Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yesterday's Doctor's Appointment (37w1d)

My appointment started off as usual.

*I lost a pound according to their scale.

*My blood pressure was 126/84.  
This is much higher than it was last visit, but still within my range of normal.

Then I went into my room to wait for my doctor.  She came in and said, "You lost a pound at 37 weeks.  How did you manage that?"  I told her that I had no idea!

She listened to Logan's heart beat, but we were talking so I never did hear what it was. While she was looking she made a comment that it was way over on my left side.  I told her that is where he is hanging out.  If I lay down on my left side, I can feel him move and kick.  If I roll over to my right side, I NEVER feel him.  With Olivia (and yes, I am comparing because that is the only other pregnancy I know) when I rolled over, so did her kicks and punches.

We discussed that he doesn't move nearly as much as Olivia does and that I actually have to pay attention to his movements.  I never did kick counts with Olivia, because she was a wild child and on the move a lot.  She said that we should probably do a non stress test (NST) to check it out and make sure all is well.

I measured exactly at 37 weeks.

She checked me and I am at a 3 cm.  I went into the hospital to be induced with Olivia at 2 cm, so this is new territory for me.  Although, I do know that I can walk around at a 3 for weeks....

Even though I am a 3, he is still VERY high up there.  So high that she couldn't tell if he was head down or not.  She said that if I would go into labor now, she would be a little concerned about his positioning.  She gave me some suggestions for how to position myself to try to let gravity make him move into the right place.

She asked me how I felt compared to last time.  I said that I looked bigger, I felt bigger, and that I was way more uncomfortable this time around.  Then she dropped a bomb on me that "usually the mom knows" and he could be a really large baby, but that she has no reason at this point to induce me.  I am so naive.  This whole time I have thought that by gaining half the weight, measuring on track, and having no other health issues would mean that I would likely have a "normal" size baby.  (Olivia's weight was normal, but it wouldn't have been had I gone full term.)  So now I am worried that I am going to have a huge baby with torticollis because he is only hanging out on the left side of my belly.

That wrapped up our appointment.  I was suppose to get dressed and head over to the NST room.

Then things took a turn.  I got off the table and it was pretty much covered in blood.  It didn't appear to be stopping either, so I had to open the door a crack and call out for some help.  I couldn't even see anyone, but since I wasn't dressed from the bottom half down I just called out.  A nurse came and got me a pad.  Meanwhile, my doctor is talking to me down the hall about my iron levels.  Really?  Finally I tell her that I have no idea what she is saying to me because I am bleeding all over the place.  She says, "Let me see."  She comes in and says, "Oh my.  Yes.  That is more than normal.  Well, I guess it's a good thing we are doing a NST on you."

So a whole lot of trips to the bathroom later (one with a nurse to check my pad and wiping--very glamorous), and a good NST scan, I got sent home.  She said that she thinks she may have just stretched my cervix too much or tweaked a blood vessel and that it should stop.  But that I could bleed for another day or so and I will be sore and crampy.

Needless to say, if I hadn't already planned on taking it easy until Logan's arrival, this would have pushed me in that direction no matter what!


I was talking to a friend on the phone who is also pregnant.  We were swapping pregnancy stories and I said that this is number 785 why I am DONE having kids.  She just laughed and said, "Well that is because you will remember all of this.  I, on the other hand, will forget in two years when it's time to have another.  Please don't remind me."  I laughed and promised her that I would let her live in her naive little world for baby number 3, but that I had no plans of joining her.

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