorous), and a good NST scan, I got sent home.  She said that she thinks she may have just stretched my cervix too much or tweaked a blood vessel and that it should stop.  But that I could bleed for another day or so and I will be sore and crampy.

Needless to say, if I hadn't already planned on taking it easy until Logan's arrival, this would have pushed me in that direction no matter what!


I was talking to a friend on the phone who is also pregnant.  We were swapping pregnancy stories and I said that this is number 785 why I am DONE having kids.  She just laughed and said, "Well that is because you will remember all of this.  I, on the other hand, will forget in two years when it's time to have another.  Please don't remind me."  I laughed and promised her that I would let her live in her naive little world for baby number 3, but that I had no plans of joining her.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feeling Good

* I had a good weekend.  I got to go out to lunch with friends.  My friend Stacy brought me food, Gigi's cupcakes, and some outfits for Logan!  It was good to be out laughing it up with the girls.  Laurie had a few errands to run, so I tagged along for some shopping fun.

* I meal planned, searched circulars, and cut coupons while making my grocery list.  The whole process took quite some time, but we were able to get a ton of food at a good price.  Between what I have stocked up on, and what some friends have brought for my freezer, we should be good on food for the first two weeks.  I'm not going to lie--I'm looking forward to Michael having to (mildly) think about, plan, and make 3 meals a day! :)

* I wrote out all sorts of lists.  I have a list for Olivia.  It includes her nighttime routine, foods she'll likely eat... things like that.  I have a list of food written out for Michael, so he knows what he has to choose from.  I was also able to check a lot of things off of the lists that I already had.

* I have everything ready for Valentine's Day.  It's all in a little tote. :)  Olivia is just getting a few little treats and things from the dollar section.  She doesn't need anything.  Plus, it was just Christmas and she's getting a gift from Logan.  I cut out hearts for us to "heart attack" her door like last year.  I even have some fun food planned for the day.  Michael may go out and get her a balloon or flowers or something, but if not the day will still be celebrated.

* For whatever reason, since moving to Ohio Tuesday has become my laundry day.  I got all of the laundry done.  Then from there I packed my hospital bag.  I was getting nervous about it.  I could be totally wrong, but I don't feel like I'm going to make it to 40 weeks, so I wanted to get that checked off the list.  Actually, each member of our family has a bag packed. :)

* I was sent on a circumcision scavenger hunt.  Ok.  Maybe that doesn't sound right, but I don't know what else to call it.  My insurance doesn't cover circumcision.  My OB doesn't do them.  I had heard from a few people that having your own pediatrician do it could save you hundreds as opposed to doing it in the hospital.  First, I called the hospital to try to see how much it will cost.  They said my pediatrician would do it. So I called my pediatrician.  Nope.  She doesn't do it any more.  Oh my goodness.  Who knew having a boy circumcised would be such an issue?!?!  So I called the hospital back.  They said, "Well, we need to know the doctor's (code number)".  I said, "I don't know it.  It's your doctor.  How would I know who will be on call?"  We went round and round in circles and then she said that since I'm paying out of pocket, it will be covered under the newborn price.  I told her that's all well and good, but I better not be getting a bill later then.  That is why I am trying to research now.  How sad is it that I am trying to "get the best deal" on MY SON'S CIRCUMCISION.  She said she'd check into it and get back to me.  After a few days of her researching, it turns out that it is not covered in that price.  It is an additional $707.  Awesome.  I am going to call a few urologists in the area (ideally who I would like to do it anyway), but I'm guessing it's just going to cost a small fortune regardless and we will be "stuck" with the on call pedi.

* Buuuut, that leads me to some good news.  While on the phone with the hospital (the first time), I asked how much it will cost for labor and delivery without maternity insurance.  There is a cost for me and then a cost for Logan.  If I have to have a c-section, it will cost $16,307 for myself and $7,286 for Logan.  That would be a whopping $23,593.  If I have a vaginal delivery, it is $10,904 for me and $4,481 for Logan.  That price is more "manageable" (rolls eyes) at $15,385.  So I said, "Is there anything I can do about those prices, or am I just indebted to the hospital for the rest of my life?"  Then she tells me that I can apply for financial aid.  According to her, based on our income we could get 75% covered.  That is huge!  Then when I called back for my second go around with the circumcision debacle, I asked that lady (also in the financial department).  She said that yes, I would get 75% off.  I stated that since Michael is self employed, technically my gross adjusted income is less than what I stated.  She said if it was $3000 less than the number I gave, then 100% would be covered. Whaaaat?!?!  Who knew?!?! I'm planning on having to pay the 25%.  Even that will be great.  I have already paid $3000 to my OB and lab costs, and I will STILL come out cheaper than having my handy dandy Obamacare "maternity insurance is included in every plan" deductible.  Hopefully since I had two people give me the same exact information, this is actually the case.

