Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well, even though I am living in the Dallas area, and the Super Bowl is in Dallas... I sadly did not get tickets.  BUT... I will be watching.  I am unashamedly a Packer fan and I am hoping and praying that they can pull off a win.  It's time!  The last time they were in the Super Bowl was my senior year of high school--and they lost! (Although, the did win it the year before that.)

So come 5:30 (cst), I will be wearing my Packer t-shirt and screaming and cheering my team on.  And just like almost every time I watch a Packer game, I will tell Michael, "I just love that Donald Driver!" :)

Win or lose... I will always be proud to be a Cheesehead!

 P.S. Did you notice how many blogs in a row were NOT baby related?!?! :)  I just wanted to point that out! :)  Baby post coming tomorrow!

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