Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Crafts

While I was searching for pictures for my C.O.S.I. post, I came across a craft that I don't think I shared.  It is actually from about two years ago when Little Man had just turned 3.  It was long before I started blogging, so the picture was just taken for my own memory.  Hence the reason it is hanging with the kitchen utensils. :)  Either way, I thought some of you with little ones might want a quick wintery craft idea.  

Simple Snowman Head
This literally took about 5 minutes.  Little man cut out the circles and glued on the eyes and nose.  He then drew a mouth.  We used a pipe cleaner and huge pom poms to make ear muffs.  I remember he thought the pom poms were pretty cool. :)

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