* So I'm feeling good.  I think I'm done.  My house is not going to be decorated before Logan comes, and honestly likely won't be done for months.   But each room is livable and things are in it's place.  Everything else on my "to do list" is done.  I have to get a nursing bra and some tanks this week, and we are ordering some new video monitors.  Other than that, I am going to try to do a good cleaning of the house.  All my other time is going to be spent relaxing and hanging out with Olivia.  We've already had game night, family movie and ice cream night, and have done some other special things with her.  She's not one that usually demands a lot of our attention.  She entertains herself easily and often, but we are still trying to give her as much attention as we can now before her world gets turned upside down.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

37 Weeks, Baby #2

 This is a keeping it real kind of picture.  I don't even have make up on!  I showered late in the day, and the only reason I even got dressed was to go grocery shopping.  Yep, I went without make up.  I'm living on the edge over here! :)

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: for weeks 37 to delivery (month 9) the baby is the size of a watermelon
Average size is 18.9 to 20.9 inches and 6.2 to 9.2 pounds.

Total weight gain/loss: +13.2

Gender: It's a boy! 

Movement: the same

Sleep: I've been having a hard time getting comfortable when I get in bed, so it takes me longer to fall asleep than I'd like.  Luckily, Olivia is a late sleeper!

What I miss: being comfortable

Cravings: oranges, chocolate, lunch meat

Symptoms: My back hurts. I'm overall achy and uncomfortable... you know, like most women in their last month of pregnancy ;)

Fun Purchases: nothing that I can think of this week

Surprises: lots of friends have been helping fill my freezer this week, so that is nice!

What I'm looking forward to: my next doctor's appointment

Milestones: I'm FULL TERM!!!!!!!!!!!

I had Olivia at 37 weeks, 4 days.  So far there is no reason for induction, so unless he decides to come on his own in the next few days, I will be pregnant for longer this time.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Big Sister Class

We have been talking about "baby Logan" for months now.  As I mentioned, we have also been reading books about being a big sister.  I think Olivia "gets" about as much as she is going to get at this point.  However, when I saw that our hospital was offering a class for big brothers and big sisters, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and take her to it.  This class was specifically for kids under the age of 3.  There were six kids in the class.

We did introductions.  Then the teacher asked some questions and talked about what to expect.  Things like babies only drink milk, they cry to tell us something because they can't talk yet, they sleep a lot, etc.  

Olivia didn't answer a single question.  She sat and observed the entire time.

Next up was a trip to the nursery.  There are more than one.  There weren't any babies in the one we visited, but the teacher still talked about the beds they would be put in and things like that that could be seen.

Then it was on to a room where the moms stay after the baby will be born.  She talked about having to wash your hands, and about how the mom will eat in there.  Things along those lines.

We headed back to the room and the teacher read a book to the kids about bringing another baby into the family.
The teacher had talked about how the mom and the baby have to have matching bracelets, so the siblings got to decorate a bracelet for themselves.

We wrote "Big Sister Olivia" on it.  She loved choosing all of the stickers.

You can't really tell, but she's showing off her bracelet on her wrist. :)

Hours later at dinner we discussed the class.  I asked her all of the questions the teacher talked about.  She answered each and every one correctly.  Then she said, "Well, that's what Logan is all about."

So she may not have spoken a word, but she obviously was paying attention.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Play Doh Fun

Olivia got some play doh tools for Christmas.  I have tons of play doh left from my teaching days.  Surprisingly, most of it is still good!  She has been begging to play with it since she opened the gift.  Of course, then I had to actually locate the play doh.  Luckily that was easier than expected.  It still sat around for a few days, but we finally broke it out and had a family play time after dinner one night last week.

Play doh is one of those things that parents either love (because it entertains their kids for a looong time) or hate (because it's messy!).  I see play doh as a tool.  It's so good for little ones.  It helps strengthen their hand muscles, which will help out later when it comes to things like using scissors and writing.  Olivia needs all of the motor skill help that she can get, which is why they play doh tools got put on the wish list in the first place! :)

Besides the Melissa and Doug tools, we had some cheap little dollar section cookie cutters from a while ago.  I have a whole bag of cookie cutter animals just for play doh, but going through my school boxes wasn't high on my priority list.

She really liked these scissors.  I tried to help her hold them properly, but that just wasn't happening.

Michael tried teaching her to roll it in a ball. :)

It's just going to keep getting more and more fun the older she gets!