Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Talk Registry...

Finding out the sex of the baby soon + having a baby shower date set (April 16th) = time to register!

Hopefully we'll be registering in the next few weeks.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I know some people find it overwhelming, but I think it will be enjoyable.  I already told you that I've done a lot of research.  I spent an entire Saturday afternoon researching some items and making a list of what I wanted to register for at Target and what I wanted to register for at Babies R Us. 

Some things I absolutely know I want.  I have a pretty good knowledge on kids things.  I've done a lot of reading and research.  I pay attention to what people say. On the other hand, there are some things I'm not sure of.  That's where you come in! :)  Consumer Reports: The Best Baby Products was also pretty helpful.

For example, Consumer Reports recommends a bath tub with a sling.  It says it holds newborns better.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone use a baby bath tub with a sling.  I've never seen anyone receive one at a shower either (at least that I can remember).  I never would have thought it was important. We've pretty much decided that bath time will be Michael's deal (unless his work schedule prevents it).  Therefore, anything that can make him feel more comfortable is worth it to me.
On the other hand, CR said those cart covers are not a good idea.  They are cute and all, I'll give you that.  The main purpose is for baby comfort and to protect from germs.  Most people use them to protect from germs.  CR reported that they are actually worse than just sticking your baby in the cart!
They collect all the germs of the cart and can keep them in the cloth even after washing.  So if you wanted to use one, you'd have to wash it after every use.  That seems like a lot of work.  I've also heard a lot of moms say it was just one more thing to have to carry around and worry about and it was a hassle.  Normally, I probably would have put one of these on the registry.  Now I won't.  CR said it's much better just to wipe the cart off with a wipe that most stores provide.  Michael already does that, so I think we'll be OK.

I'll be registering for a boppy for sure.  Although I haven't been thrilled with the selection of boppy covers recently.  I'm hoping they break out something cute soon! :)
I've bought boppy covers for others before, and I know they were cute!

Other things I've heard are a must have: a bumbo, a bouncer, a gym/activity mat and a miracle blanket.

Of course there are a ton more items we are registering for.  
Here are my questions for all of you...

*What is something you registered for and didn't really use?

*What is something you wish you would have registered for, but didn't?

*What is/was your favorite baby item?

*I've heard not to register for blankets because you end up getting 50 anyway. True?

*I know they say babies are all different and opinionated--some love the swing, while others hate it... some love the bouncer, while others hate it... I've heard the same is true about bottles and nipples.  CR recommends using silicone nipples only.  Babies (and adults for that matter) can develop an allergy to latex.  So here is my question--register for one type of bottle and hope it works, or register for a few starter kits just to be covered?  I will be breastfeeding, so ones I'm thinking of are Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature and The First Years Breastflow.  These are suppose to be closest to a breast nipple.  CR recommends Playtex VentAire Advanced, BornFree and Nuby Non-Drip.  Anyone have a preference? 

*Also, thoughts on a carrier/sling?  I really can't picture myself (or Michael, for that matter) wearing one.  I mean a Moby sounds like it might be convenient, but I'm just not sure I'll use it.  Do you have a carrier or sling?  Do you love it? Should I get one? And if so, which one?

Thanks for your help! :)


  1. Hey -
    1. We had a bathtub with a sling - I had never heard of it either, but ours came with one, and we did actually use it and enjoy it. I feel like it is much easier with a newborn to have the sling!
    2. We didn't register for the cart cover, but we were given one and I used it maybe twice - I agree that it's more of a pain almost than anything? When you're by yourself and trying to wrestle your purse, the diaper bag, & the baby, it's not always easy to get it set up and it's just more to keep track of!
    3. Boppy - a necessity - enough said! :)
    4.My children personally didn't use a Bumbo much at all - not sure why, but neither really cared for it too much.
    5. I couldn't live without a good bouncy seat. Both of my girls had issues with spitting up and they took a lot of naps (and even all night!) in it. I felt more comfortable with them being at a slight angle.
    6.I believe it's true that you get 50 blankets! haha but we didn't necessarily get a lot of receiving blankets - we got more quilts and stuff that family members made specifically for our girls. we still don't even use them all!!
    7. Our girls used the playtex bottles with the drop-ins or avent bottles. They did more playtex when they were small and graduated to the Avent ones. The only drawback to those is that they are pretty big and take longer for the baby to learn to hold on their own! My girls did not like the playtex ventaire ones, as the nipple was so tiny compared to some other ones we had used - so maybe they just couldn't get used to it?
    8. We were given a carrier and I think I tried to use it one time - Maylin screamed like crazy, so I took it off after 10 minutes and that was the end of that! haha Plus I didn't find it to be comfortable and I felt like I wouldn't be able to get anything done wearing it..
    9. Two of my favorite baby things are the sleep sacks - not necessarily just the Halo ones where you can swadle (although those are great for the beginning), but just the normal pajama sleep sack. And also one of the mirrors for the car so you can see your baby while driving! It worked better for us when we only had Maylin as we put her in the middle of the backseat, and once we had two, I couldn't see as well, but I enjoyed it very much the first time around! :)

    Ok - seriously - I just wrote a book - but you asked a lot of questions! haha And I just love baby stuff - registering is tons of fun! :) Can't wait to see what you decide to register for!!


