Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Tree

We had another snow day this week!  Oh, and a late start another day.  I have been assured many, many times that this is not normal Texas weather.  I've also been told I won't experience this again for another ten to fifteen years.  I am hoping they are correct!

Anyway, it was time to break out the workbooks and another Valentine's Day craft for Little Man!  I can't take credit for this craft.  I saw variations of it on a few different blogs.  I just used what we had and  went with it.

First, I traced Little Man's hand and arm

Then he cut it out and glued it to a white piece of construction paper

I cut out a bunch of different size hearts from tissue paper.
Then Little Man glued them on however he wanted.
We were almost out of glue, so I just dribbled it all over the top instead of using dots for each heart.  It was hard to get any out, so this was our best option.

The end product
Simple. Cute. Festive!
Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

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