Monday, January 20, 2014

Big Sister Class

We have been talking about "baby Logan" for months now.  As I mentioned, we have also been reading books about being a big sister.  I think Olivia "gets" about as much as she is going to get at this point.  However, when I saw that our hospital was offering a class for big brothers and big sisters, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and take her to it.  This class was specifically for kids under the age of 3.  There were six kids in the class.

We did introductions.  Then the teacher asked some questions and talked about what to expect.  Things like babies only drink milk, they cry to tell us something because they can't talk yet, they sleep a lot, etc.  

Olivia didn't answer a single question.  She sat and observed the entire time.

Next up was a trip to the nursery.  There are more than one.  There weren't any babies in the one we visited, but the teacher still talked about the beds they would be put in and things like that that could be seen.

Then it was on to a room where the moms stay after the baby will be born.  She talked about having to wash your hands, and about how the mom will eat in there.  Things along those lines.

We headed back to the room and the teacher read a book to the kids about bringing another baby into the family.
The teacher had talked about how the mom and the baby have to have matching bracelets, so the siblings got to decorate a bracelet for themselves.

We wrote "Big Sister Olivia" on it.  She loved choosing all of the stickers.

You can't really tell, but she's showing off her bracelet on her wrist. :)

Hours later at dinner we discussed the class.  I asked her all of the questions the teacher talked about.  She answered each and every one correctly.  Then she said, "Well, that's what Logan is all about."

So she may not have spoken a word, but she obviously was paying attention.

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