Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen--We've got a crib!

I'll be honest... the whole crib thing was throwing me for a huge loop!  I had lots of thoughts and lots of options, and maybe a few worries.  I searched for weeks and was literally at a loss.  Before I share with you what we got, I'll let you know where my thoughts were.

First, I'm a little sad that we don't have a nursery.  Isn't that one of THE biggest sources of fun and enjoyment when you are pregnant?  What woman doesn't love decorating a nursery?  I've been looking at nursery ideas and bedding long before I was even pregnant.  I see people blog about their cute nursery ideas and get just a little bit jealous.  My sensible brain reminds me that I need to be happy just to be having a baby.  Trust me, I don't take that for granted.  I know entirely too many that struggle.  I know I'm lucky.  Also, my sensible brain tells me that renting for a year while our condo sells is the best move.  I also know that having a guest room really is important.  I have had many people tell me they will be coming to visit, and if someone is willing to spend money to come see us and our baby, then the least I can offer is a bed.  Unfortunately, sometimes my emotional dreamy woman brain gets a little sad.  I'll only have one first baby.  Sure, it will have a nursery eventually... but it's just not the same.

Second, where would I put this said crib.  We still aren't sure.  My thoughts are that babies sleep in their parents room from 3 to 6 months anyway.  We are crossing our fingers and hoping we are out of here when our one year lease is up.  That will be before baby turns 6 months.  I was just planning on having the crib in our room.  After getting a king sized bed in there, we aren't sure we'll have room.  Do I get a bassinet for the first few months (when most of the visitors will be coming), and then move the baby to the crib in the guest room?  Any moms out there have any thoughts on this?  When we actually put the crib together we'll see how it fits in our room.  That may make up our minds for us.

Third, convertible cribs are all the rage.  I get why they are so popular, but I wasn't sure I was sold.  Here's why---I never, and I do mean never, had a kids room.  I was either sharing a room with an older sister, sleeping under a plain red bedspread, or in a room that my parents thought should be decorated for guests.  That makes sense right?  Put a ten year old girl in a fru fru room decorated for guests, all so adults could sleep in my room the 3 or 4 times we got guests each year. (Ugh!)  So, I have vowed that my kids will actually have kids rooms.  If that means that I am spending a couple of hundred dollars every couple of years to redecorate, then it is worth it to me.  I'd love my little boy to have one of those car beds, or a little girl to have a princess bed (if that's what they are in to).  All that to say, turning a convertible crib into a toddler bed didn't thrill me.  PLUS, I don't even like how they convert into adult beds.  Almost all of them look like mission style headboards and that's not really my thing.  Unfortunately, some of the non-convertible cribs that I liked were just as much money as a convertible crib.  That didn't really make sense to me.

Sooo..... all that was juggling around in my head.  I'd find a crib I liked, but the matching changing table or dresser would have horrible reviews.  Or, I'd find one I liked, but it was $400. That's insane.  I kept flip flopping in my head what I wanted.  It was actually one of the main things I was stressing about.  Then one day I went on the Target website to look (for the thousandth time!!) at cribs.  I stumbled across one that looked pretty good, was reasonably priced and had 4 1/2 stars out of 5.  Then I checked out the matching dresser and changing table and they BOTH had 4 1/2 stars!  Honestly, I hadn't seen that anywhere else I looked or for any other set.  So this is what we got.

We got it in black cherry (color shown).  It's called the Delta Eclipse and is a 4 in 1 convertible crib.  I figured that around the time my first will be in a toddler bed, it may be time for a second.  Therefore, we'd just use it as a crib again instead of a toddler bed.  If down the road we need a headboard for a guest room or something, then we have one.  If not, then I'll just sell it used for cheap.

We also got the changing table
I plan on registering for some baskets to put on the shelves.

I didn't originally plan on getting a dresser.  Mostly because we have NO room for one.  But, after we talked it over, we decided we should probably get one.  That way, when we do have a nursery we will have matching furniture.  We have to order it from online.  We haven't yet, but plan to soon!

So, there you have it.  Mystery solved.  Crib bought.  We've yet to put it together yet.  Hopefully soon.  Then we can maybe figure out where it's going to go and if we need a smaller alternative for our room.

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