Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Typical Olivia.

We were watching a Veggie Tales movie one Friday afternoon and Michael came out and joined us.  Olivia fell asleep half way through.  This never happens!  Or I should say, she never use to fall asleep anywhere but her bed.  But now that she's not napping as she should, she falls asleep in random places.  Michael was pleased, because she's not a cuddler.

It appears that I do not need to teach color sorting.

Catching some air

Pretty girl

It drives me crazy that she won't nap, because I know she's not getting enough sleep.
Sometimes if I nap with her in our bed, she will actually fall asleep.  She enjoys sleeping with my snoogle (pregnancy pillow).  Sleepy head!


 I don't need a nap anymore.  I'm not tired!  MmHmm...

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