Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's A...............


Yes, I was shocked just as I said I would be.

I have a little secret though... we actually found out on Friday.
Remember how I said that Michael couldn't make it to yesterday's appointment because of his new job?  Well it was really important to him to be there.  So we called one of those places that does 3D/4D elective ultrasounds.  Not only do they do the 3D ones, but they also do (cheaper) 2D ones for "gender reveals".  We would have gone a little earlier, but Friday was the first appointment they had that we could make.  Yes, we paid for an ultra sound 4 days before we would normally find out.  It was worth it to Michael, so neither of us minded spending the $65.

At Friday's appointment she was NOT cooperating... AGAIN!  I kept having to turn on my side, then back to my back... jiggle my stomach...turn to other side, then back to my back.  Finally the lady said she was 90% sure, but needed to confirm it.  When she said that, I was pretty sure it was a girl.  Then she asked me what I thought it was.  The baby was sitting spread eagle.  I said, "Well, this whole time I thought it was a boy, but I am certainly not seeing anything to indicate that it's a boy".  She said, "No, this is most likely a baby girl".  She then explained that you don't determine it's a girl just by looking for the absence of a penis.  You actually have to see two white lines--the clitoris and libia.  I never knew!  Finally she said she saw the two white lines and was positive it was a girl.

 We chose to keep it a secret because A) everyone was expecting to hear Tuesday anyway, and B) we wanted confirmation.  I'm actually really glad we found out Friday and I'm also really glad we chose to wait.  I think I needed those few days to adjust to the idea.  It's not that I didn't want a girl.  In fact, for the first 28 years of my life I said I only wanted girls.  Somewhere over the coarse of the last two years God changed my heart.  I guess that, coupled with having no morning sickness, is sort of why I thought it was a boy.  We are both perfectly happy with a girl.  Michael is actually thrilled.  I just had to take a day to wrap my mind around it.  I have only been looking at boy bedding... only been looking at boy clothes... I even went on etsy looking for a boy hat.  I figured if the girls got all the cute bows and headbands that my boy needed a cute hat. (I found an owl one I loved!)  It did sink in though and we are already collecting girl clothes, shoes and bows! :)

Yesterday's appointment went good.  It did start out a little painful though!  They told me to drink 24 oz of water before arriving.  I did.  I probably had more than that, plus the milk from my cereal.  I peed before I left the house, but by the time I got to the Dr. I had to go SO BAD.  I asked if I could go an the lady told me no, I needed a full bladder.  Another lady and I were both complaining about needing to go.  Finally I said it hurt too bad and I was just going to go.  As I was walking back the lady that does the sonogram was coming to get me.  She said she'd check and see.  She took one look and said, "Oh yes, you can pee.  It's plenty full."  Whew!  

The sonogram went good.  She said everything was measuring correctly and that the baby weighed 11 oz.  "exactly what it should weigh".  Perfect!  She confirmed that it was a girl.  She also mentioned the two white lines.  She said she has been doing this for 25 years and taught it at the college level for 16 years.  If this baby is not a girl, I will never believe another sonogram again! :)  As of right now she is breech.  (She was not breech on Friday.  On Friday she was facing the right direction and practically had her feet in her face!)  She said that my placenta is also a little low--about an inch maybe.  She said it is not covering the cervix and is nothing to worry  about at this point.  Because the baby is breech she could just be pushing the placenta down a little.  All could move back as it should without a problem.  She said it just mean that I have to have another sonogram at 28 weeks to see what's going on.  Sure, I'll take another peek! :)

Then I saw the nurse practitioner.  She was super nice.  She said everything looks good.  She said my weight gain was good and my blood pressure was good.  I had gotten blood drawn last time to check out my thyroid.  I had never heard back, which you assume means it's good, but since I have a family history of thyroid problems and pregnancy can cause such issues, I asked.  It turns out my levels are slightly elevated and they are putting me on a very low dose of medicine.  This could be the reason I am lacking energy.

Sorry for the book, but I know inquiring minds want to know! :)

Oh, and we are naming her

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