Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Little Man and Olivia hilarity

I've already told you that Little Man is super excited about the arrival of Olivia.  He is always asking me questions, telling me things I should do, and talking to my belly.  Here are some more funny conversations for you.

Backstory: One day, while driving in the car, we discussed that Olivia will soon be joining him in the back seat.  I explained to him that she will be facing him, so he'll have to help me watch her.  He was pleased with that.  He also likes that she will be dropping him off at school and picking him up.

A few days later we were sitting around watching TV and he said, "I love you".  After a pause he said, "but not as much as I love mommy".  I told him that's how it should be.  He can love lots of people, but he should love his mommy and daddy the most.  Then I said, "Just like Olivia will love me the most because I am her mommy".  That led us to a circle of who loves who and how much.  A half hour later he said, "You know Bethany, I think Olivia might love me more than she loves you.  I know you are her mommy, but I have curly hair." Ha ha!

He followed that up "I think Olivia is going to think I'm her daddy".  Before I could even get a word out of my mouth, he emphatically said, "I KNOW Michael is her daddy, but I think she might think I'm her daddy.  You are going to watch her when she is home and I'm going to watch her in the car, so she might think that I'm her daddy". LOL!

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  1. awww too cute :) what a sweet little guy! I love how excited he is about her arrival!