Friday, January 10, 2014

Doctor's Appointment

Due to the "polar vortex", I didn't really make myself presentable this week.  I knew I wasn't leaving the house, so why bother?  I did shower, but that is about as far as I got. :)  After church on Sunday, I pretty much wore pajamas or lounge wear until I had to leave the house for my appointment yesterday.  So since I was dressed, I figured I'd get a 35 week picture taken. :)

 My doctor was on vacation, so I saw one of her colleagues.  She was really nice.  It was short and sweet as usual.  She asked me if I was expecting another big baby.  I said, "No, but Dr. King apparently is."  Then she made a comment about how I obviously didn't have any trouble pushing out an 8 1/2 pound baby since it's in the notes that I pushed her out in 4 pushes.  Nope.  I sure didn't.  I was just sitting here thinking, "how is it that I'm having my second child and I'm still wondering what a true contraction feels like?".  I fully expect that will be remedied this time around. :/

              *According to their scale I did gain a few pounds from my last appointment.  They don't tell me a total gained though, since the first half of my pregnancy was measured at a different doctor's office.  We pretty much go off of my at home weigh ins when we discuss the total amount gained.

*My blood pressure was 100/77.  That is lower than it has been, but still pretty normal for me.

*I am measuring between 35 and 36 weeks, which is right on track.

*Logan's heart rate was in the 140's.

*I got my group B strep test done.  I will find out the results of that in 48 hours.
It's pretty standard.  If I don't have it, then all is well.  If I do, then I will need antibiotics at delivery.

*I had my first internal check.  I am "1 centimeter and a wiggle".  How gross does that sound?  Let's just say 1 centimeter and call it a day!  I am also 50% effaced.  The doctor said "my cervix is exactly where it should be".

*I asked about the belly button pain.  She said that as long as I am not having any bleeding or leaking, then she doesn't know what it is and it's probably fine.  That is pretty much what I expected the answer to be, which is why I didn't call about it.

That pretty much sums it up.  My next appointment is the 22nd.

Oh, and I had to make my last payment and discuss some things with the finance lady.  I asked if she knew if my OB did circumcisions and how much it would cost (it's not covered under my insurance).  She said that my doctor did not do them and that the pediatrician would.  UGH!!!  OB's are surgeons.  Pediatricians are not.  Now I have to look further into that delightful tasks. :(

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