Friday, February 25, 2011

We're Registered!

We were itching to register and pick out all the fun baby stuff.  We were waiting to find out if it was a boy or a girl.  We found out on Friday that it was a girl and went about registering that Saturday and Sunday!  I know that Target just redid their baby section, and I'm hoping that it stays around for a while.  I registered exactly two months before my shower.  Hopefully there will be no problems with items being unavailable!  We headed to Target on Saturday.

I came prepared.  Oh yes I did bring a clipboard with a list! :)  And yes, those are colored pens and highlighters! ha ha!  I wanted to make sure I got the items that I had researched.  I also wanted to make sure I noted any changes.  I didn't write everything on the list.  Some things I just saw as I walked down the aisle and knew I needed.  (Who researches things like washcloths and towels?  I'm not that OCD!)

I also came prepared in other ways.  I had heard nightmares about how long registering lasted and how "overwhelming" it could be.  I made sure to bring water, a pepcid AC (in the baggie by the water), and snacks.

I highlighted and checked my list and Michael was in charge of the gun!
I think we were rather effective.  It took us almost exactly 2 hours.  We weren't overwhelmed or confused at all.  I call it a success! :)

On Sunday we did the same exact thing at Babies R Us.  It took us two hours as well, but we got everything on the list that we can think of.

I also did a very small registry online at One Step Ahead.  I did it mostly for my mother-in-law, because she is excited about her very first grandchild and is ready to spoil her! :)  But also because there are things on there that we love.

Michael really wants this
It changes colors to tell you if the nursery temperature is good for a baby.

I think this is genius!
It's a clock that tells toddlers (who don't know how to tell time) if they are allowed to get up, or if they have to stay in bed a little longer! LOVE!

I also want/need the containers for the baby food I plan to make.  I could use ice trays, but I've heard great things about these containers.

Ahh... and so much more!  This having a baby business is a lot of fun! :)


  1. wow, love the temp egg and the toddler clock..where have these been all my life?!! Would be worth the money for sure!! Maybe for my last one :) You look cute by the way and registering is one of the best things about your first pregnancy!!! It's great to come prepared, then you are debating forever on which item you think would be better!! (then of course, trial and error on even researched products!) love ya!! You look adorable!

  2. Ok - how is like half of your target registry already fulfilled? :) You've had it for less than week! LUCKY!!!