Sunday, September 15, 2013

Family Traditions--Apple Picking!

Guess what we did this weekend?!  That's right.  We went apple picking. Woo hoo!  I am so glad to be back in the land where apples grow. :)  We had perfect weather for it too!

Olivia LOVED it!  I didn't even have my bag situated or my camera ready yet and she had already ran to a tree and pulled an apple off!

There were so many left that were low on the trees, which was perfect for Olivia.

They took a little effort on her part to pull off the trees.  Michael told her she had to pull hard.  So each time she picked one she'd say, "Pull, pull, pull!"

Inspecting her apple.  We really didn't find too many bad ones.

Even though there were plenty of apples to pick at her level, Michael thought it might be fun for her to pick a few from up high.


We picked Johnathon, which are good baking apples.  You could literally go back every weekend to get a different variety if you wanted to!

You pay by the bag where we went.  You could get a small or large bag.  We probably only needed enough apples to fill a small bag, but went for the large for the "experience".

After we were done picking our bag of apples, we headed over to the large market area.
Olivia had almost as much fun in there as she did apple picking!  They sell all sorts of fruit and vegetables, fall decorations, jams, Amish baked goods and so much more!

She loved this little "pumpkins".  In this picture she said one was mommy and one was boppa and she gave each one a hug.  She was also calling some Olivia and "baby Logan".  We left with one baby pumpkin, one sucker, and one box of Amish baked pumpkin bars. Mmmm!

They usually have a hay/wagon ride you can go on, but the tractor was broken.  So we headed over to the corn maze area.  They had all sorts of activities. 
 (She is in the "I'm a toddler and will refuse to look at the camera just because" phase. It's awesome.)

 We didn't go in the corn maze or on any of the bounce houses.  We did buy a ride on the barrel train since the hay ride wasn't happening.
She didn't look to sure about the ride while it was happening, but after she got off she kept talking about how much fun it was.

Then we played in the "fun zone".  There were all sorts of options for her.  She dug in the sand for treasure, climbed a spider's web, rode a bouncy horse, had a blast in a tire swing shaped like a horse, went down a slide, and all sorts of other things.  Then it was time to go home.

Once at home, Olivia and Boppa took a nap and I left for a girl's afternoon/evening.  My best friend, Allyssa, from high school (in Wisconsin) now lives about an hour away from me in Ohio.  Small world, huh?  So we met up and did a little shopping and had dinner.  It was nice seeing her again and catching up. 

It was a busy day, but it was a fun day.  My cup is full.

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