Monday, January 13, 2014


When I was pregnant with Olivia I was soaking up all sorts of knowledge.  I was reading, listening, and people were sharing.  One of the little tidbits I gleaned from all of that was to buy a recliner instead of a glider.  The reasoning was that A) it would be more comfortable both while pregnant and after, B) you could sleep in it if necessary, and C) it could then later be used as a functioning piece of furniture.  Some of the nicer gliders and ottomans out there are hundreds of dollars, so the thought was to put that money into a piece of furniture that you could use in your living space for years.  A friend of mine already had 2 kids and she was pretty set on this opinion.  It made sense to Michael and I, and since we had just moved to a new state and a new place it also worked with our living situation.  The recliner was purchased and to this day it is where I sit 95% of the time.

However, this time around things are a little different.  Our house is a split level.  It's not the kind where you walk in and immediately have to go up or down.  You walk in to the main level.  The main level is the living, dining and kitchen area.  You go up off of the living room about 8 stairs and the three bedrooms are up there.  You can also go down from the living room about 8 stairs and that is the family room, spare bedroom (Michael's office), laundry room and a half bath.  (You can even go down a few more stairs to an unfinished part of the basement.)

All that to say, if I want to sit in a chair for middle of the night feedings, I would have to walk with Logan all the way through the upstairs and down TWO flights of stairs to get to the recliner.  It's a main piece of our family room furniture now, so moving it upstairs wasn't really an option.

I really just wanted to get a glider and ottoman to use.  This is definitely our last kid, so I didn't want to invest hundreds in a new one.  I've been scoping out online sites for used ones.  Even then, our budget is pretty tight right now, so I was thinking that this was going to be one of those things that I would have to compromise on.

Thankfully, a really comfy looking one (some of them look like you are sitting on the thinnest piece of cushion possible!) came up on one of the Facebook sites I frequent.  It was out of our price range, so I noted it but didn't even say anything to Michael about it.  Then a week later it was re-listed at a cheaper price.  Around the same time we got some Christmas money in the mail.  Merry Christmas to me!

I didn't really care about the color because I knew it would be in our bedroom where no one would see it.  It's tannish brown color and is in really good shape.  It's super comfortable too.  Thankful for good finds!

I threw together a little breastfeeding table with an extra TV tray we had.  I covered it with a small table cloth, put a very small/dim lamp on there and a little tote with water, snacks, and burp clothes.  I have a drawer in the end table that is next to the recliner filled with the same things.  I think I'm ready for breastfeeding 2.0.  Hopefully it goes better this time!

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