Sunday, January 12, 2014

Olivia's Room

Olivia's room is the only room in the whole entire house that is completely done.  Most of the rooms are unpacked and put together, but they aren't decorated.  Her room is the only one that has anything hanging on the walls.

We went back and forth on what to do for her "big girl room".  Originally we thought we'd be putting her in a queen bed, so I searched and searched for "toddler like" queen bedding.  That was quite the task.  I finally found what I was looking for, and then we chose a house where a queen bed wouldn't work. 

The bedding I had chosen did come in toddler bedding, so we almost went that route.  But there were 2 reasons why I decided to go with the owls.  1--it was the same colors as her nursery and most of her bird decor would still work.  That would be a huge savings.  2--this whole house has khaki builders paint.  We would love to paint every single room.  We are allowed to, but we don't want to put a ton into a house that is just a rental.  So when I saw that I could do the tree, I figured that would add more bang for our buck than some paint.  And we all know Olivia loves trees. :)

Three of the bedrooms are upstairs.  Hers is the first you come to.
The view from the door.  Yes, we are still using black out curtains.  They may not be the prettiest, but they are so worth it to me!

We bought the bed, mattress, bedding and dresser.  The tree decal(s) were a Christmas gift from her grandma.  Everything else are things we already had from the nursery.

I was going through some boxes and found those metal owl decorations from her birthday party.  I had painted them white for the party, but I might repaint them a different color and use them in her room.  For now they are just sitting on her dresser.

The door that you see across the hall is the kids bath.  It's actually the guest bath too (as far as showering goes), but the guest bedroom is downstairs.

Her bows are behind her door.  Oh, and a little hedgehog friend. :)

Thankfully she really likes her room.  She will sit up there by herself and read her books, or just sit in her bed and play with her friends.  Sometimes it's a struggle at night because she gets out of bed and wants to put every single book in her bed and every single friend too.  But I don't want to take them out of her room.  I like that she has her own space that actually reflects her and that she can enjoy.

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