Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Bedding

Well, since you ladies were such good help with the registry, I thought I'd throw another question your way.  My mother has offered to purchase the crib bedding and I am trying to figure out what I want.

Before I show you my choices, let me explain my thought process so you can understand and use my rules.

Like I told you back in my crib post, I never had a kids room.  Therefore, I am insistent on my kids having rooms that actually reflect that they are children.  Let me tell you... this is much easier to do with boys than with girls!  The following are my opinions for my babies room.  Please don't get offended if I don't like what you did with your kids.  That's why they make 500 choices--because we all are different! :)

  • Characters are out.  Even though they are "kid" friendly, I cannot bring myself to do a Winnie the Pooh room.  Sorry.
  • While the fru fru silk, satin and velvet bedding is beautiful, it is not for me (us).  First, we are not raising a princess--and yes, I believe princesses are made, not born.  Second, I am not that fru fru.  My wedding wasn't even that fru fru, so my girl's room isn't going to have chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  (Again, gorgeous, but not us.)
  • While I really do love all the modern prints, geometric shapes, and toile, it doesn't scream "baby" to me.  I really do like a lot of the selection, but some of it is too plain or boring.
That being said, it leaves me with butterflies, flowers, birds and dragonflies.  See?  I said boys were easier.  If we were having a boy, the bedding would have most likely been some sort of transportation (hello, little boys love trains and trucks), or animals like monkeys or something.  Boys are to transportation as girls are to   ??  

Well, anyway, I love this bedding
Here are my reservations:
It cannot be found in stores.  In some pictures it looks really pale pink and in others it looks pretty pink.  I have no way of knowing what I am getting.  Also, it really is just a four piece set.  Other than that, you can buy a blanket (no thanks) or a valance.  The mobile is out of stock at every site I've looked at.  (Before you tell me that I don't need a mobile--Michael has asked 4 times if I am registering for a mobile.  So YES, I do need a mobile!)  I LOVE cherry blossoms and little birdies.  I'm just not sure.  I would like the option of a rug or a lamp or something!  Thoughts?

I also like this
It can be purchased in a store and has a lamp and wall art that goes along with it.  Plus, it's a six piece set instead of 4 (comes with valance and diaper stacker).  The crib we have is dark wood though.  Will it still look alright?

Which would you choose?


  1. So for my first comment ever, I'm gonna say I Love the first one. Although I may change my mind if the pink is too pale. Also, if you did choose the second one I think it would look just fine with the dark. I think girl bedding IS harder. I'm def not into fru fru either. If you aren't sold on either, I would keep looking! :)

  2. First one all the way, we almost got that one w/ Molly. I love the one we got her, birds and trees, cute, girly but not too girly. The 2nd one is a bit too fru fru for me. You can also go online and find things (etsy) that match your bedding and are probably cheaper than what you would find in stores.
    I got Molly's at Bananafish (google it) and I love lots of their patterns & their sister company Migi too. I got curtins and a bedskirt to match, then I got creative w/ the other things, like painting the changing table and getting other colors that match. I think both beddings would look great w/ the dark wood..but you have time and keep looking until you find one that you just can't stop thinking the one we got!

  3. No lamp? HELLO, crafting opportunity! I like the first one as well.

  4. Is it too late for my two cents? I like the second one with butterflies and birds. The first one with the cherry blossoms is so you though.