Sunday, September 29, 2013

Graeter's Play Area

Since Michael is now home all day long, there are a lot of nights where he is just ready to get out of the house after dinner.  If for no other reason than to have a change of scenery.  Sometimes that means a walk to the park, a simple diaper run to Target, or something a little more fun.

One night a few weeks ago we went to a local ice cream shop.  Texas has Blue Bell (which we didn't really "get") and Ohio has Graeter's.  The nice thing about the one that is near us is that it has a built in play area as well.

After all that play it was time for ice cream.

We got Olivia her FIRST EVER ice cream cone!  She has been talking about a pink ice cream cone for weeks now.  We think it came from her play food.  So that is what we got her--a pink ice cream cone.
She wasn't sure about how messy it was.  She kept wiping off the melted ice cream on her chin.

 Then she would be disturbed with her dirty hands.

But overall she liked it.  We ended up putting it in a dish.  She ate all of the ice cream, but only part of the cone.  Boppa finished that off for her.

You can also take a self guided tour of how they make the ice cream.  We walked through it briefly.  
(You can take a guided tour with groups of 10 or more). 

It was a nice little outing with a yummy treat to top it off.  Sweet perfection.

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  1. Ice cream shop plus an indoor playground?! That sounds like my kind of place :)