Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Snow!

Our weekend plans got thwarted by a snow storm.  We woke up to snow yesterday and everyone who was out the roads were reporting that they were bad.  It continued to snow most of the day.  We decided to stay in and keep warm. Being 9 months pregnant and having a toddler didn't make me want to venture out at all.

We woke up this morning with more snow coming down!  I thought I had originally heard it was suppose to be 1 to 3 inches total.  We definitely got more than that!  We are at least 6 inches and it is still going.

Michael decided he wanted to take Olivia out to play in it.  They had grand plans to make a snowman, but it is not packing snow at all!

I bought Olivia some snow pants at Once Upon a Child soon after we moved back.  I never did get her a puffy coat though.  Since it can't be worn in the car seat, I generally forget that I could use one.  Her coats aren't really big enough to go over the snow pants, so we just put layer upon layer upon layer on her and then put a sweatshirt on over.  I told her that she looked like a pink marshmellow.  She thought that was hilarious and kept saying it.

She didn't know what to do!

She just wanted Boppa to help her walk in it.

Michael got the shovel and cleared a little area so she could at least move around.
She took a broom and was sweeping it around.

Michael showed her how to make a snow angel.

She gave it a try.  Only she didn't move her arms or her legs.  She just laid there and laughed.

I went in after that, but I did put some colored water in some bottles for them to play with.

I could hear her from inside talking about "blue is Boppa's favorite color and pink is mommy's favorite color".  I think she enjoyed the colored snow.

She started "throwing" snow in Michael's face and then laughed hysterically.

That pretty much summed up their snow play.  Her cheeks were bright red and it didn't take long to get cold, so they were back in within a half hour.

We are currently on a level 2 snow emergency, so we have no plans to go anywhere today either.

Tomorrow's temps are going to get down into the negative numbers and I've heard that the windchill could get as low as -22 degrees tomorrow night.  Honestly, I'm not planning on leaving the house until my doctor's appoint on Wednesday if I don't have to.

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