Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sprinkler Fun

The temps were in the 90's on Tuesday and were still in the 90's after dinner.  Michael decided to bust out the old school sprinkler and have a little water fun with Olivia.

Of course she loved it!

She kept coming over and saying "Mommy, I'm getting wet!"  
Michael's mom was watching from the window, so she'd run over there and tell her too.

I like to call this the "many layers of Olivia". :)  Apparently Michael made all sorts of funny and crazy faces when he was young.  I have been told more time than I can count that I am "animated and expressive".  So... our child is just following suit!

Towards the end she started collecting pine cones.  She loves those things for some reason.
Michael also switched from using the sprinkler to using a hose attachment and trying out different settings.

I'm not sure how many more warm days we will have to do this, but it was a fun evening outside for sure.

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