Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Festival

Our church had a fall festival on Sunday night.  This was our first time attending, and it was much bigger than I had anticipated.  It went on for 3 hours.  We were to help out for the second hour, and we left after that, so the first hour was all about Olivia.  We headed straight to the toddler patch.

She played a few games.  Of course she is too small to know what was going on, but she had fun anyway.

 Back to fishing

 It sure is fun being one! No rules!

Cutest in the patch!

Saying hi to her friend Cammy

Next, she went on a pony ride.
This was all FREE!  So awesome!

She is all about horses say "neigh" and in line she was excited.
When I put her on the horse, she wasn't so sure.
I walked with her and a few steps in she gave me a look and a worried noise and I thought it was going to be all over.  But then that noise turned to a laugh.  I think she liked it.

There was a petting zoo too, but the line was a little long and since we had just done the farm the day before, we just skipped it.

Next up was the train ride.  She says "choo choo" when she sees a picture of a train, so we thought she'd enjoy it.  She did!

She ended the night with a wagon ride with her friend Cammy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Little Gym Halloween

So in case you aren't interested in seeing an adorable little giraffe, you may want to skip out on this week's posts.  By weeks end, we will have sported our cute outfit 3 times.  Of course, I have to share all of those experiences with you guys! :)

I love her costume!  She has gotten so many compliments on it already, and we haven't even gone trick or treating yet!  I actually saw this particular costume years ago and always thought it was so cute.  Last year I saw a little girl wearing it, and pointed out to Michael that I had always loved it.  When it came to picking out her costume for this year, I looked and looked online.  I wanted something that was a) super cute and b) something that would reflect that she's a toddler.  The days of princesses, super heros, and cartoon characters are ahead of us, I know.  But while she's still "a baby", I wanted her to look the part.  As I would search for a cute costume, I'd show Michael ones that I liked.  After showing him 5 or 6, we both agreed that the giraffe was the cutest.  Plus, we thought it was fitting since it's constantly brought up how tall she is.

The Little Gym had a Halloween party last week, and that was her first time to wear it.  She has been having some seperation anxiety lately, so she was unsure about the sitation in some of the pictures.

Checking out a little boy who use to be in her class--neither one were too sure of the other!

Climbing the obstacle course

Not sure if she wants to let go of mommy's hand--not because she can't climb, but because she doesn't want to be too far away!


She played a few games

She jumped on the air track, climbed through a tunnel, and screamed her way down the slide (that whole, not being held by mommy thing!).  Then she threw a fit when I tried to take her picture with her teacher.
She really does love Miss Christi!  I promise.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch-Take 2

We finally made our family trip to the local pumpkin farm.  Once again, Olivia loved it.
She decided to skip her morning nap, so she was zoning out towards the end but we still had fun.

Feeding the longhorn

and then goats

and the sheep
She giggled the whole time!  I got a really cute video.  I am going to have Michael get it on youtube and then I will upload it to the blog.

We had some food left for the cows, so it was back to feeding the longhorns for us. This time Olivia gave it a try.

Checking out the scenery

After a quick lunch, we checked out the hay maze.
Olivia was our guide. She seriously led us from the beginning to the exit without hitting any dead ends or wrong turns.  Michael said she must have my sense of direction.  I don't think I'm that good with directions.  He's just not good with them. :)
A lady near by commented that she was "a girl on a mission".  
That pretty much sums her up! :)

Don't mind the layers.  We are in need of a winter coat and a new hat/mittens.
I was waiting until it got cold so that I could get the right size.
It literally went from the 80's two days ago, to a gradual shift yesterday, to the high 50's today.
Thankfully her hat from last year still fit alright.  I have no idea how, since it's a 6 to 12 month hat.

More scenery


Boppa took her on the "train" ride while we waited for our turn on the hay ride.
By this point she was pretty tired.

Family picture while waiting to get on the hayride

 Yay for fun family days!  I love these two!