Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hospital Tour

We went on a tour last night of the hospital we(I) will deliver at.  We chose Baylor Medical Center at Frisco (pictured above).  I researched online, read many people's opinions, and chose this hospital because it is suppose to be one of the nicest and one of the best.  It just so happens that it's about five minutes from our apartment!  On top of that, it's basically new!  One local told us it's the "Taj Mahal" of hospitals.

You might be wondering why we went so early.  I was wondering why we went so early! :)  My Dr. recommended that I go around 4 months and the paperwork she gave me recommended I go around 5 months.  Michael was really anxious and excited to check it out and I was pretty interested as well.  They have an open house every Monday night, so I went ahead and registered us right away.  It was really nice.  You register with the hospital and they get a copy of your insurance and license, so that when you are in labor, all your information is already in the system.  Then they had refreshments (nice ones too--not crap!).  Then we got a guided tour through the woman's center.  You can check out the pictures here.  I've been to my share of hospital rooms to see newborn babies and mommies and I think this place is pretty stinking nice.

They went over some rules, explained how the floor operates, told of the many security measures they take to avoid any mix-ups, and much more.

One nice thing is that the mom and one guest (the dad) get three meals a day.  I've heard they are really good meals too.  Of course, the mom can't eat until after the baby is delivered.  There are also "nourishment" rooms that are stocked full of snacks and drinks for the mom and all visiting guests.  The last meal before check out (for both mom and dad) is a "celebration" meal that consists of steak and lobster.  She said, "Of course, if steak and lobster aren't your thing, then we can work to get you something different".  Umm... no, I think steak and lobster will be just fine! :)

I'm very pleased with the facilities.  Now I just have to wait roughing 160 days to use them.


  1. awesome!!! Sounds exactly like the place I delivered Ryan...they called it the Hilton of Hospitals! (and the cost proved that statement true! ha!) but it was worth it, the hosp in FW was nice too..not as nice as the one in Indy..but still nice and brand new! I wish I could come visit you in the hosp!!! Depressing to think about..but happy you found a place that you are feeling really good about and that you like! love ya!

  2. It does look like a nice hospital! :-) Tours are always good ... then you know ahead of time what your getting & what to expect.