Monday, February 14, 2011

19 Weeks

Well, baby decided to show up to the party this week!  I take back anything I ever said about wanting to feel pregnant and missing out on symptoms!  Keep reading and you'll see why...

How far along: 19 weeks

Size of baby: baby is the size of a mango

Total weight gain/loss: +11
Honestly, I am shocked I didn't gain 5 to 10 pounds this week.  Symptom number one that decided to show up--feeling the need to shove my face with food every 20 minutes.  I have gone for a while now with just eating normal.  I eat when I'm hungry, but it's been nothing more than I would normally eat. This week I seriously felt hungry ALL. THE. TIME.  There were times I was starving and didn't even want to eat because it just seemed like too much work since I had just eaten.  I'm not sure I've ever wished to NOT eat.  I don't mind eating more to feed the baby, but this is getting ridiculous! :)

Maternity clothes: pretty much all maternity with a few regular shirts/sweatshirts/sweaters thrown in here and there.

Gender: I still think it's a boy.  We'll find out tomorrow.  (For those of you who are not friends with me on facebook... you'll find out on here Wednesday).  I will be fine with either gender, but will seriously be SHOCKED if they say girl.

Movement: I'm feeling it much more now.  It's still a tickle and not a kick.  I feel it in the mornings (after I drink orange juice!), in the afternoons, and in the evenings.

Sleep: Terrible!  Symptom number 2 that showed up this week--insomnia.  I couldn't sleep no matter how tired I was and I also couldn't get  comfortable.  I think I had maybe two nights where I actually got about 8 hours of sleep.  One day I didn't even nap!  I was exhausted by bedtime and then just laid there for hours. :(  I have a feeling this is only going to get worse.

What I miss: normal sleep, hot dogs! Every time I go to Sonic I am reminded that I am missing out!

Cravings: FOOD!  Just give me food!!!!!

Symptoms: insomnia, feeling starved every twenty minutes (even if I just ate a big meal), acid reflux (symptom #3 in full affect this week!), having to blow my nose constantly and it being bloody (symptom #4--my nose is basically raw inside.  It's awful.  It's just one big sore.  Darn mucous membranes!), crazy dreams (#5), some snoring (#6), aching back (symptom #7 that decided to join in the fun this week) matter what chair I sit in or what position I try to contort myself to, my lower back aches-mostly my right side. Also, more round ligament pain (#8).  Oh--and morning sickness!  What?  I know!  Symptom #9 that came out of no where!  Four mornings this week I woke up feeling sick.  I felt nauseous and the need to puke.  I never did though.  This generally went away by 10 in the morning.

Surprises: Morning sickness!  I was told by two different doctors that if I didn't have it in the first 12 weeks that I was pretty much in the clear.  Crazy, crazy pregnancy.  Pretty much everything I've been told or read has been a lie! :)

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  1. you look adorable..of course! Well be careful what you wish for!! :) Hopefully you'll start sleeping normally again soon, and cravings--even if it's food in general--seem to be fleeting! But that means your baby GIRL is growing!! I better know before Facebook does..that's all I'm saying!!!!! love you!! Praying everything goes well today at the u/s and that baby is healthy!