Monday, September 23, 2013

COSI and Curious George

We had a pretty busy weekend.  We started it off on Saturday by heading to COSI (which is our local science museum).  They had a new Curious George exhibit opening up, along with the opportunity to meet George.  Olivia is really into Curious George at the moment, so we made it a priority to check it out.

I didn't get a ton of great pictures.  Mostly because it was SO busy.  COSI closes for a few weeks every September for a cleaning, so this was the first day open.  Also, it was raining outside.  Those reasons coupled with the new exhibit and people were out in droves.

We headed straight towards Kidspace.  You have to be 5 and under to play in this area.  They have changed quite a few things in the two and a half years since I've been gone.  Olivia had a blast.

She loved the barn and the food market.  Little hoarder!

We finally pulled her away and headed towards the other end...
We live close to the hospital, so we see/hear the flight for life helicopter often and she has gotten really interested in all the new forms of vehicles she is experiencing (trains, planes, helicopters).

Always stacking... perfectly normal, right? :)

Listening to the babies heartbeat

The water table!

We played with a few more things in Kidspace and then headed to Progress.

Then it was off to Gadgets

Then we finally got to the Curious George exhibit (we had to wait until it was open to the public at noon).
"Look Boppa, it's retractable!"  Yes.  She does know and understand that word.  Michael taught it to her a few months ago because of his work name tag/badge.

She did get to play with a few of the exhibits, but it was so cramped that I didn't take many pictures.

We headed to meet Curious George.
I'm so sad.  She gave him a hug (maybe even 2?) and high fives, but my camera was so slow that I didn't capture that adorable picture.  But she wasn't scared at all.  She loved meeting him!

When we were taking the family picture she said, "I will give you some books, George." :)

That was pretty much the end of our trip.  It was time to go home, eat and relax.  Olivia and I will go back on not so busy days though!

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