  2. fun stuff! Never seen the sling in the tub but it looks like a great idea! Although I don't have my own kids, I've gone through most of it with Pete and I can say a bouncy seat that you can sit on the counter while you make dinner is a MUST! Pete loved his exersaucer and johnny jump up... great for a change of scenery. Other than one to sleep with, Pete never used blankets. I tried putting them on the floor for him to play on but that didn't last long. They are on the move before you know it. I used the baby bjorn and loved it. Especially when I needed my hands to carry other things. I would recommend getting an extra changing table mattress cover. Great when one is in the wash. Also, he was never a fan of the mobile above the crib but loves this moon shape that glows and changes colors... not sure what it's called. I'm sure there is more things that I have made mental notes about, but you know me... GONE! Hope some of this helps... can't wait to look at your registry. No peeking!

  3. Thanks girls!

    Melissa-I was thinking the same thing about the blankets. People give the cute fuzzy ones or homemade ones, but not receiving blankets. I'll probably just register for those.

  4. Oh dear, I might follow Mel's post and have mine be a book too...but you asked :)

    Our tub came w/ the sling thing, we used it once and it found it much easier (and the baby stayed warmer) just to put them in the tub portion. If your tub comes w/ it that good, but I wouldn't go out looking for a tub w/ one (our tub was $15 anc ame w/ one)

    Same as Mel, I got 2 cart covers (for Ryan) HASSEL! so we just wipe the cart down and good to go, if someone gets you one, return it and use the money for something more useful.

    bumbo: that was a MUST for Ryan..Molly didn't get into it..but I would still get one and if your 1st doesn't dig it, your 2nd one might. It was worth it for Ryan.

    bobby: a must as well! keep looking for cute covers, or register for just the pillow and then the covers seperately.

    Bottles: I registered for only 1 brand. Avent. The nipple was large and both my kids took excellent to them. I got other kinds from friends (Dr. Browns, Playtex (Mel was right, nipple was way too small!) Born Free) but go w/ one you like w/ a large nipple, more like the breast and see how your baby reacts to it, but don't register for a bunch all at once.

    Sling: I LOVED this! I got one for Ryan (at the hospital actually, someone in the area made them)it wasn't a carrier, but a sling (and not the crazy looking one in the photo, my friend had one like that and it took forever to put on) have you seen mine? Anyway, Ryan lived in that sucker! I could vacuum, do the dishes..lifesaver. Molly, she didn't care much for it, but I still used you said each baby is different, but it was worth the money for me.

    We use a lot of blankets, but I would maybe register for 1 or people get the idea of the style you are looking for and less chance of receiving a billion!

    I love the sleep sacks too. Molly lived in the halo swaddler ones. Bouncer was a MUST, especially if the baby gets a cold, having them titled up more helps so much and both my kids slept in the bouncy seat many nights..and slept longer that way too! Exersaucer was a great thing for both my kids, worth the money for sure.

    I don't think I registered for anything that I didn't use.

    Oh..Mel is right, the mirror thing for the car is a must! Also a small umbrella stroller for quick trips are great too, we have 2 of them!

    I would suggest getting a humidifier..not sure how the weather is there, but both kids have one (cool mist) and it helps w/ breathing and congestion and makes for better night sleep. Ryan snores and w/ the cool mist humidifer he sleeps perfectly!

    Get some gas drops..Ryan lived on those suckers!!

    Oh an Activity Mat! You and Laurie got that for me w/ Ryan and we used it for Molly is great and both kids loved it and "played" for a long time with it!

    socks! we never seemed to have enough socks w/ Molly--again Texas weather--but still, their little feet can get so cold--make sure you have enough of them!

    Get a really good themometer--a good one! spend the money on one that is accurate. My mom got hers at Sams Club and you swipe it across the forehead and it's digital, it's very accurate and easier to handle then putting it under the armpit. with a screaming baby, a little swipe across the forehead and your done!

    and of course--good Christian lullaby CDs! I have a few to reccommend (will have to get back w/ you on that one though) and my kids sleep w/ them on every night.

    oh and Buttpaste brand diaper rash cream--the best stuff, seriously!

    hmm....I'm sure I could go on and on...but you get the are already so knowledgeable and prepared, I think you got this and registering is the best thing, I LOVED doing it!! LOVE YOU!

  5. ok, I put Bobby--not Boppy :) was trying to type fast...clearly w/ all my typos!!

  6. Totally forgot about the Christian lullaby cds. Definitely a must!! My kids are now completely hooked on Praise Baby. Maylin can sing most songs already and Morgan is starting to try to sing them too!! :)


  7. Praise Baby! Yes we have that one!!! The one Molly listens to is "Sing Over Me"...Ryan listened to that when he was a baby (now it's Veggie Tales Praise & Worship) but those are my top choices, Praise Baby & Sing Over Me!!!

  8. My Sister used the gas X stuff ALL THE TIME, the vibrating chair was a necessity, we had the hardest time with the avent bottles, they leaked if you didn't put the cap on "just so" it was a pain in the neck.