Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heart Sun Catcher

It's time to make it look like Valentine's Day around here!  Olivia made a simple sun catcher earlier this week.  This is by no means a new concept.  In fact, I posted about two different ones that I made with Little Man four years ago (wow!).

I cut out a heart from construction paper.  Then I stuck it to some contact paper.  Thankfully I had some "Valentine's" colored tissue paper.  I cut that into squares and she got to work!

She looks thrilled, huh?!  She actually did enjoy making it.  She couldn't wait for Boppa to come up for lunch so she could show him.  She just couldn't figure out how to hold it so I could get a picture of her face and the heart, so she was less than impressed with me  and my picture taking skills. :)

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