Friday, September 22, 2017

Raising a Dreamer

My sister's visit prompted Olivia to start talking about wanting to go to Ang's house.  I told her to add it to her list.  I meant her figurative list, because she's always talking about wanting to go to Cammy's house in Colorado.  I don't think anyone here is surprised to know that Olivia cut out a piece of paper, wrote a list, and taped it to her closet door.

I know it's a little hard to read, so I typed it out (fixing some spelling and adding some notes).

I want to go to:

Ang's house
the Statue of liberty
Cammy's house (Colorado)
Princess World (Disney)
And the beach!
Skype Grandma's house (Michael's mom)
The howling tornado and I'm not tall enough (Great Wolf Lodge slide that she couldn't ride)
Mexico with Paola
Back to Ohio!
Mount Rushmore
France! Paris! (For the Eiffel tower at night, but she didn't know how to spell it. ha!)
Another puppet show (she means children's theater)
Another great Chinese restaurant
Arizona (Grand Canyon)
Daddy daughter dance again
Minnesota (Ang's house)

Who wants to donate to her travel fund?!?! 😁😁  I'm pretty sure she'll be backpacking through Europe at 16 at this rate. 😉

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Logan's First Day of Preschool

Well, we're finishing up our third week of preschool, but better late than never right? ;)

I was going to skip the whole ice cream for dinner tradition, since we had just done it for Olivia's first day.  But she wasn't having it.  We ended up having ice cream for lunch since I had to take Ang to the airport and go to work the night before preschool.

Nothing gets past this one!

We didn't do anything too fancy for breakfast.  While we were at the store getting ice cream, Logan picked out some toasters strudels for his breakfast of choice.

He loves his big sister.  She was so excited for him, so that made him really excited for preschool.

Take this board with a grain of salt.  That's the first time I had ever heard red was his favorite color, and he was already changing his job of choice later that day.

Showing off his new BB8 backpack.

He was SO excited to have a back pack and a nap mat of his very own.

Seriously.  How cute is he?!?!?!?

Standing by his little cubby read to go in and conquer the day!

Michael had taken off a few days to extend his Labor day weekend, so it was actually just the 3 of us for a change.  We did a special lunch out with Olivia.  She wanted spring rolls and orange chicken. :)

School is going well.  The only thing the teacher has said so far is that he's sooooo quiet. Ha!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ang's Visit

My sister Ang came for a visit earlier this month, but apparently we were just too busy having fun because this is the only picture I got of her.

We did lots of shopping--some with kids and most without.

She suggested going to the park.  In Texas.  During the first week of September. 😂😂😂😂😂

We ended up at the little caboose in Allen for about 10 minutes before we all were dying of heat.

We also checked out The Star in Frisco.  We hadn't been yet.

It's the practice field for the Cowboys and also used by the Frisco High Schools.

Olivia was over the heat.

Love these 3 goofs!

Besides lots of games with the kids, shopping, melting in the heat, and relaxing, we also got our nails done and ate some yummy food!  Thanks for visiting Ang!  See you in 6 months! :)

Friday, September 1, 2017


Our last summer Life Group family night out was to a rollerskating rink!  Our friends have family that own a rink somewhat nearby.  It's been in their family for years, and they were nice enough to let us have the place to ourselves for a few hours!

Olivia was super excited!  She heard us throwing out ideas months ago, and when she heard she got to go skating she was thrilled.  She waited patiently all summer for it to finally be the day!

Logan's little skates = LOVE! So cute!

That had the little pushers to help the kids out.  It was still a bit of a challenge.  I ended up having to help skate with Logan most of the time.  I was really proud of Olivia though, because she stuck it out longer than any of the other kids.

They did allow the kids to bring their scooters.  After one time around in skates, Logan opted for shoes and scooter instead.  He did put the skates on again later, but only briefly.

I didn't actually get a ton of pictures, because I was SKATING!  I didn't want to fall on my phone, so I left it at the table.  All the adults were living our glory days and had a blast skating together.

Only half our crew was able to make it, but it was still a blast.  It was so fun to be able to take the kids, because it's not likely something we would seek out to do.

Love these kids and their parents!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

"You gotta try new foods, cuz it might taste gooooood"

If you've ever seen Daniel Tiger, then you know the song I'm referencing.  
We bring that up a lot at our house!

We ended up at a different market the other night.  Everyone was in awe of some of the strange looking foods.  So we decided to get a few and give them a try.
We have had a big struggle around here lately with eating more fruits and vegetables.  Especially from a certain brown eyed boy.  So we thought making it fun would help.

We had a starfruit, a dragon fruit, a papaya, and a pepino melon.

Olivia chose the pepino melon, and she couldn't wait to try it!  It tasted a bit like honeydew. 

Who knew there was such a thing as a black and white fruit?!?!  Not us!

Michael liked the starfruit the best.  Logan only tried about 2 of them, and I'm not sure he enjoyed any.  Olivia and I both liked the papaya the best (which was not surprising).

It was a fun little family night activity.  Then we took the fruit that was leftover and threw it in our spinach smoothie.  Perfect!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


On Saturday we headed out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to go on a family hike.
Because of Hurricane Harvey (down south), the weather in our area had cooled off a little.

I'm really looking forward to fall weather when we can get out more!

They loved throwing rocks in any water we came across.

Trying to learn how to skip rocks

It started to rain, so we stopped under a shelter for a picnic lunch.

They played on the playground for a bit.  We had been there for a few hours.  I assumed we would head home, but Olivia wanted "more adventure!".  So we set out for another hike.
Who knew cactus grew here? We were a little surprised.

It was nice to find, point out, and observe all sorts of aspects of nature.

I spy a pretty butterfly.


We made it up to a high look out spot.  So fun!

These two.  They just did this ll on their own.  Love them!

We were there from 11 until nearly 3.  Now that's a hike! 😉