Saturday, March 5, 2011

Diaper Bag Drama

True to form, I have quite the opinion when it comes to diaper bags.  I have noticed, while stalking the bump, that diaper bags are a hot topic.  It seems that I tend to be in the minority with my opinion, but that's ok.  I've never been one to follow the trends just for trends sake or give in to peer pressure.  I like what I like and don't like what I don't like and am strong enough in who I am to be alright with that.

Here are my thoughts on a diaper bag:

* I absolutely refuse to spend a fortune on a bag.  
While I think the diaper bag is a very important item, I'm not going to go broke over it!  
I have noticed that people are paying between $250-$600 for designer bags.  
That is insane to me, and leads me to my next two points.

* I don't like diaper bags that look like purses.  
I will probably just throw a wallet in my diaper bag most days and not carry a purse, but it's still a diaper bag.  It carries diapers, and bottles (that can spill) and food (that can spill) and possibly dirty clothes.  I know it's just personal preference, but I want my diaper bag to look like a diaper bag.  I'm a mom.  I waited a long time to be a mom.  Why try to hide it by carrying a "diaper bag purse"?  Plus, I personally find most of them ugly (and expensive).  The most popular are the Kate Spade ones---starting at $250.  One girl on the bump said she had 3 bags.  I forget the designer, but she put the links in the post.  One was $300, one was $400 and one was $600.  Are you kidding me?  Even if you have the money, that is wasteful.

* Other popular ones are Coach bags.  I carried a $400 Coach bag for Little Man.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again... why does a bag with a bunch of "C"s on them appeal to people?  I'd rather have polka dots or stripes or flowers.  My name doesn't start with C.  My daughter's name doesn't start with C.  Why would I carry a $400 "C" bag because someone deemed it "cool"?!?!  No thanks.  Not only that, but the bag was heavy and uncomfortable to carry.

* I like to have a diaper bag that matches the sex of the baby.  After all, it's a reflection of them.  It carries all of their stuff.  If it's a boy, I like it to look boyish or at least have boy colors.  If it's a girl, I want it to look girly.  I know not everyone agrees with this.  Some just get a bag they like... this is just my style I guess.  Which leads me to my next point.

*I absolutely cannot stand people who feel the need to get a black bag or a separate bag (most popular is some skull and cross bone brand) for the dad.  All this crap about "My husband won't carry a pink diaper bag."  Are you kidding me?  Tell your husband to grow up!  (Sorry if I'm stepping on toes, but this is my blog and my opinion).  If black is your style, then fine.  But usually there is always some comment about the husband refusing to carry a girly bag.  Thankfully, I have a husband who finds this ridiculous as well.  He's not going to not carry a car seat because it's pink, or not carry our daughter because she's wearing pink.  He's not going to not push a stroller because it's pink, or not carry a sippy cup because it's pink.  When she goes to school and is carrying a pink back pack with flowers on it (or whatever), he's not going to tell her he can't carry it because it's pink.  So why in the world can't he carry a diaper bag (yes, diaper bag, NOT purse) because it is pink?  Give me a break.

Soooooooooo..... what I am looking for is a design I like, that has lots of pockets, is easy to clean, and is functional.  Not too much right?  One would think.  Just like with bedding and other such decisions, I have trouble committing.  It's not like it's a life and death decision, but I tend to not want to feel "tied down" to one bag or style.  I know I am way over thinking it, but that is just how it is.  I'm thinking that I may get a couple of diaper bags.  I like to change out my purses and I may like to change out my diaper bags.  I figure if I'm not spending a fortune on one, then it's ok.

Before I found out it was a girl, I was thinking about getting this one
I heard good things about it.  It comes in other patterns, but none I like.
Even though the colors are blue and green, I'm thinking I still may get it.  The paisleys make it a little girly and I think it can go either way.  Does it seem like I'm breaking my own rule?  The stroller and car seat are brown and blue, so I think it might work.  (I've noticed a bloggy trend of blue and brown girl nurseries?!)

If I was willing to spend some money ($150ish), I'd get a petunia pickle bottom bag.  I've been admiring them since before I was pregnant.  Unfortunately, $150 is still a little steep for me.

I've heard lots of people say good things about the Vera Bradley diaper bag.
 It's still $100 though.  While I might be willing to spend $100, I'm not sure if I can't just get a different Vera Bradley bag (for cheaper) and use it as a diaper bag.  I'd like to look at them in the store.  I like this new pattern, but I like it better on other bag styles.

There are lots on etsy I think are cute too, but they tend to be expensive as well.

While shopping at the outlet malls I ended up buying a bag.  It was only $25.  I bought it with the intent of getting a second (or third) bag.  I like it though.  What do you think?
After searching and searching and finding that most bags were $60 and up, I thought a decent looking bag for $25 was a steal!  I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

What do you think?  Do you have any diaper bag suggestions?  Did you have a bag/brand you loved?  hated?  Any tip I'm missing?  Thoughts on my choices?


  1. lOVE THE BAG!!!! I got a new one w/ Molly, it had that viynl outside, because yes, formula and food will leak in your bag! So it was easy to clean, that cost $30. My mom got me a Vera Bradly for Ryan and I loved that because you could throw it in the wash to wash it. That was blue, Molly's is brown/pink...AND Jimmy carries it around and could care less. It's a DIAPER BAG for HIS DAUGHTER. :) I agree that I would never spend a fortune on a diaper bag and they do get messy and used and need to FUNCTION like a diaper bag. As they get older I put a diaper/wipes and snacks in my giant COACH (tee hee hee) purse amd hit the road. Good choice I love it and it's totally YOU!!

  2. When I had Sammy, I got a cheap ($25) diaper bag (Eddie Bauer). It is okay, but it is boring. When I have will definitely be a Vera Bradley. I already warned!!