Saturday, January 4, 2014

Window Clings

Olivia got some window clings from the dollar spot at Target in her stocking.  Earlier this week it was snowing during breakfast, so afterwards I asked her if she wanted to put her snowflakes on the window.  She thought this was a great idea! :)

Of course there was an immediate comment about how they were blue--Boppa's favorite color.

I told her she could show him when it was time for lunch.

And she responded with, "Oh, he will love it!"

There was discussion about each snowflake as it went up.  She particularly liked the small ones.

I tried to get her to stand in front of the finished product so I could take a picture.  Instead she started doing these weird poses.  Silly girl.

The window cling fun is all over.  What's next? Smashing our face against the glass.

Admiring her work.

These snowflakes have been rearranged and placed in random places of the house.  It's the gift that keeps on giving. ;)

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  1. She must have done better than Sadie because I have her some snowflake window gel clings as part of her advent calendar during the ice storm & she put them on the back door while she watched it snow outside. The correct activity only lasted for part of the day & then I started finding parts of the snowflakes all over the house & ended up throwing them away :( Maybe next year they will last longer!