Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We have a... "nursery"?

Genius, I am not.  I have never been a 4.0 student, but I've always been alright with that.  Mostly because, while I may not have the highest level of book smarts, I have been blessed with common sense and good thinking skills.  I tend to think things through pretty well.  However, I think this pregnancy must have knocked me off my game.  Especially when it came to the nursery.

Our second bedroom was set up as a guest room with our extra bed.  I was trying to figure out a way to accommodate guests and baby furniture.  I had pretty much come to the conclusion that a nursery was not going to happen.

The crib- My first thought was to put it in our room.  I quickly realized it was not going to fit next to the bed and possibly not at at all.  In order to get it to fit, it would mean Michael trying to move heavy furniture himself.  After talking with my cousins and some friends, I realized that I should just go with a bassinet and put the crib in the other room.  I was just going to move one dresser and make it work.

The changing table- I was maybe going to put it in our room... or maybe in our dining room, which is not really a dining room, but rather baby central.

The dresser- We decided to get it so that when we get a house we will have matching furniture.  We were maybe not even going to put it together... mostly out of lack of space.

Then..... one day the pregnancy brain fog lifted and I figured out that this was not the best solution.  I can have a nursery.  It may not be my ideal nursery, but it will work.  We spent the last few weekends putting my plan into motion--well, at least the furniture part.

First, we moved the bed and dressers.  One dresser got put into my closet (it got another make over) and one ended up in Michael's closet.  The bed ended up on the wall by the door/window.
Please excuse the tools and Playstation 2!  Normally, I would never put a bed under a window like that.  I would also never put it so close to a wall.  BUT, desperate times call for desperate measures. :)  I figured we are only going to have a guest sleeping in the bed for maybe month.  We are going to have a baby who needs a room.

When you look into the room from the doorway, you see the crib

Then next to it is the changing table (which will be getting a new pad) and then the dresser.
Lining up the furniture so close would also not be my ideal decorating style.
However, having all the baby furniture in one room as opposed to scattered all over the house is worth it.

The bedding is just the right color pink--it just shows up a little pale in pictures

I really like the furniture.  I am especially in love with the dresser.  I'm glad we got it.

This corner is still a little messy.  I'm considering hanging a curtain rod and hiding it behind a sheet or something. :)

We are going to add green to the mix, even though green is not in the bedding.  Our plan is to eventually have very light green walls.  We haven't decided if we are going to paint at the apartment or just wait until we move into a house.

That's all we have so far.  Putting the furniture together has been work enough. :)  I'll be adding more and more details as time goes on.  I'll keep posting about the progress.

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  1. It's amazing what can happen when the fog lifts. Looks great!