Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Man and Baby

I keep getting asked what Little Man thinks of the baby.  First of all, he LOVES babies.  He has enjoyed playing with his friends baby siblings on play dates.  He likes to be helpful--giving them toys or pacifiers, making sure they don't crawl or walk where they aren't suppose to, wanting to feed them, etc.  He will also walk up to almost anyone with a baby and say, "That's such a cute baby".  If he sees a baby on TV he'll even turn to me and say how cute it is.  He just really loves babies.

I don't think he quite understands that Olivia will be coming to his house every day once she arrives. However, I think he's excited to see her.  He thought it was a girl from the very beginning.  He is use to babies being girls (his cousin and a friend that we went on a bunch of play dates with).  I think people would assume he wanted a little boy to play with, but I think he's actually happier that it's a girl.

Funny things he has said or done so far:

*He keeps asking when my baby is going to "hatch". LOL!  I keep telling him I am not laying an egg, but for whatever reason, he can't get it hatching out of his head.

*He says things like, "are you suppose to be drinking that?" and "babies like chocolate".  He thinks he's a baby expert.

*He can't wait to go swimming with her in his pool (too bad he doesn't realize it will be a long time before that happens!).

*He is already planning on teaching her how to play Star Wars.

*He asked me if the babies arm was in my arm. :)  I told him no, that her arm was with the rest of her body--in my belly.  I told him to tell her hi.  He leaned down and said hi, but then decided that would not work.  Then he told me to open my mouth and got really close and screamed in my open mouth, "HI BABY, MY NAME IS (LITTLE MAN)".  His voice cracked a little though, so he decided she didn't really hear him.  Then he did it again.  Cracked me up!

*Also, he had asked me (before we knew it was a girl) what it would look like.  I said I didn't know yet.  Then I asked him what he thought it would look like.  He said he thinks it's going to look like him.  I told K, he's in for the shock of his life when she comes out bald and pale. :)

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