Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Good Find--Kraft

I haven't shared any good finds recently, but I think I have one that some of you might like.  Now, if you are on some kind of New Years diet that includes only milking the goats yourself or drying out your own bread crumbs, then this post isn't for you.  I don't mock you.  I want to be you.  I just can't at this point.

So even though I would love to make everything from scratch with only the freshest ingredients, sometimes convenience and budget take over.

That is where these two little gems come in.  I read about these Fresh Take packs on a friends blog quite a while ago.  They run around $2.  The pack is separated into two sides.  One has some type of bread crumb and the other side has some sort of cheese blend.  There are many flavors and I think we've tried them all over the last year or two.  You can use them on fish, chicken, or pork.

 That's not the reason why I'm sharing this though.  They are nice and convenient and an easy way to spice up your meat.  But inside each label there are alternative ways to use packet.  For this particular flavor, there is a recipe for meatballs.   You basically just mix the packet with a pound of meat and bake in the oven for 18 minutes.  I have made this multiple times now, and each time I make it Michael comments on how much he likes the meatballs.  We just had the leftovers again last week and he even made a comment when eating the reheated-in-the-microwave meatballs.  That's pretty high praise for him!

These packets are found in the fridge section near the shredded cheeses.

Totally unrelated---Michael saw a commercial for something that was made with Pilsbury biscuits.  He mentioned that he would like to try it.  I made it, but neither of us really liked it.  It reminded me, though, that some of these manufacturers have recipes on their sites.  So I was looking around on Kraft's website and found a recipe for creamy lasagna roll ups that sounded good.

Of course they want you to use their products.  If it's something I can get for cheaper (like shredded cheese), then I obviously do. But sometimes you have to use what they call for.  This recipe called for this cooking creme.  The reviews said that people were having a hard time finding it in stores.  The Wal-mart near me did not have it, but I found it at Meijer.  They had two flavors and they were on sale, so I picked both up.

The lasagna rolls used the Italian cheese and herb. They were pretty good.  Olivia LOVED them.  I would make them again.

The other flavor I got was the savory garlic.  It had a recipe on the side for a pot pie.  You literally just mix the tub of creme with some cooked chicken, a bag of frozen veggies, and then put a pie crust on top.  It was so easy and we all really liked it.  Again, Michael commented on how good it was.  He was also impressed with how well it reheated in the microwave.  Based on his reviews I have made it twice now.  I'm pretty sure it is going to go on the "easy meals to make after Logan's arrival" list.

**I am not being paid by Kraft to share this.  My husband will pretty much eat whatever I put in front of him. But when he likes something, I pay attention.  He really liked these meals, so I am sharing.**

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