Tuesday, September 24, 2013

20 weeks, Baby #2

{{I wasn't feeling great yesterday, so I didn't even get out of my pajamas.  That means no picture.  I'll try to get one and add it in.}}

How far along: 20 weeks!

Size of baby: He is the size of a cantaloupe (I assume that means length?)

Total weight gain/loss: +6.8
With Olivia I had gained 12 pounds at this point and I was thrilled.  I am even more excited that I am half way and have only gained about 7 pounds!  I know you gain the most during the second half, but this makes me hopeful that I can stay within a good range.  I gained 31 with Olivia and was happy with that number.  My preference is 30 pounds or less!  (This also made me feel much better about the soda(s) I drank this week!) :)

Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity-- I might as well wear it when I can

Gender: IT'S A BOY!  Logan Michael is on his way.

Movement: Yes, and it's getting stronger!

Sleep: Once I fall asleep, I actually sleep pretty well.  Sometimes it's the falling asleep part that is rough.  Two nights this week I slept a 5 hour stretch!  That is amazing for me.  What wasn't amazing was how I felt when I got up to pee.  My body did not appreciate going that long without a potty break!

What I miss: not much

Cravings: None yet. Just like with Olivia, I'm thinking of making one up... :)

Symptoms: weird dreams! aching hips, easily winded, more emotional, excessive potty breaks

Surprises: none this week

Best moment of the week: I got my thyroid checked again.  My problems started with Olivia's pregnancy.  Although, with my family history it was sort of a given.  I have been on the lowest dose of meds since then.  Even so, pregnancy can get things out of whack, so I have to have it checked every trimester.  I got the results back that it was normal!  It wouldn't have been that big of a deal to up my meds, but I like that things are just staying as is.

Fun purchases: I went to another consignment sale! :)  Post coming.

Milestones: I'm half way! Yay! Technically, if things go similar to Olivia's pregnancy, I am more than half way!

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  1. Sounds like its going pretty well! :) When I was pregnant with Lexie, I gained 32 - 34 pounds (I forget the exact #) & with Zach I only gained 18 ~ so you might follow that lead with Logan too. Eat healthy & take care of you!

    Love you!