Monday, February 21, 2011

20 Weeks

How far along: 20 weeks!

Size of baby: She is the size of a cantaloupe

Total weight gain/loss: +11.8
I'm actually very happy about this.  To be half way and to only have gained 12 pounds is great.  I thought it would be much more at this point.  I do realize that you gain the most in the second half of the pregnancy.  I think I heard that at some point you should be gaining a pound a week?!  Of course, that's probably if you started the pregnancy at your target weight.  Either way, if I gain a pound a week from here on out, I'd still be happy.  We'll see what happens. :)

Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity-- I might as well wear it when I can

Gender: IT'S A GIRL!

Movement:  Yep, off and on.  It's still not "kicks", but getting a little stronger.  Now we are waiting for the time when Michael can actually feel her move.

Sleep: It actually wasn't  too bad this week.  Thank goodness!  I got about 8 hours each night.  I did still have to get up to pee in the night, but I was always able to fall back asleep.  I still took a few naps.  The meds for the thyroid said it could take a few weeks to get into my system.

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach

Cravings: salad, fruit, and dessert--any kind!!... even stuff I don't normally like, like cake and chocolate

Symptoms: My symptoms from last week actually went away.  I guess it was a one week thing, although I know they could reappear at any moment.  This week was business as usual.  I still have nasty acne.  I'm pretty sure that will be here for the entire pregnancy.  I also had a few days of mild acid reflux, but not too bad.  I've had a little heartburn, which I could do without.  Oh, and one night of weird dreams.

Surprises: It's a girl!  I'm also surprised that my bump isn't bigger.  I thought it would be by now.  I'm sure at one point I'll be wishing I wasn't so huge though, so I won't complain.

Best moment of the week: Finally finding out the sex of the baby and being able to call her by name.

Fun purchases: On Saturday we went to Little Man's soccer game.  On our way home we stumbled upon a kids consignment shop.  We decided to go in and take a peek.  It was super cute.  They had a whole rack of "red line" things for $1.  We picked up a few pieces.  I know people will be bringing clothes to the baby shower.  Who doesn't love little girl clothing?!?  But, who can pass up a dollar?  We did get some that were 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.  (Knowing that most people bring 3 month old stuff.)  We also found one of those alphabet pal toys by leap frog.  It teaches the alphabet and colors and stuff like that.  It was purple!  I've only ever seen green.  It was $5 so we got that too.

Milestones: I'm half way! Yay! 

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  1. are finally normal.

    I recommend popsicles for heartburn. Worked for me with Nick.