Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh how I love thee... (17)

... let me count the ways!

I love that Michael has faith in me.  He thinks I can do anything.  Seriously!  He believes in me more than any other person I know.  I appreciate that.  It may sound simple, or that every husband should do that, but that's not always the case.  He's always telling me "you could do that".  Once, he even told me I could make a pair of shoes. :)  Ha!  I had a pair of shoes that were sort of made out of cloth on top.  He tried on a similar pair, but they didn't fit.  Later that day I said I wished they had fit him because I liked them.  He said, "Well, I'm sure you could make me a pair".  Um... no.  No I cannot make a pair of shoes.  He believes in all my crazy crafting ideas.  He thinks I could be some sort of decorator or designer.  Other examples are that he thinks I could start a business selling my crafts (they aren't that good!).  He thinks I can write a book.  He thinks I could teach classes to parents on how to discipline their children.  The list goes on.  He trusts my judgment and opinions.  He was willing to move all the way to Texas for me to keep my job.  A nanny job at that!  He has always believed that I am good at what I do, whether it was teaching or being a nanny.  I love that he supports me and encourages me and stands behind me.  He's a good confidence builder. :)  I love that he's my biggest cheerleader, because I'm his!

Happy Valentine's Day love!  You are the best!


  1. I agree, you are a very talented woman! I've always told you that you would be a great writer. You should write some short childrens stories for your baby! Combine them into a hand crafted, scrapbook style book. There's an idea for ya!

  2. You really are talented in many ways . . . and you could write a book ... how about the day & the life a teacher ... or nanny?! ;-)

    Love ya B!