Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Bags Full (Hilliard)

I went to my first Ohio consignment sale last week.  I went into it pretty much knowing that it wasn't going to be what I am use to.  I say this with all the kindness I can, because I do love Ohio---but Texas has money and Ohio does not.  Of course that reflects on the resale of the clothing (and many other things!).

It was about a fourth of the size compared to what I am use to.  It also wasn't organized as well as I would have liked, but it wasn't awful.  The worst part is that it was at a fair grounds building and there was no air conditioning.  It happened to be rather hot that day.  At one point I seriously felt like I needed to sit down.  And I did... on a recliner that someone was trying to sell.  At all of the sales I have been to in the past, there is always an area to "go through" your stuff.  Most people throw anything that looks remotely good in their bag and then goes through later and looks for stains, tears, spots or decides if it is worth the price. There was no "go through" spot at this sale, so I made my own--while sitting. :)

Despite the fact that it wasn't "as good" as the ones I have been to, I was still able to find a few deals.
Olivia is still wearing some of her 24 months stuff.  She also can easily fit into 2T stuff.  That being said, some of her fall and winter stuff from last year still fits.  I have been buying 3T stuff, because she seems right on the edge of fitting into the 2T stuff.  Oddly, if you go by the height and weight requirements on the tags, I think she should technically be in a 4T. There is NO WAY that would fit though.  (It's the head!)

She got one Gymboree outfit, two sweaters, two dresses and one pair of pants.  I also bought her 3 books.

Logan got the most!  I wanted to stick with newborn and size 0 to 3 months just because I'm not sure how fast he will grow.  The Children's Place sweater is a 6 month though.

He got 4 long sleeve onesies, 4 sleepers, 3 outfits and one sweater.

I also bought a maternity outfit.  It's actually from New York and Co.  I didn't even know they had maternity stuff! Anyway, I spent the most on that.  It was $10.

Total I walked away spending $64.50.  Not bad.

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