Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gingerbread House Decorating

Since our Christmas Eve plans of building a gingerbread house got put on hold, we decided to go ahead and make it a New Year's Day activity.  The one good thing about waiting until almost Christmas day to buy the kit is that it was on sale.  I got the Mickey Mouse one, because it was the closest one to looking like a house.  Well, and cheapest too. :)

Please excuse the mess in the background.  We had been unpacking earlier.
And yes, we are using a folding table as our table and chairs.  We sold ours before we moved and haven't purchased a new one yet.

Olivia really wanted to eat the candy.  In an effort to avoid her eating all of the decorations, we let her eat some of the M&M's that came in her stocking.

Pleased with her house!

She pretty much knew right what to do when it came to decorating.

After she finished the top, I was adding frosting to the side.  She had a little gas and said, "What was that?  Did that come out of me?"  Then she plugged her nose and said, "P-U! I stink!"  She's a character...

Choosing her colors carefully.  She was enjoying the orange pieces.

Intently watching me add the icing.

Finishing up the last side.

The final product!

I'm glad we got to do this.  Even if it was late.  I look forward to making this a yearly tradition.  Hopefully it will be part of our advent activities and not towards the end of the season.  Either way, memories were made! :)

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