Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bedding Update

Thanks for your help and opinions when it came to the baby bedding.  You pretty much confirmed what I was already thinking.  (I also talked it through with a few of you, so not all opinions were in the comment section.)  I decided to go with my original plan, which was the cherry blossoms.
It really is me.  I love it!  Like some of you mentioned, I had already been thinking of crafty ways to decorate it.  I'm pretty confident that I can come up with something.  Plus, there won't really be a "nursery" until she is about 6 months--God willing we get a house--so everything room related would just have to be stored anyway.  I'm going to keep watching out for the mobile and put it on my target registry if it comes back in stock.

Other ideas I have are:

Just finding a rug and lamp somewhere like Home Goods.  I'm fine with everything NOT being matchy matchy.  I'm sure there are plenty of cute lamps out there.  Also, who knows what her room will actually look like.  It's hard to know what accessories you will need for a room you don't even have yet.

I have been wanting to paint some sort of design on a wall for a while now.  I found some appliques on etsy that are suppose to match the bedding, but I didn't love them.  I plan on painting some sort of branch with flowers and birds to match.  I think it will be super cute!

Something like these (in the appropriate colors) are on my list!

I also think a collection of white bird cages would be adorable.  Bird houses and bird cages are so popular these days.  I'm not sure what I would put in them, but I think they would go.
(not quite as fru fru as these, but the best picture I could find)

I also would like to do something like this, but maybe with birds and cherry blossoms.  
I'm pretty sure I could do it myself. :)

Of course, I'll do something with her name or initials.  I don't think I'll do the painted letters above the bed.  It's cute, but "so last year". ;)  I'm thinking of decorating an O all fancy.  Or I might do some sort of framed art with her name.  We'll see.  I saw a blogger do a whole wall of E's for her son (different sizes, colors and textures).  It was cute.  Not sure how a whole wall of O's would look though. :)

Now... just waiting for the room to decorate and the little girl to fill it.

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