Wednesday, February 2, 2011

List o' Fun--COSI

After taking a look in my binder last week, I realized there were still 38 things on my "List 'o Fun" that I have not shared yet.  Can you believe it?!  I'm sure you are thinking I've already shared a ton.  At least, I feel like I have.  Well, some of the things left on my list are Columbus specific and some are general ideas.  I have pictures for some of the Columbus places, but not all.  I plan to share what I have and throw in a little Texas every once in a while. :)  I hope you don't mind.

C.O.S.I. stands for "Center of Science and Industry" and it is located around downtown Columbus.  We had a membership there, and went there often.  I think it's worth it, and if I still lived in Columbus when my little one arrived, I would make sure to have one as well.  (Some people complain that it's not like "the old" C.O.S.I, but it still has some great qualities.)  Even before becoming Little Man's nanny, I went to C.O.S.I. each year on a first grade field trip.  I will say though, that going with younger kids (and not a school trip) is much better.

C.O.S.I. has lots of fun exhibits like Ocean, Life, Progress, Gadgets, Space and more. They also have traveling exhibits that come in that can be very fun. 

Even though these places are great to explore, here are the things I love about C.O.S.I......

1. Little Kids Space
Also known as simply "Kids Space", this is an area for children ages birth to 5 years old.  Once you go into first grade you are no longer allowed.  Hello?! Love!  This is so nice when you have smaller kids.  You don't have to fight the big kids or the field trip crowds.  Everything is geared towards learning and child development.  You check in at the entrance and get a ticket with the number of kids and adults in your group.  When you leave, you have to show the ticket.  This is for security and is so nice.

There is a giant tree house with slides and places to climb.  There are multiple thing to play with balls, very large building blocks, scooters to ride, a "construction" house, a "home" with kitchen sink and doorbell, and lots of soft squishy and sensory things for babies.

There is a helicopter

  A Dr.'s office--including many colorful band aids for the kids to put on dolls, crutches, ace bandages and fake x-rays.  There is also an "eye Dr" area.

There is an ambulance with working lights

There is area with play kitchens and food.

Lastly, Little Man's favorite... the water table!

2. Traveling Exhibits and Special Events
They have had some traveling exhibits that Little Man has loved.  Things like Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and The Body.  All have been super fun.
The also have yearly events that we enjoy.  In the summer they have something called "Farm Days" where they fill the entire back patio area with farm equipment/tractors and exhibits like milking a cow.  They also have a "Big Machines" week where the patio is filled with things like back hoes, excavators and bulldozers.  The kids get to climb on the tractors at Farm Days and the construction equipment at Big Machines.  These are both right up Little Man's alley! :)

3. Classes
They have early education classes for kids ages 6 months to 6 years of age.  Each class is geared toward the child's age group and has a theme that is consistent with what they should be learning at that age/state standards.  We didn't start attending the classes until Little man was about 3 and a half.  I wish we would have gone sooner!  As a former educator, I LOVED them.  They are so well done and worth the money.  The really are educational.  On top of that, they are well organized and give many options so the kids don't get bored.  If you are in the Columbus area with small kids, I highly recommend checking them out!
At a "color" class... mixing colors, learning about colors, and much more
(Yeah, notice all that water going on the floor!?!?)

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