Sunday, January 19, 2014

Play Doh Fun

Olivia got some play doh tools for Christmas.  I have tons of play doh left from my teaching days.  Surprisingly, most of it is still good!  She has been begging to play with it since she opened the gift.  Of course, then I had to actually locate the play doh.  Luckily that was easier than expected.  It still sat around for a few days, but we finally broke it out and had a family play time after dinner one night last week.

Play doh is one of those things that parents either love (because it entertains their kids for a looong time) or hate (because it's messy!).  I see play doh as a tool.  It's so good for little ones.  It helps strengthen their hand muscles, which will help out later when it comes to things like using scissors and writing.  Olivia needs all of the motor skill help that she can get, which is why they play doh tools got put on the wish list in the first place! :)

Besides the Melissa and Doug tools, we had some cheap little dollar section cookie cutters from a while ago.  I have a whole bag of cookie cutter animals just for play doh, but going through my school boxes wasn't high on my priority list.

She really liked these scissors.  I tried to help her hold them properly, but that just wasn't happening.

Michael tried teaching her to roll it in a ball. :)

It's just going to keep getting more and more fun the older she gets!

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