Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Mobile-Kids Craft

Little Man didn't have school FOUR days last week!  Two of those days I was off, but two of those days I was chilling with him at home.  You can only sit around, play Star Wars, and watch TV so many times.  It was time to pull out a craft out of my hat.  I figure we'd do something Valentine's related.  LM loves to paint, so I decided we'd just make a simple mobile.

We could have just painted with brushes, but what fun is that? :)  We've painted with many different methods--marbles, bubble wrap, string, and sponges.  This time I decided to use things I could find around the kitchen.  Little Man was eating his breakfast while I was making my collection.  He knew we were getting ready to do an art project.  He kept saying, "Wow, I bet this is going to be really special" and "this art project is going to be so fun, huh?".  Painting is painting, but if I can make it exciting even before we start then I've done good.

Here's what I found:

Then I folded a pink piece of construction paper in half.  I took one half and halved it again.

I took the two smaller halves and taped them together to make a circle--the top of my mobile

Then I drew some hearts on some paper.  I made three pages and then traced them one time.  
That left me with six sheets.

Don't laugh at my paint colors!  I had a hard time coming up with a purple.  
Apparently it's not as simple as mixing red with blue. :)
Note to self: Don't take pictures for the blog when Little Man is wearing pajamas with his name on it!

The papers all done and drying

I ended up cutting the hearts out myself.  One, because there were a lot of them and I knew LM would get bored with it.  Two, because I didn't want the lines I drew to show.  Three, because I wanted the hearts that match to actually sort of match.

I also went ahead and just taped everything together.  Normally I like to do art projects where Little Man does the work, but sometimes it's just not gonna happen.

Here's how it turned out.
I forgot to mention that LM painted a few hearts on the top with a sponge.

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