Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Mommy, do you hear the TRAIN? Listen!"

There are train tracks just a few streets over from where we are staying.  There is also an intersection where the train crosses, so we hear the whistle multiple times a day. Since first pointing it out when we got here, Olivia has been fascinated by it.  She stops and listens every time she hears it and she tells whoever is around her to listen as well.

Before even moving here Michael talked about taking Olivia up on the bridge to see the train.  After we saw her interest in it, our trip to the bridge quickly became a reality.

We just had to take a short walk through the neighborhood to get to our destination.  "The bridge" is actually a passageway over the train tracks that connects a neighborhood with ball fields and a middle school.  The middle school that Michael actually attended.

We tried to see if the train had a predictable schedule, but it didn't seem so.  So we just headed there one night after dinner and hoped for the best.  It seemed like it always showed up around 7.  Sometimes it was a few minutes before, sometimes a few minutes after.  We got there and only had to wait about 10 or so minutes.  Olivia didn't mind.  She just kept running from one side to the other.

Michael was showing Olivia the light coming down the track!

The engineer waved at us as the train went under the bridge!

The trains can be loud, so Michael covered her ears.  This one was pretty long and moving on the slower side though, so he eventually just let her watch.

Some of the empty cars were loud though, so she covered her ears on her own.

I missed the photo opportunity, but at one point she had both hands pointed out and was amazed that she could see train on BOTH sides of the bridge! :)

Needless to say, she enjoyed herself!

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